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  1. I think it doesnt matter what the non-shippers thing anymore. Taeun shippers are way past the stage to care if Shawols hate/hated Naeun or even if any Pink Panda dislike Taemin. As much as most of them say all these shippings are mere fantasy, they themselves also dont know if their bias is dating/dated. So ironically both shipper and non-shippers of any couples are on the same boat. Anywayyyyyyyy, the latest ep in Gamsung camping they were talking about first love & they totally cut(?) Naeun part out. Whyyyyyy hahaha. I waited the whole of last week to hear Naeun
  2. I dont know if this could be consider as another coincidence/fate. Our Naeun having the same name with Naeun frm April. When i see my twitter timeline now full of Taemin & Naeun (April) interactions (the variety show & music shows) is bittersweet. Haha. Whenever i see both names in the same sentence, i kinda hope its our Naeun.
  3. I think its a mistranslation too. After watching it, i think she meant its her first time visiting the ski resort when its not during winter
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