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  1. My two cents is that probably cos they didn’t HAVE to go initially? So naturally the two being punished (Haha and SeChan) had to go together and that left the two lovebirds by themselves. But yes I agree, even if it wasn’t like what I mentioned, I think SJH would have ended up going on the swing with KJK anyway. Hope it helps!
  2. @apk02 if you have Telegram you can download the latest RM eps here (let me know if I can’t share this) Love reading your insightful posts @Adora Dark
  3. Did they not think anyone would put two and two together? I hope this is OK cos I want to talk about SA but I’ll put it under spoiler just in case Although we haven’t been getting an on-screen assurance that they’re still together and it’s easy to think negatively, one thing that personally keeps me afloat as a shipper is that it has been maintained that they are both loyal people, so I think we can be rest assured that even though they don’t show they’re close on camera, doesn’t mean they aren’t off camera.
  4. I read this somewhere! But frankly I didn’t see it, not the first time nor the hundredth time I watched the scene haha. But I don’t have sharp eyes so maybe some shippers here actually did notice this? I read in this forum (while I was back reading) that Tiny designed the caps that JH wore? And I think she has worn quite a number of caps with Tiny written on it. Tiny oppa is honestly one of the main reasons I feel I’m not delusional about these two. He needs to go to Korea and feed us more SA crumbs! This has been a long drought. Hehe. Does anyone think that JH and KJK do travel together, but without no one knowing? It’s weird if they HAVE been together for as long as we thought they have, but not going on trips together. Their RM jobs really serve the best dating ground for them if you think about it though. Been watching the earlier episodes and it makes me giddy seeing KJK and SJH basically flirting with each other on screen. I wonder when they started ‘ignoring’ each other on screen..like we’ve been seeing lately, like when exactly did it start? Cos in the earlier 4++ episodes, KJK was still actively seeking for her but now he makes it a point not have big reactions so much (but of course he’s got to tease her once or twice lol).
  5. Hi all! So happy to see the forum getting a bit more active lately. My new shipper self needs daily Spartace dose lol. Thank you @linzer03 @dydrawer @Adora Dark for the elaborations on MUD. For new shippers such as myself, and I’m sure the others as well, watching MUD that was way back in 2018, with everything else that had happened after that can be a bit confusing, so your posts really help a lot. Now that I’ve read about HYJ and her clarifications on their dating rumour after they won the 2018 SBS award, as well as YJS and KJK himself addressing it became clearer that they were indeed a business couple, one that arose for the sake of the rating. That being said, if SJH and KJK have already been dating when KJK was promoted as this hot, single bachelor, I can only imagine how it was like when the cameras were off. It was a bit weird that he was on MUD to find a prospect when he already has one by his side. I guess that’s how SK showbiz works? I have a somewhat unrelated (to MUD) question if anyone could help me out; KJK was posting pics of shows for a while back then. It won’t take a genius to put two and two together and relate that the shoes in between his legs belong to SJH. My Q is, do you all think he was aware of what people could theorise with that bit of info, or was he just oblivious to the whole thing?
  6. Hi Aquarius! I'm a new shipper as well, and still in that honeymoon phase of shipping these two. But I think I can help you out with this one. Think it was aired in March 2018? This bugs me so much too! If all the evidence that point to them being more than friends around this time is true, then it doesn't make sense for her not to know he's moved into his own house. And I'm sure she's talked to KJK's mom more than a few times. They have been co-workers for the last 8 years even if they weren't together romantically already. That episode is mind-boggling to me to be honest, cos things just don't add up. Compare that to Pajama Friends episode where KJK guested, it was very clear that they were at least very very close friends, and treasure each other's presence. Watching it makes me feel I'd be OK even if they aren't together romantically, cos what they showed there was already a strong foundation to a relationship that would not go anywhere (this was before I watched HJY on MUD and how genuine the mother acted towards her and the lack of interaction that ensued in the latter episodes of course. Now I'm just going to bitter and sad if they don't end up together TBH LOL). Could our senior shippers share their thoughts on this?
  7. I feel so embarrassed but I have even tried sitting the way JK did to see how ‘close’ one would be if there is someone standing in front of me. Granted I am not as tall as JK, but even with his height, the position is still very intimate. So thank you JK for unknowingly (or maybe he actually does..) feeding us this tiny bit of SA crumb. Speaking of tiny, who else is hoping we get to see SA the soonest Tiny oppa gets to Korea?
