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  1. ugh couldn’t agree more!!! It does seem like they’re going down that route, doesn’t it. If they do, I just wanna know WHYYY. I’ve seen endless dramas just this year alone with noble idiocy plots. Surely knetz (and writernims) are tired of it by now?!? Regardless of the looming separation, I must say I really love them as a couple, especially their honest conversations with each other <3 and that part where IS spilled ramyeon that ruined his chances (again) I both LOL-ed and wanted to throw something at the screen bcs they robbed us yet again Also, good to read the discussion here on the topic of reproductive health! It does seem like it’s super unlikely for them to get pregnant, especially if there’s gonna be a separation, so I was wondering why HR hasn’t been considering adoption? I know it was touched upon in a previous episode but they just mentioned it for like 30 secs where HR kinda just brushed it off bcs she was single and it’s difficult for singles. But is it not more of a realistic option now that she’s with IS?
  2. Came out lurking to say that I agree it was sad and difficult to watch, but mainly because of how JY was behaving. I mean I get that he wanted to tell HR everything in the effort to let go, but anyone can see she was visibly uncomfortable... AND the fact that he kept cutting her off and didn’t even listen to what she was saying (while you can see she was trying to respond sensitively and steer the conversation to a more neutral topic) just made me sooo uncomfortable. I definitely feel that HR has it much much better with IS who clearly loves her AND seems to put her feelings first. Or maybe JY’s behaviour was just a bit too triggering for me Ahhhhhh can’t agree more!!!! For a TVN romcom between 39 year olds it’s definitely far too innocent lolllll
  3. Thanks everyone for the updates! Relieved to hear it has a happy ending (or at least, as happy as possible in those circumstances?). Looking forward to watching it with subs tomorrow. Really enjoyed lurking here and reading all your discussions too! <3
  4. Just watched ep 15! Sooo what are your prediction for the finale, chingus? It seemed like they still have a lot to deal with if they want to wrap up all the loose ends nicely... I for one really hope that JS doesn’t do anything stupid to stop the company takeover without consulting JH first, although it did seem like she discussed it with JH in the preview (the part where she says she wants him to change). At the moment it seems like the only realistic way to make SK leave JH though, but maybe somehow she could be convinced to go forward with the divorce after the talk with JH as shown in the preview? Also hoping that they resolve the situation with the boys well... YM and JH’s son are definitely the biggest “casualties” of the whole adult drama so I really hope they would handle this part of the story wisely and with sensitivity... oh and send YM back to school please!!!! It really aggravates me how all the adults are just somehow okay with having him dropout without finding him a better solution.. poor child. As for adult JS and JH... do you think there would be a happy ending for these two? Preview seems to be hinting at a hopeful future for them but tbh if it’s nothing conclusive I’m gonna sue writernim for putting us through emotional distress for 16 depressing, long episodes
  5. Totally agree with you guys!!! The article about Baeksang kinda dampened the mood after all those BinJin goodies — way to keep me on the ground I guess! I’ve been thinking about it a lot and it seems that CLOY has been such a huge sensation that it’s become so mainstream and people are torn into two groups: either you fiercely love it or you fiercely don’t. I remember recommending CLOY to my friends and some said that they can’t watch it because it’s just too sweet for them (are you okay friends lol) but the ones who loved it went crazy about it (including myself). Whereas the drama that won big is “just” a solid good one — it didn’t cause the same huge sensation worldwide but on the other hand it didn’t have so many anti-fans. In Hollywood context, I’m a bit reminded of La La Land — people either really loved it or they really hated it. So it kinda seems that it’s the case with CLOY too, unfortunately for us the judges were part of those who didn’t like it It’s always disheartening to think that BinJin and CLOY staff’s hard work hardly got acknowledged but I’m still trying to think positively: - maybe the people who made the Baeksang teaser were actually genuinely CLOY fans that’s why there were so many CLOY references! Presumably only judges would know the results before the announcement, right? - CLOY has been such a huge sensation worldwide, I’m sure all of the staff, writer and PD are well aware of that, which hopefully is also a “reward” for them in a way. - Both Binnie and Jinnie felt like the script came to them when they were looking for another project to work on together, preferably a romcom. So it’s still destiny! (And obviously if they do end up mword, something good definitely came out of this project for them that’s worth more than 100 Baeksangs lollll ) Plus, I read speculations that there’s still a chance for CLOY to be nominated at the Seoul International Awards?? Crossing fingers!!! ETA @BinJinShoppingAide: They’re referring to PA (Publicity Asia) the PR company that just unfollowed yejin
