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  1. So good!!!!!!Thank's again @Fong. I'm learning so much. And i can say the 8 remainds me of the symbol of éternité if you put it horizontaly. "Ba" or Reba for eternity. This video of her very Nice.
  2. Thank's @Fong interesting how couples are behaving in China. And showing there affection. And V makes me smile by sitting in this sort of artisanal motorbike in wood. Is he saying to D: " Do you want a drive with me? Hihi....Number 8 means what? And why 4 times? Love him...very Donghua Dijun attitude.
  3. This picture was it for a modeling shoot for a particular magasine or A particular product? His boots look very new and too clean..and his jeans are too clean cut... and his hair... And the sky very expose in this picture....does he give us some informations? Those too or just V are giving us treats!! So funny.
  4. Shooting stars!!!! A lot of good suff her my dear 水蜜桃. What mean your name? Learning more about Guangre CP...I'm facinated from some good writers here. I'm reading all your post. I try my best to post things in a good manner. Special thank to some people here who help me to do it. I'm steel learning at 56! This ship is a oasis for me. Good when you're not feeling good.
  5. Yes @AppleAngel13 i feel this assumed woman in her sensuality. Love more or her as time pass. Even when she whering closes that are to big one her...(maybe from someone else?). This CP are true stars. They have this aura has you call it.
  6. Thanks for the information that i asked. I'm facinated about your language and culture since 2 years. Love to learn the words by phonetic way. The writing is very very hard.
  7. Guess who?...The one who would love to be a chef (or a cook). Hihihi..and make her good food...sure sweet fish..Yamy!!!! We wish all that is the raison of her ressent look.
  8. I'm reading this post and i have a tear. You're a writer? Ahhhh those two...V and D..Donhua and Xia Bai. What is the signification of this name? Is it little Bai? Or something else? And this photo shoot of D in that gorgious black dress...she look at her best! She is a beautiful woman. Love it!!! Both are gorgious...inside and outside. i They're my couple...i'm sure they are one...Love that do it they this ship... Love you stickers.....and the post.....
  9. @Immortal-Louiza Let's channel our energy and passion to support V and R We have much to discuss and share in this forum with their new advertising/ magazine interviews. Even more when their new drama projects start broadcasting! V already finished filming Living toward the Sun and I think too for Miss S. Hopefully, we get to watch them soon. @AppleAngel13 Thanks...Very anxious to see those drama. And there is one who he is a officier in the army. Dont remember the title. the title...Sorry. I think it's Drawing sword 3. Say it in his wikipage.
  10. Ok. My words in this post were hard on you. I would of react the same as you did or maybe not if i know that person as a personnal friend. We are all mature person here. I wish . Yes i dont know your name in this forum. Your icon say "e" in orange color and superstar... me i'm only a idol...Anyway, i'm really sorry that you got very ubset in this hard post. In the futur i wont comment things like this anymore. I dont know you or anyone personnoly here. Sorry if i misdugged you..or other person here. Lets go to the fact with no jugement toward anyone. Ok. @LoquatsLove sed it in a better and more respecfull way then I did yesterday very late. And you did'nt react at @loquibaqapl post. I admit mine was hard. Your post made me react cause we talk week ago about it. I did'nt react at that time, in these earlier pages and yesterday i reacted very bad to your private picture because i was exausted of it. This is a lesson for me. NEVER COMMENT WHEN YOUR ARE OBSET ABOUT A THING. YOUR WORDS COULD GO TO FAR HAS I DID. Ok in the futur i'll only go to the fact waydout jugement toward this person. Let did'nt read all the pages in this forum. Now i'm talking as a fan in this ship. We are here in this beautiful ship....hihi... V earased alot of stuff in WEIBO. We dont know the raison of it. But some people sed that there were issue with some R's fans or people who dont like him at all. To provient any bad comment toward him or rumors around him. They are crazy people that make very bad rumors around him and they steel do! I know must of all here love all his art in general. But some people are not in love with V. And they are every where in the media. They could make some bad comment about V. But here we all are in this beautiful ship. Maybe what i'm saying it's not at all the raison he deleted alot of pictures in Weibo.. Maybe he was in a bad mood at this moment...who know? And those pictures you send come from private one? Because i was very surprised of seeing it. Mister or Miss..Sorry again!