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  1. Yeaaah I feel the same too. That's why I said he just being nice to anyone. No more. Haha but when he is with PMY, the vibe is different. He did few things like he never did before in front of his another co star. Yeah you are right. It made me confused why they keep saying I'm overreaction about PSJ and PMY while we know they played in the romance series. But with KDM? I ever think they just hate PMY thats why they support PSJ with anyone except MY.
  2. Hello all! I'm a newbie here. I really enjoying read all the things here and make me feel that my ship still sailing hehehe. Since wwwsk aired on tv, I already fall in love with PPC. And it was like a dream when I heard their dating news. Well, the most unexpected was they have been dating for 3 years according that newspaper. And eventho they keep denying, I still believe that their love is in the air. Then I found you all, and I feel so happy that Im not alone on this ship haha But I want to ask your advice here, I have friends that always told me that Psj is in love with his recent co start ( I wont insert her name) and they force me to watch IC bts to see their sweet moments. All I found, nothing. Nothing special. But they say I'm too delutional cause I cant see the love between psj and her:/// am i? But all i can see that he just trying being nice. And now they also said that Psj doing the same with his another co start in FFMW://// that they said psj also in love with her. It looks like psj so easy to in love with his co start. But they never mention Pmy. They also said that psj and pmy just too flat. Then tell me how should I do to facing these kinds of people?:")
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