  6. BINJIN SHOPPERS WORLDWIDE: squeeeee I’m so happy chingus!!!! Happy night for all of us in this ship rn <3 will be soo hard to get back to drought season after this lol
  7. re: Ralph Lauren I totally agree with you chingus that it was the perfect brand for them, considering the synchronisation of brands (is that even common???? Seriously, something is definitely going on lol), synchronisation of colour, and of course, coincidence of the “ralph” and golf references! additionally thanks @SunsetHobby for providing your expertise inputs! Pretty impressive, suffice to say that commoners like us most definitely wouldn’t be able to afford such luxuries lol! Also don’t forget the “accessories” guys — YJ’s $57,000 earrings and HB’s Louboutin shoes — definitely worth a fortune! However I still love that despite how expensive all these outfits and accessories were, our king and queen looked the right amount and balance of modesty, beauty, and gracefulness. <3 re: reminder for quoting pictures Shoppers, as I was backreading the last 20-30 pages I noticed that more and more people (maybe new posters) when quoting other posts did not remove the pictures/gifs. Please remember that this is against Soompi forum rules. So please, please could new members remember to delete all pictures, videos, gifs when quoting posts? Also please remember to have no more than 3 pictures/videos/gifs per post (more than that could be put in the spoiler tag). Please obey the Soompi forum rules otherwise we could risk our thread being locked (again). Thank you so much!!
  8. Watching this for the umpteenth time and just gotta say how much I love that little glance she gave HB after she said “thank you so much” and giggled! You could tell she was quite shy/embarrassed about saying it and the fact that she glanced at HB for a split second after saying that, to me is a bit like the knowing glances you would share with your significant other! It’s like she knows that he understands her shyness and so she was looking at him for... support? A reassuring smile? Maybe a cheeky grin in return? also, I love this lol
  9. Agreed! I like that this drama is a light romcom with a convincing OTP and heart-fluttering moments but this week’s episode with the pushy exes and mom is starting to irritate me a lot. Especially No Eul! I’m not sure whether it’s the character or the acting, it’s so bizarre how she’s trying to get her ex back but the way she’s behaving you could literally think she’s trying to get a divorce or something! She doesn’t even look like she likes him, is it supposed to be an ego thing? No Eul’s character (or portrayal, not sure which) is so unconvincing and unrealistic, IMO.... hoping for a plot development that moves past the nagging exes and the OTP still not knowing each other’s identity soon...
  10. If we’re talking about the same thing (pic of newly rugged Binnie and v@$t request to take it down), one of the posters on Instagram tweeted that they got dm-ed by v@st to take it down... (I’ve put the screenshots in the spoiler tag) so it wasn’t that the post got reported to Instagram or reported by anti-shippers itself. How did they find out? Seems like they’re lurking on SNS
  11. Wow! K-netz are amazing if this is true!! I’d definitely be happy for all the crew and actors who worked so hard for this drama so that they’ll know their drama is so well-loved and rating shouldn’t be everything! Also chingus, can I ask you all about your experience with dramas’ blu-rays? I want to support this drama and obviously would love to watch more goodies and candies lol but I hear that they’re not subbed and I don’t know Korean.. are there any of you guys (who are presumably international fans) who bought the blurays from other dramas before if you don’t understand Korean? oooh what does “bbo-bbos” mean? Would be devastated if it means they didn’t actually practice a lot before the actual kissing scene lol!! @Helena just want to thank you for being a wealth of precious information like always!! @thistle thanks for posting that video of KDW oppa singing, at least we got to see him sing now that they cancelled the wrap up party! BTW I was backreading out of boredom (and failure to move on lol) which made me really appreciate all the impressive theories that you guys posted here! I definitely think writernim should take a page or two from the fascinating twists many of you came up with! Lemme know if any of you start writing fanfics please <3
  12. Same here! I also rewatched it again before the finale, although I skipped the annoying parts lol... I’m not quite sure when he first started falling for her tbh! I feel it’s a bit of a gradual thing and there might not been a certain moment. He sure softened a lot towards her after Dr TE told him the truth about her, and I guess that hug on the pavement (and maybe him fainting into her arms?) really sealed the deal for him? BTW there’s this cute video from MBC that showed the “temperature” of JH’s feelings towards HJ (from hot to cold lol).
