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  1. If you have a problem with @Chewy then you can DM them. Picking a fight here is ridiculous as Chewy pointed out a very real problem. We don't know if ppl are using bots but with fan voting, that is VERY common. For all we know, the multiple ways we're voting could be thrown out at the end. If whoever or whatever is counting the final votes suspects foul play, the only one who loses is SYJ/HB. This has happened before with streams and Youtube views.
  2. I believe that same article at one point also called her Son Je Jin LOL
  3. This While I'm sure most of us are having fun imagining BinJin together, I sincerely hope SYJ and her family are doing well considering we've barely had any activity from her in the 3.5 months since cloy ended. I know she takes long social media breaks but we've barely had any cf's (or none at all, I dont remember). Hopefully we'll see her at Baeksangs
  4. This photo makes me laugh.....like Binnie what on earth are you looking at to make that face
  5. I mean, I don't like JDG either but that doesn't mean HB is exactly like him. People can be friends with whoever they want, including SYJ. This sort of cancel culture is sick.
  6. I'm aware of the pink cake saying One Spring Night. I meant the design. The CLOY cake looks weirdly unfinished as compared to the pink one
  7. Fun Fact (?): We already talked about the "wedding cake" that was at the cloy wrap party but the story behind the cake is pretty funny. Apparently something happened and the main cake got messed up or something hahaha It looks like something got pulled off every tier. HB's fanclub came through though The cake was supposed to look like this LOOOL https://www.dramamilk.com/crash-landing-on-you-closing-party-in-korea-cake-and-setup/
  8. This reply is gonna be off topic to Binjin but it does matter when you think about the dynamics of North and South Korea media and the people: (I'm gonna be a Debbie downer but I'd rather be realistic than face disappointment later) This is incorrect. While Moon built his campaign around fighting big money and reuniting the Koreas, he's been increasingly criticized for focusing too much on the idea of 1 Korea. It's the older generation of Koreans that hope to be unified as they are directly affected since they know family members who are still in the North. Big companies like electronics or producers of consumer goods probably want to unified to make $$$ from a sizable population increase. If the Koreas were to suddenly reunite, not only would SK have to bargain with the Kim regime, but they would be financially responsible for an underdeveloped, uneducated, and impoverish nation. Currently, due to discrimination (treated like spies or like foreigner invading SK) defectors sometimes find adjusting to life in SK too difficult and willingly return to NK. Younger Koreans are more lax when it comes to shows like CLOY because its interesting, but just because the show ended on a good note doesn't mean they suddenly want to actively pursue reunification. Again, this would mean a giant financial burden when SK already has issues with its aging population and standard of living. The judges for award shows likely don't want to risk pissing off the public by giving away awards to a show that "romanticized" a relationship between a North Korean soldier and a South Korean woman. Also, North Korea responded to how they were being portrayed in CLOY and other media after the series wrapped up. The ppl in charge of the awards and their bosses bosses (and anyone higher up) might think its for the best that the awards skip over CLOY. Unfortunately, while the mysterious aspects of NK drew people in and got them to watch (I doubt people watched because they supported the idea of reunification, remember the backlash they got before it aired?), I think the plot of the story is ultimately going to work against CLOY when it comes to public recognition. For people who like history and want to know more about NK vs SK and reunification: Well maybe if NKs looked like RJH they'd be more open to reunification All in all, HB and SYJ have the best chances in their individual categories. I think the others like drama of the year or wtvr may be a lost cause.
  9. This has been discussed multiple times if you go back through the thread. South Korean's celebrities public images are something that are influenced by the public (SK if the main consumer of Kdramas or Kfilms) and that makes or breaks their careers. HB and SYJ have denied their relationship multiple times now, if they were to suddenly announce they were getting married after all the denials they would be branded as liars. Couples that are suspected to be in a relationship are seen by Knetz as taking advantage of filming as a way to go on free dates while being paid. The korean industry thrives on the idea of an obtainable "oppa" or "noona" and crazy (saesang) fans can easily damage the celebs image with rumors and accusations of lying to the public. Things like fansites or fanmeetings where the celeb does cute things for the fans only encourages this sort of behavior.
  10. It's been a while since he's had such a successful project like SG or MNIKSS so he' probably taking advantage of the cf deals that come with that success. SYJ is probably taking a break after working so many projects
  11. Please don't mock this sophisticated piece by calling it a "drawing", only intellectual students of art would understand. I'm sure HB and SYJ would appreciate it LOL HB's masterful creation in the quote below since not everyone will be able to handle its presence
  12. Someone posted this already but heres an edited version thats seeeeending me also found this cute bloop
  13. LOL she nominated an actress from a drama about marriages (and cheating but lets not think about that she said she wants to get married eventually), a dog trainer (she said she wanted a new puppy not too long ago), and a child (she said that twins scene with RJH in cloy was her favorite). I'm sure they're trying to be quiet about each other and not stir the pot with rumors but the shippers are gonna have a field day putting together these nominations she's making it way too easy
  14. Same, and some people who have 1 single post from their account are the ones asking. Somewhere on this thread there is a video of SYJ and HB from when Negotiation was promoting. They answer fan questions and one of them is about whether SYJ's measurements are real. She says no.
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