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  1. For me isn't impossible to become friends with guys,., My husband and I,were friends before that we do not know that were in a deep/close feeling,same with binjin the gestures,smile, even though the action can really determine on how you care each other., Also i thank god because he gave me a good/loving husband and were celebrating 2nd anniversary this coming MAY together with our 1yr.old son So its IMPOSSIBLE TO BECAME A FRIEND WITH GUY,.(take note). everything falls into a relationship. Thats my opinion,.im pretty sure HB and YJ is already in relationship but they wanted to keep in private..soo lets stick together into positive vibes.,.time will tell,.. Ps. Hope that HB and YJ has the same story telling with us.hehe, oh my delulu mind., #ingrocerywetrust
  2. For me my fav is here i am again and sunset,i already downloaded it on my phone,.and also i memorize those song (chorus only) i cant take it the other words coz its hard to pronounce since its korean language. I really like this song,.it melts my heart when i remember the scene o f CLOY. Ohh my delulu mind.. #ingrocerywetrust
  3. Hmmmmm,. true,i wonder why HB did not mention about the sizes of the bra in CLOY its because he knows/he had a idea before of the vital stats.of YJ in TN. Oh forgive my delulu mind, its fate. #ingrocerywetrust
  4. Since morning,i did not open this forum coz of taking care of my baby,.i didn't know about thiS DVD? can u cite or give a little details about this..thanks. #ingrocerywetrust
  5. Thanks to mod,.were back again,..binjin shippers so excited to know more about.. Lets get positve, remove negativity.. #ingrocerywetrust
  6. Hi guys,binjin lovers,.i wanna know this,i heard HB has a movie to do which is BARGAINING..but its postponed due to covid-19,. Is YJ is his partner in the said movie??? Thanks..anyone can guess?
  7. any good new pls. about HB and SYJ doin right now,pretty sure they did not travel outside SK because of virus.,any update please., dont mind the negative side, just focus on positive side thanks.. #INgrocerywetrust
  8. Yeah i agreed to that its not risky as long as you have money,what my point is,the health of the mother and the baby.but its up to her.,if god give her a good and happy life ,why not.wish her best shot come what may.. #ingrocerywetrust
  9. yeah i agree with you,thats the first thing that comes to my mind,you can see her eyes full of sadness coz of lines would really come from HB,.i know she wants to build a family,20 yrs in showbiz is enough to fulfill/indulge herself,.i thinks its time to her to prioritize her lovelife (hope its gonna be HB). pregnancy is too risky/complication when you are 38 yrs.old(hope its never gonna happen).its no too late to make a family YJ..pleaase HB marry her..ohh my heart flutter!! cant wait!! fighting.!
  10. Me too im wondering what they're doin right now,.im waiting for YJ update in IG but nothing appeared..sooo lets wait more time.
  11. in my opinion, there was no woman and man is just friends in real life even though they're close friends., from day to day it it will lead into something magic.and i cant wait HB will do the first move to YJ..fighting!! its hilarious! my hearts flutter. #inGROCERYwetrust
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