  13. I totally agree! The stalker arc was definitely dragged although I get it that they were going for more suspense... but it would have definitely been way cooler if they found a way to incorporate more of JH’s “Gentle Tyrant” scenes into the plot instead of prolonging and producing 2 stalkers instead of 1. For instance I was wondering why they never showed JH interviewing Director Ji, especially since he turned out to be the stalker. They could’ve showed JH cornering the heck out of Director Ji which could’ve thickened the conflict/tension between those two. And I was really wondering whether there was a specific reason Director Ji insisted on photographing Director Choi.. I thought that he might have some lowkey stalking tendencies in the past that JH would point out in his interview. But none of that lol.. Writernim missed out on a golden opportunity here if you ask me! ETA: I read the last episode’s recap on this blog which I thought was done beautifully. There were definitely a lot of flaws from this drama particularly the whole 2-year breakup part, but in the end it came down to the magical chemistry between our OTP that kept me glued in front of my screen and gave me all the feels~~ I didn’t expect to like them so much and in the end found myself rooting for them (both JH-HJ and KDW-MKY lol) so badly! And that swoony kiss!!!! I think I’ve broken my replay button from replaying it so many times Also I’m glad that the last episode (Eps 32) seemed to have a pretty good rating... although still not the highest. Despite some of my disappointments with writernim’s decision, this drama was soo underrated and deserved so much more love from the Korean audience... I haven’t seen another drama with main leads that worked so hard to take the extra mile in promoting this drama with Insta lives and a separate insta account!! sighhh...
  14. Ahhhh I just finished watching the finale with subs! I’m with some of you who was upset by the unnecessary separation and the whole “noble break up” arc, and was quite upset in the beginning of this episode that the fans’ theory that they didn’t break up and continued to be together in secret was founded untrue. However after this finale I’ve given it some thought.. I really liked how JH and HJ talked it over after their unexpected reunion; how JH said that he regretted not holding on to her when she broke up with him, and how HJ said she regretted making the mistake of leaving him all alone. I think in the early stages when they made the promise to never say goodbye to each other it was quite new into the relationship and they were all lovey-dovey, without being quite prepared for what lied ahead of them. In real life people make mistakes in relationships too, and if this separation is what they needed to realise how much they meant to each other and reflect on the wrong choices they made, I feel quite at peace and believe that this couple would now be strong and mature enough to strive to be better for each other and weather through hardships together instead of taking the easy way out (i.e. breaking up). Do I still think that two years was too long for them to realise this? Yes, definitely — but I think this drama is big on the whole “destiny” and “fated for each other” thing and it wanted to show us that even after a lengthy time apart where most people would’ve moved on, they still very much loved each other and in the end found their way back to each other because it was their “destiny”. And back to real life, do I still think that the writernim made some bad choices for episode 15??? YES I DO — but then, just like our OTP, I feel like after making a bad decision the writernim tried to make up for it with a good one (aka the happy ending and THE KISSES).. and for me at least that‘s good enough and I can finally move on.... (to shipping KDW and MKY in real life ahahahaha they are the only couple that made me ship them after the CLOY Couple hehe!) ETA: @vangsweetie637 I just saw your post after I posted this (it took me like maybe 20-30 minutes to type loool), so sorry if some of the points i wrote are similar to yours, but I’m glad there’s someone else who has the same opinion as me chingu!
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