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  1. According to Netflix Korea, tkem final ep is available on June 12. So I guess BR is either airing on June 13 or getting pushed back a week.. Regardless, BR gets the short end of the stick bc it’s either going to get overshadowed by a huge drama finale or have the same premiere week as ksh’s comeback drama. I hate sbs lol * So sbs didn’t even tell the tkem cast or production company beforehand that they were cancelling Friday’s episode. They found out through the news article. Which prob means BR team also just found out that their drama is being delayed. That’s so unprofessional wtf.
  2. I completely agree! I also don’t think we should let criticism affect our own enjoyment/excitement of the drama. We all just need to be civil. I’m still going to watch this drama and pray to heavens every episode that this character isn’t completely terrible (or maybe just skip his scenes all together and pretend he doesn’t exist haha).
  3. Since we’re on this topic again. I have already seen quite a few people saying they won’t be watching the drama due to this character which is understandable. Like I said for most people the intention of the dreads doesn’t matter. He shouldn’t be wearing them at all period. I’ve seen fans (on Twitter mostly) labeling any sort of criticism as haters and being “not that deep” which is frankly really gross. If you’re not black then it’s not your place to determine whether something such as CA of black culture isn’t offensive. I’m glad this thread continues to remain cool and we can have healthy discussions about this drama.
  4. They’re both so pretty. I’m so excited to see them as a couple! I want plenty of skinship/intimate moments! I’m afraid they might keep the drama very prude bc of the source material, the age gap of the actors, and the fact it’s airing on a public channel. Also the lack of romance/romcom drama experience from both the writer and the pd worries me too. I mean when you have jcw and kyj in your drama as a couple then you have to give us a lot of heart fluttering scenes you know?
  5. I noticed a lot of kdrama romcoms start out really fun and light hearted then gets very draggy and melodramatic during the 2nd half. FLs also start out with strong personalities but that also doesn’t last. I think suspicious partner sort of had this problem too. I do want some serious and angsty moments in BR but I hope they will maintain the fun throughout the drama. I also hope saetbyul remains a strong badass from beginning to end.
  6. Ok so I loved the new teaser! Kyj looks like an amazing badass and jcw is adorable. Omg so are they really going to include the cigarette kiss or is it a fake out.. she’s in a school uniform too.. I’m just going to embrace the potential controversial nature of this drama idc anymore. Bring it on!
  7. I get your point but it doesn’t matter what the reasoning behind it it. Its obvious they have him in dreads for comedy purposes which is problematic and racist in itself. I know we should wait for the drama to air before judging but kdramas are becoming more global each year. Cultural appropriation/antiblackness is a big issue in korean entertainment and is widely discussed among international fans. Stunts like this have even made kpop idols apologize in the past. This character looks even more problematic when you realize the drama IC, which aired this year and is extremely popular, tackled topics like racism and even had a black actor as part of the cast. If this drama gains traction internationally, especially among western kdrama fans then we need to prepare to see a lot of backlash regarding this character/drama and even the actors themselves. I’m annoyed bc BR already has enough negative attention and people questioning this drama due to the source material/age gap and now this can add onto that. It’s also 2020 and koreans still think dressing up as black people is funny when it’s not.
  8. Man I was so excited for the cast until I realized daehyun’s friend is basically cosplaying a Jamaican. Why does the writer think cultural appropriation and racist stereotypes is ok in 2020? Black people and their culture are not costumes.. I can already see the tasteless and offensive jokes coming from a mile away due to this character. Sigh I guess I have to skip all his scenes.
  9. I’m glad they are closer in age bc honestly 13 years is a lot. Even I was slightly uncomfortable about a romantic relationship between a 20 and 33 year old . It’s good enough that jcw and kyj have a 12 year age gap. However I didn’t expect them to lower Daehyun’s age to 29 but I get it. I think the writer wanted him to be old enough to have some life experience but be young enough to not have his life together. Dh and sb are now 7 years apart which is still a gap so I’m satisfied. Oh and Yj is now older than dh lol Didn’t see that coming at all. That’s cute tho. A noona romance lol. Hsh might look young but she’s actually playing her real life age. We have to realize that all the character ages are in korean age. Hsh is 31 just like yj. Even Kyj is 22 just like sb. It’s Jcw playing a younger guy by like 5 years haha.
  10. Do Sang Woo’s character actually has a one sided love with Yeonjoo (they are childhood friends) so thankfully we don’t have to worry about another annoying love triangle. According to the character description he waits for daehyun and yeonjoo to break up after he resigns from the company. And when he notices their relationship drifting apart due to saetbyul, that’s when he see’s the opportunity to make his move lol
  11. I noticed we have gotten a lot of jcw and hsh spottings since filming began but barely any with jcw and kyj.. They probably have most of their scenes together at the convenience store but I hope they have a lot of scenes outside of work too.
  12. Yea I noticed the first shot of the cs in the teaser looked a little awkward bc it obviously looked like an indoor set. I’m curious/nervous as to how the pd is going to pull this off. Are they just never going to show us the sky? Are they going film outdoor scenes of the cs using another location? Are they any real outdoor scenes at all? Anyways can’t wait for the next teaser!
  13. I know lifetime is broadcasting this drama for global fans but I wonder if viki will be able to get the license for this drama. Or will it be on kocowa since it’s a Sbs drama? Not everyone has cable and I don’t think lifetime has a online streaming service.
  14. This looks so good! I can’t wait to see all their fun antics on screen. Btw Sbs deleted and reuploaded the teasers bc they got rid of ‘June 12’ at the end and changed it to just ‘June’. Smh I hope they don’t make us wait longer than we have to! The teaser on naver has 109k views!! Sbs better not delete it lol.
  15. Ahhh they look so cute together! Can’t wait to see their chemistry. I’m beyond excited for this drama now haha I always wanted jcw to star in a slice of life esque drama and I think this is finally the one! This lowkey feels like his military comeback drama. Lol I think there’s def more hype and he’s working with the amazing Kim Yoojung. Hopefully by next week, we get the script reading video and some new teasers/stills.
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