  8. Super curious, please find me on Twitter! I've started to become active there after you recommended it so IDK if I've already added you without knowing though. LOL. So I've watched KJK on Pajama Friends a while back and it was so exciting watching those two there. KJK himself said he watched the show cos Ji Hyo was on it. Mind you I watched it when I didn't realise they've become this huge shipping fandom though lol so at that time I thought it was so sweet that Ji Hyo had someone like KJK in her life. He seems genuinely protective and sweet towards her. As I watched more videos (esp of the fan meets) I became more delighted at the prospect of them being involved romantically cos they just look so good together; and are both genuinely good people. r I remember feeling so disappointed that KJK doesn't have Ji Hyo on his IG, then I discovered the existence of Tiny oppa and my heart just started to have hope again LOL. Cos Ji Hyo seems to be choosing quality over quantity, so the fact that she's so close with Tiny who (what I can presume) doesn't really belong in her circle, speaks volume. OK so that Knowing Bros ep is awesome as are all the mentions of Ji Hyo on BP; I do have issues with MUD though. Put the rest of my thoughts on this here in case it is offensive / inappropriate. The RM fanmeets are just really SA heaven for us shippers aren't they? JK forgot what manner hands the most there LOL. I still don't get why he had to pick up Ji Hypo bridal style off the stage. Channeling Gary yes, but Gary himself wouldn't have done it. This has got to be one of my fav momentns of them, ever. This is so true. Love that about her, among a gazillion other things. Me too! She looked so effortlessly sexy, the whole time I was like go girl prove them wrong!! They were all teasing her etc but look at her on that stage! SHE OWNED IT despite the other 20 people sharing the stage. When they were wearing that pale pink sweaters right? Goodness IDK how he thought it was an OK mvoe, cos my jaw dropped when I saw it.
  9. I've seen a post of Ji Hyo with airpods so I guess this can only be in our heads sadly but I love how Jong Kook is always ready with his anecdotes on Ji Hyo; that Ji Hyo is the closest to him is something no one can refute.
  10. Hi @carambsk! Thanks for replying! Will read and respond properly later but I just want to give my Twitter handle : @FFRd2P, hope you could find me and add me! Desperately need someone to talk Spartace with haha!
  11. Looks like I'm the only one here.. Is the ship sinking or something guys? HAHAH. Forgive me for being overzealous, was just rediscovering them in a new light and there is just so much to dig up! Anyway the reason for this new (AGAIN) post is as a follow-up to my previous one where I said my turning point was seeing KJK rubbing SJH's back. But then I saw this IDK what to think anymore haha. Aside from the super funny Kwangmong moment, does that mean what KJK did was just a gesture towards a family member? But it honestly looks so .. coupley. EDIT: Just finished watching the episode (I have a lot to catch up on cos I honestly haven't seen much post-SPARTACE almost being kicked out) and how ironic is that Ji Hyo looked so done and dead in the practice while So Min was all cute and attention-grabbing (I mean this in a lighthearted manner, no hate against her at all), but in the actual performance SJH KILLED IT. She owned the whole stage GAH I can't.
  12. Hi @linzer03! I've been back-reading a lot of the posts (and abandoning my .. actual work ) and I really love what you've written! It's an honour to have you respond to me! Thanks a lot for explaining about the OZ pic. Now it makes so much sense why that caused such a stir among the fandom. Whatever we see on screen is literally just what they want to feed us, when there are so many other things happening off screen, eh? That lingering arm after the hug is what makes us excited I guess. While we're on the topic of manner hands (or there lackof), I just noticed during one of the stage performances, Gary, too side-hugged Ji Hyo with his hand on her waist, so I guess it isn't exclusive to Jong Kook, per say. However, saying this, Ji Hyo seems like the best laid-back co-worker. She isn't afraid to be all affectionate with her partners in her dramas too. So I guess that isn't something Spartace. Jong Kook's mannerism however is a bit more telling as he usually keeps his hands to himself. And as @dydrawer pointed out (hi! Annyeonghaseyo!) he placed his hand on an area where not everyone can simply put on another person's body. That is why I felt him rubbing Ji Hyo's lower back (so nonchalantly in fact!) is highly suspicious. You've got to be super best friends or romantically involved to be able to do something like that. In regards to the IG posts, thank you for the clarifications. You're right though, it is pretty suspicious how he never even followed Ji Hyo when there is footage showing how close they are IRL. Oh I agree so much with this. Speaks volumes indeed! Could anyone talk about who (if any) is Ji Hyo close to in Jong Kook's circle of friends? I've only ever seen Tiny oppa and he follows Spartace fan accounts, which is pretty ballsy IMO. Haha. EDIT : I found this on IG. I hope this is OK. I only recognise the manager and Tiny oppa tho. Are the others celebrities as well?
