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  1. Hello again everyone! @40somethingahjumma I think he's talking about the maggot scene. As he's going through the script, I recognise the dialogue and scenes from Episode 1/2. Around 8:55 min, he starts repeating the lines (not translated) about "the only thing a doctor can say for sure is that they will do their best" which is what he says to Gyeo-wool in Episode 2... Then the lines skip around and he starts talking about different parts of the script (e.g. Min-yong's situation in Episode 1 and how he should tell off Gyeo-wool 'lightly'). Later around 9:38 he asks "Is
  2. Yeah nothing says romance like asking someone to help you carry a box of camping supplies to your office Isn’t it lovely how SH lets IJ do a lot for her too, but rather than quick chores she actually spends time with him e.g.: - letting him stay by her side while she waited for potentially life changing results - letting him drive her home when it was raining - waiting for him to make her favourite breakfast I agree there are few things that SH needs from anyone but I love how IJ supports her in the background while respecting her independence e.g.:
  3. @40somethingahjumma Great point (as always)! It reminds me of a scene in episode 2 after Songhwa’s school friend with breast cancer is visited by her husband. SH watches them closely and Seong min says ‘are you envious? You should date too’. SH cuts him off by firmly stating ‘no, I don’t want to. I like being single’. Totally agree that SH’s focus, identify and passion are derived from her work. i believe she genuinely means it when she says she wants to be alone (ie it’s not a defensive deflection to change the topic). SH is determined and driven when she wants something
  4. Seokhyeong also keeps his desk and car clean so let’s get ready for Flower Bear Garden in season 2! Other hidden lovelines: - Jongwon and Junwan use hand sanitiser before meeting patients - the hygienic couple - Gyeowool, Iksun and Junwan love eating the same brand of chocolates - the snow pigeon throuple - Dr Bong, Gyeowool and Minha drink coffee together during breaks - Bong sister wives (btw this is just a light hearted post - it’s only a drama guys )
  5. Don’t leave out the part where IJ starts singing ‘I knew I’d love you‘ . SH can’t take her eyes off IJ as he sings. JW passes out but SH doesn’t even notice - her gaze remains fixed on IJ. As IJ continues singing, the camera shoots them on opposite sides while SH continues wistfully watching him (JW out of the picture). Pretty callous of SH to ignore her ‘true love’ passing out like that while staring at another guy...
  6. Did you notice how in sync SH/JW were as he was thinking of Gyeo-wool - the first person he wanted to tell about his plans to stay? SH read his mind and broke out into a knowing smile, mentioning the word “gyeo-wool” three times to tease her psychic partner. Totally agree they’re locked in around JW’s love life with GW
  7. Sorry if I poorly worded my comment but i think you misunderstood - I don’t remember saying anything about being bothered by hospital politics or overtime or research for journals. Also FYI - in your second last paragraph you said Jeong Won twice but I think you meant Jun Wan (the heart surgeon). The title of this show in Korean is ‘the life of wise doctors’ so obviously we are talking about the cream of the crop. I love seeing people at the top of their fields, I just can’t relate to them because they are so excellent and they never seem to have any professional failings or issues
  8. My translation isn’t perfect but I will have a go. At the beginning as she’s filming the lunch cafeteria scene, the director tells her to do the “extremely cold version“ with IJ who then laughs because he’s not ready with the serving spoon Shin Hyun Bin (SHB) introduces herself as: “I am Shin Hyun Bin playing the role of Jang Gyeo Wool” (JGW) JGW introduces herself as: “I am JGW, a third year GS surgery resident” The first question is ‘what do you think will happen to the one sided love for Ahn Jeong Won’ SHB says she is very curious and
  9. I’m a big Dr Jang fan here and I agree with you. I feel like she has more potential to develop as a stand-alone character. I love that maggot scene because it was so unexpected. She appeared indifferent, cold and blunt to the mother, but when it came to the homeless guy she showed her dedication through her actions (similar to JW). Dr Jang’s bedside manner needs improvement but she goes above and beyond for her patients (pulling maggots out with her hands, chasing the abusive dad, running with the liver). I love watching scenes highlighting her quirky behaviour, cold logic and social awkwardne
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