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  1. Yes , the dress in 20th BFF (2015) was the same style with 37th Blue Dragon (2016) but different colors. The white dress was sexier than the pink one. HB is the luckiest man and so does SYJ. Ohlala
  2. Yes but can you delete the videos in quote? It's against the rules of Soompi. Okay?
  3. Yeah HB is so handsome, young and cute with this hair style. SYJ 's still beautiful but i want she will get fat a bit. She will look younger and sexier. I don't need they confirm their relationship. An open-sceret relationship like this is more interesting for them and for us. They really know the way made us keep sailing, woohoo, keep sailinggggg Heading towards Baeksang awards.
  4. i know that, but i don't know how to hidden the video in quote. can you show me? tks u so much
  5. wow the video and them really made my heart burst out. 2:07: 3 yo Binnie is so cute
  6. Okay, I know that Jinnie really loves him. Which i want to mention is that through emojis in kakao talk i can feel deep love of HB. YJ showed her love in another way.
  7. Through kakaolive talk, I can feel how much HB loves SYJ, really deep in love with her. love them so much
  8. https://m.weibo.cn/p/index?extparam=一骑绝尘cp&containerid=100808d4e0c377e1329a89400a0058aa0b0f02#&gid=1&pid=1 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4486480615302068#&gid=1&pid=2 Ultrasound pictures of twins. Haha.
  9. haha, not using emojis bcoz not being his girlfriend. Our CEO is so cute Calling him ahjussi of Tiger Mommy is exactly.
  10. It's an interview with The Fact (2018/10/21) She talked abt HB: I sensed it at the time of filming, but when I was scheduled to attend stages all over the country, I realized Hyun Bin is full of charms. He’s usually reserved but very humorous. Not just me, he listened to other people very well. I am grateful for the wonderful actor and the pleasant memories of good work." she 's the only co-actor who said that HB is very humorous . They exactly are "close friends".
  11. - What's your name? - My name is Lee Joon Hoo. My dad is Lee Byung Hun, my mom's Lee Min Jung. - I'm Jung x x, my parents're Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee. - My mom is Son Ye Jin, a friend of Joon Ho's mom and my dad is Hyun Bin. Here is my twin sister.
  12. Argee with you. And angelic face x sexy body belongs to my CEO. He is so lucky.
  13. Hahaha the same to me. My husband: "why you can watch so much like that?" Me: "No, not only film, there're so many FMVs, pictures abt them". My husband: "So crazy you are". Me: Of course, this virus is more dangerous than nCovy
  14. BinJin shippers on Youtube said that: watching FMVs would be good for immune system to fight corona virus bcoz it makes you happy and smile at least 10mins. wow, how wonderful BJ shippers in whole world are.
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