  13. Hi everyone! I guess I'm a newbie here. Had some free time lately (I think everybody does, because of COVID19), and I stumbled upon some Spartace videos and I have been obsessing over them ever since. I hope my rambling here is OK, just would like to share my Spartace journey. I'm new here, but I've been watching Running Man since it first came out while I was in uni. I was awed by Ji Hyo's tenacity and ferocity despite her beauty. I mean most girls won't act the way she does, let's just put it that way . Then MC came along and as much as I like shipping people (haha is it even OK to admit it like this?), I wasn't too keen on them cos it (to me) was obviously for the show. I remember admiring the pairing of Spartace, cos they ALWAYS get the job done and are just so competitive. However, not once did I think all that hugging and skinship went beyond friendship. It really looked like an amazing oppa-dongsaeng relationship to me. But I did love how those guys look after Ji Hyo, the girl who can stand with the guys, can't do aegyo and dance to save her life, but is still so breathtakingly beautiful and attractive. Fast forward to like 5 years later; I've stopped watching RM except for a few clips here and there when my fav artists guested the show (real life reaaally got in the way once my work picked up and I moved back to my hometown). Imagine my surprise when I was Youtube surfing and saw loads of Spartace shipping videos! I have always been a Spartace fan like I mentioned earlier, but I never thought of them being shipped together romantically! Now, I'm not new to the shipping world so I like to take things w a pinch of salt (keeping it fun, no theories or speculations etc) but after watching a number of Spartace videos, especially the ones of them during FMs and BTS scenes, I've turned into this eager shipper . But I do find it weird when the whole crew started joking around about Spartace being a loveline. For a person who's only jumping from one episode to another, I feel like the second half of 3++ and first half or so of 4++ episodes were brimming with them being pushed (I used the word pushed cos it did not seem like Jong Kook was entirely up for it, although Ji Hy was more amicable about it) to be a loveline, and then it disappeared. Then we see Jonh Kook being paired with females who came on the show, latest and most prominent to me being JinYoung (is that spelling correct?) and So Min (who to me is the cute cheeky lil maknae of the group, unlike Ji Hyo who immediately found footing as the 'not to be messed with' when she first started on the show). It's just so weird. I may have got some facts mixed up, I apologise beforehand cos like I said, I have been consistently trying to catch up on a few years' worth of content so everything is a bit hazy and jumbled up. Honestly, the reason why I felt like they were Spartace siblings all this while because of the nature of their friendship. Ji Hyo was thrust into this variety show where she had such a hard time in the beginning, and as she said so herself (during Pajama Friends when Jong Kook was there) that she got through it because of Jong Kook. So when I watch clips of them hugging, him smothering her with his huge arms, her throwing his arm around her shoulder, him feeding her food, not to mention their physical scuffling (him shoving her was hard to watch once I became a shipper haha), I thought that all those things can also be done by siblings / long time friends. I personally won't feel weird when doing these things with a friend I consider my brother as well. And I think it is a well-known fact that Jong Kook is a gentleman and he looks out for his dongsaeng a lot. So those things have already been cemented in my Spartace fan brain. However, I'd like to throw out some things that made me transition from being a Spartace fan to a Spartace shipper. 1. The ultimate turn-around point for me is this (Sorry this is the only I could find) : I mean, what is that? If I were to do that to my brother friend, he'd smack me away; not stare down at me like it's normal. Haha. 2. Him teaching her how to box (revealed during the Pajama Friends ep). The whole episode is gold, to me personally. Not as a shipper per say, but how solid their relationship has been; whatever the label is. I felt Ji Hyo withheld a lot of info regarding Jong Kook on the show, like they're obviously closer than what we saw on the show but because there were three others they sort of made it very general. IDK if this even made sense LOL. 3. Byul whispering to Haha that she's "Ji Hyo unnie's fan" in some show (sorry I can't remember). That is pretty telling to me as well. So out of context, unless..it's not. It sorta gave me an inkling that they were once / are involved. 4. Tiny oppa. I mean.. he posts a ton of pics with everyone, calling the ladies his dongsaengs and whatnot, but I just find it fascinating that Ji Hyo appears so many times in his IG. They got to know each other through Jong Kook right? Seems like he's always hanging out with his SiL, not dongsaeng if you know what I mean. EDIT: 5. How could I forget the back rub? For Ji Hyo to massage Jong Kook's shoulders, to me I think is still acceptable, but when he did it in ep 324 (?), my jaw really went . One of the most pivotal factors as well for me. Now onto my questions which I hope will be answered haha. 1. Can someone enlighten why this picture caused so much ruckus? She could have Kwang Soo or anyone else like that too? Honest question (I am still very new at this Spartace as a couple so please bear with me haha). 2. Did Jong Kook ever post pics of Ji Hyo on his IG? He doesn't follow her, doesn't pics of her. If it's Monday couple it's 100% understandable cos..business couple...but this pairing..? I don't get it. 3. So I just got to learn about manner hands (). The first time I saw Jong Kok side hugging her with his hand on her waist, I was taken aback, cos usually it's around her shoulders / back. So my question is, has he ever dropped the manner hands with someone else, that we know of, at least? 4. What is this about their interactions abruptly non-existent (or drastically less) on screen? Such a whiplash; going from Ji Hyo 'proclaiming' that Jong Kook is her dream guy to them barely interacting. Such a weird transition
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