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  1. I was so sad when this forum was closed earlier. I still cannot handle the withdrawal syndrome from CLOY. I was so lost and desperate for the whole day when I could see any more updates about our beloved RiRicoule. Thanks again the Soompi administrators to reopen this thread for all of us Binjin shippers. We really appreciate your consideration and kind to us.
  2. I totally agree and I also begin to practice my surprised expression when I hear the news about our RiRi couple. Binjin are very great actors and actress, but somehow there's no acting in BTS videos. Even though we could see only a few seconds of their reaction to each other, we can notice the radiant shining in eyes. Eyes don't lie!! I don't care about Vast Ent. or Dream Agency will keep denying the rumors. I believe in destiny just like in CLOY, and I have faith in our fellows #groceryshoppers!!! I will keep waiting to hear about the good news of our RiRi in very near future
  3. Hi all Binjin shippers, I decided to write this post to support you all. I have been a silent reader since the CLOY began. I have checking this forum everyday just to get more new photos, videos and news about our beloved couple. Of course, this forum has never disappointed me. All Binjin shippers here have good eyes and ears and good at analyzing things. After all this time of reading news and observing the action and behavior of our Binjin (especially HB--very obvious), I came to the conclusion that HB and YJ are dating. If they were just friends, I don't think any boy-boyfriend will look at any girl-girlfriend with such a sweet eyes like that. I am now in 40s, I believe I can read people's mind. I've seen many guys react to their girl friends even though the guys who are very sweet, they don't take care of the girls like how HB does to YJ. HB's actions are beyond just friend. I don't really care so much about their agencies denied the rumors. This is entertainment business, they protect their own artists. We will just have to wait a little bit. I don't think Binjin will announce about they are dating, I believe they will announce their relationship when they are engaged or getting married
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