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  1. Hi! I would just like to say sorry to hear that ... but ... I would really like to clarify that that shipper DOES NOT represent the whole fandom. I personally have no idea there is even a YEH-KJK thread. So for us lot to go there and subject ourselves to that side ... I don’t think a lot of us would do that willingly. I hope the tagged shipper would stop doing that. Let’s be respectful of all ships yeah? Thanks for notifying, and take care @Emily Bett R!
  2. There are so many I feel like I’m on cloud nine. Both initiated moves, both are physically always drawn to each other.. argh love it!
  3. And they proceeded to act distant during RM filming hours later LOL. Hello! Started reading last March, and love reading your posts @dydrawer! I think our ship is sailing more and more despite the distance they are trying to portray. What does everyone think?
  4. Hey, yeah I agree! I feel like there has been a drought, a cooling-off period, a distant move.. etc etc. But now they seem to be back on it on screen (on screen, we don't know their relationship off screen, they could be an old married couple for all we know hah). Small things like him nudging her subtly to move forward, like the recent ep with the airport as the opening (I can't remember which ep!), or him invading her personal space to get the clue in ep 519 (the prison ep).. I feel like something is definitely brewing. Let's stay patient!
  5. Hi everyone! Ep 524 really got us lovestruck again, huh? Here's a vid I really love from the ep. Good job to the video editor. Enjoy! Spartace EP524 moments
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