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  1. @Intuition1 I didn't say he didn't win because of his accent, but it could have been a factor. And it wasn't even my personal opinion that his accent was wrong, don't put words in my mouth, if you want to tell a real NK defector that they are wrong about their own country's accents then be my guest. Thats rich to say one person of a country doesn't known an accent when you aren't from said country. She also said Seo Dans accent sounded wonky and she is also considered of the "upper class". And it definitely is important, the accent is part of the character thus likely considered. If an america
  2. I guess I'm one of the only ones not angry or bitter about KHN winning for best hallyu actor over HB. He's (I think) won every major main actor award since WTCB entered the competition circuit. GHJ has been nominated/won a few times as well, not surprising me that she won. If she won in the hallyu category instead of SYJ I would have been surprised either. In the international Seoul Drama awards, the best actor category is for actors regardless of nationality (international category). I'm having trouble finding the full list of winners so I'm assuming KHN didn't win for best actor in the overa
  3. Is Legend of Nakrang really that good? I've never really been into AU's in any fandom. I find it hard to separate binjin from themselves or as RiRi and see them as completely different characters.
  4. People have been instigative and catty for the past few pages so here’s hb from what looks like TN promos
  5. No, but I know enough Korean and Konglish to the know basic pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure of simple sentences. I don't think he was really mirroring her but actually flinching because of yoon seri's tone cutting his character off lol. The scene is supposed to be funny, that's why I chose it.
  6. "Ha" (하) doesn't mean anything alone, it could be a family name though? If you write it in hangul and/or use slang it could translate to laughing like how English speakers type out "LOL" in place of "hahaha" in text. The korean way would be an abbreviation of "하 하 하" to just "ㅎㅎㅎ" or even "ㅋㅋㅋ", which means the same thing basically. I'm also not sure its an accurate Romanization of whatever word/sound you heard because sometimes speakers don't enunciate the consonant or vowels well due to dialect or effort, however I definitely didn't hear "하" in the original quoted video. "Na" means what I st
  7. Not exactly. The Korean alphabet for foreign words with no direct translation relies on the closest sounds the word makes. 하이드 지킬, 나 is the korean title. 나 is the Korean way to refer to ones self. "ha-i-deu ji-ki-l, na". If they were referring to the characters alone then it might make sense but the characters aren't real so it would weird to give them titles like Hyde-ah.
  8. Its all fake. That site is just click bait, they recycle old news or manipulate fan speculation into different articles so fans will click on them. Also that last article is literally impossible as seri only sees rjh 2 weeks out of the year, there's no way she would be visually pregnant.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/pinkeonjin/status/1283376322442522626 This website is starting to be annoying, it stutters or doesnt even link the tweet when I try to post. If you cant read the tweets: "he said to the fans of hb please dont crowd around the hotel & create ruckus bcs it might affect hb & the crew and even cause them to leave, he asked for fans to still practice social distancing & basically asking jordanian fans to be sensible"..."he also mentioned that there can be a possibility of deportation if it continues so he asks for fans to be sensible and not embarrass jo
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