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  1. Thanksㅋㅋㅋ yes, both are truly an amazing idol. I think naeun is very unique, I can't believe I fall in love with girl lol, currently she's the only one celebrity that I love>< her personality is just so special and different from the other female idols. And for taemin, I think I love him because our similarityㅋㅋand of course because he's an amazing idol, with sweet personality. Aw it's just so hard not to fall for him. Yes, I also have the same thought with you. And I think I can understand it, because we're the same person that's very ambitious to get everythingㅋㅋㅋ and can't stop doing something if we love it even though it's hard and tiring. He just love his work so much, and I hope he really will retired when he's ready. Shawols keep talking that he doesn't have the thought to retire from his job actually makes me sad. He's also a human who can be tired. I just hope he's still happy with his job. And of course I hope the same thing as you
  2. Lol, I hope you'll find one soon. Actually I also can't trust men. After I broke up with my first love I don't believe about love. Because I can't be with him I think that's why I wish taeun's love is real because if they didn't end up together I think it will feels like my first love story can't be granted for the second time, that's hurtㅋㅋㅋ I'm weird, I know it. Btw, I just re-watching their wgm episode when key and Minho came in taeun's house. When they do that Love psychological test, it says that taemin is a very protective person when it comes to love. And naeun is the type that doesn't care much if there's a rival in their love relationship, but she's the person who has a big trust in her partner. If this is true, and they are really in relationship, I think their relationship will go well and strong. And I have the same zodiac with taemin, I find this so interesting for me, because we have exactly the same personality. We always in hurry when we do something, that possessiveness, will do everything to keep our relationship, and so many more. And seeing how he treats naeun on wgm just makes me sure that he's really in love with her. Aw I just really love this couple too much><
  3. Same! Honestly I watch their wgm videos everyday lol. I just can't stop. Something that I recognized recently is that in mbc office date episode naeun said taemin likes winter. I realized that they never talked about this before on the previous episodes but naeun knew that he likes winter. That means they've talked so many things outside wgm lol. And you're right. From what I've seen naeun really can't fake her face. Everything shows in her expression and that's enough to prove that she's not acting there. And what makes me believe it more is that episode when they were inside the gondola. She said that she misses taemin because she meet him everyday. That's real because before they shoot that episode, they met in that drama's parody shooting for 3 days. This means their words aren't scripted. But of course some part are directed by the writer. Every tv shows are like that. I don't know but I think having the same feeling forever is possible. My mom and dad has been married for 40+ years now, and they still lovey dovey just like a teenage couple>< and I think naeun and taemin looks like a very loyal person. I just hope they're really ended up together as a real married couple
  4. Whoa I'm amazed by those coincidences lolbut sometimes it's true that idols are doing lovestagram. So many idols were caught dating and then fans discovering their hints from Instagram. Idk about our taeun, but there are also so many coincidences from them besides Instagram post Yes, I hate this dark themes. It hurts my eyes><
  5. I miss them too. But they're probably busy right now, especially taem. But I think we can't wish them to get married soon, they're still active and seems like will still active for long time. But of course I wish they'll get married when they retired from their jobsT^T
  6. That's why he said it got delayed because of himself hopefully he'll recover soon. Ahh he always working hard to give the best performance, he said this comeback will have a powerful dance if I'm not mistaken? But he injured himself T^T
  7. Yeah, I'm waiting for his comeback and naeun's next schedule with re-watching wgm videosㅋㅋ does anyone know if that Apink idol tour is only one episode or there will be another episode? I haven't watch it yet because of my poor internet connection><
  8. @LauLau OMG!!! I know it I know it! Even if they're in a relationship they won't revealed it! Apink is so careful with how fans would feel if they're dating, and they don't want to get hurt if there will be a break up news from them if they revealed their relationship. God.. please granted my wish that taeun will announce their marriage someday. Aw my heart is so excited
  9. I'm worrying why some taeunians are so careless when they want to post something related to taeun on social media. They posted some wrong hints even though they already know that it was wrong. I don't want people hate this couple moreㅠㅠ
  10. @syzsyzsyz I have followed her but now she's inactiveㅠㅠ cause she got hatred from people. Eih it's so annoying, she's the only one k-taeunian that i found but then haters ruined everything. @dreamlover for Kai and Krystal or baek and taeyeon I think it's because sm allowing their idols to date someone from the same company. I think I have read that somewhere. And for Kai and Jennie I think it's because they're already a very big group that it won't make a big impact to their career if they revealed their relationship. @LauLau yeah you might be right. I think I have read somewhere that they already know about song song couple relationship but still keeping the news maybe because they're a serious couple which going to get married. Aaa I hope taeun have been together for all of these times and they don't get caught because they good at hiding or they just didn't being revealed because they're a serious couple! I'm praying
  11. She even did that funny move thereㅋㅋㅋ I can't believe she did it svt is a humble group but they're very awkward around girls especially if they're not close. The girls that I know ever interact and close to them is only chaeyeon dia and jooe momoland because they host the same show with mingyu and seungkwan. That's why when I know they did that challenge with our naeun I got shocked cause they never interact before. This just shows there are many things that fans didn't know behind the screen of idols. Same with our taeun hua.. I can't stop my imaginationㅋㅋㅋ Ah you're right. Even if he come to her radio she won't be the dj right. I forgot it. It won't be anything new but I want to see it so badly I hope they'll act like they're close cause we know that they are omg! I hope Apink will come to eunji's stage if she really comeback on the same time with taemin!>< Or naeun trying to promote eunji's new song but accidentally promoting her husband song too just like before lol
  12. Yeah you're right! Hoshi is shinee's no.1 fanboy! And I think he's really close with shinee's members. In one variety show he called them hyung! And yes they hang out together. His bias in shinee is taemin! He ever said it before. I want to talk about this yesterday but I forgotㅋㅋㅋ and I found out that seventeen members regularly come to that cafe, and naeun is also often eat there. I think they've met several times and get a little bit close that's why she can do that challenge with them. Uuuu, I wonder if other celebrities also come to that cafe often? My delulu mind started to think about the other possibilitiesㅋㅋㅋㅋ Honestly If I were taemin I think I'll feel like I was the luckiest man in the world to be together with naeun! And yeah hoshi is the crackhead in seventeen and vernon is also funny but he's awkward around girlsㅋㅋㅋ maybe they met naeun often in that cafe so they can get close . . . Btw, Eunji is confirmed to release a solo album on July. Isn't taemin's comeback is also on July? Ooo, I hope they'll at least bowing each other if they meet on the stage. And I hope taemin will come to eunji's radio><
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