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  1. Why does it felts like too homie for them to kiss like that? So natural and organic .My eyes told me it just reel but why my heart and soul felt like it’s real. Come on BINJIN..give us more!Baeksang maybe? More dose of love insanity
  2. Hi, I don’t really know if he is rooting for LA dodgers or maybe he is a fan of them because as what I can see he usually wear LA dodgers caps even SYJ too. As I know they have group of friends who played baseball together. They call themselves “ The PLayboys. It’s like their Man cave for them.
  3. Chilax Chingus! We can have a healthy discussion about that rumor without shaming and dragging her name because it’s against soompi rules. Let’s ship peacefully and spread love to this forum. We have one goal here and that is to support Binjin all the way. so here it is... Binnie hit a homerun to Jinnies heart!
  4. Cloys press-conn. Their reaction about their dating rumor. OMG! I got goosebumps. They just synchronize.
  5. Your killing my reply button girl PS: Hb-Syj..these two need a room
  6. It will be nice to have a party on Zoom if these lovebirds will announce their wedding bells. My god! I couldn’t imagine how my brain and heart going to explode. It will be the happiest day of my shipping life
  7. Now I see the difference. He wore black polo shirt at his stylish wedding and brown polo shirt when he arrived from Mediheal event.
  8. To add all the evidence and clarification of our Binjin shopping in LA
  9. Thank you. I stand corrected I delete my post. Sorry I don’t mean to mislead our shippers here.
  10. @Binjin2Ri. The funny thing is that all the staff and co-stars of CLoy clapped their hands and turned their eyes to HB and SYJ when the lights was on. It seems they were waiting something or expecting something from our Binjin. I think they are shippers too My delulu mind
  11. After a storm hit our ship today, I need some cute little candies from our captain So cute YJ Just stick into singing and acting binnie Time check 3:10 Eyebags Goodnight from our captain:
  12. I know this was already posted few pages back but this video interests me. I can agree that HB tapping SYJ’s back is a way of comforting. HB squeezing SYJ’ arm is a sign of HB is too much comfortable for being just SYJ friend. The second squeeze seems more revealing because my husband usually do squeeze me when he giggles or the manners he usually do without thinking about it. So I do believe this two is more than just friends. My husband said it is already game over when HB went to LA. Officially girlfriend and boyfriend. In grocery we trust
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