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  1. Yes, she seems excited but too bad she stands too close with the bride. Hehe See these comments : Cauliflower grains 38m Oop, did you see that? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and marry your sister. ssg1402 4m Supermarket scandals have already happened. The girlfriends must have met the prospective brother-in-law, so she actively asked her to grab it. Early summer 0301 39m She is going to grab it. But it ’s too close to the bride.
  2. We are here in this Forum because of our BinJin..coz we happily believe in them by heart . Though we have different opinions. Bt if you have doubts feel free to shop at other stores. While let us enjoy here on what we felt and see for the two (BTS, IVs, interactions, etc.) until we've reached the counter. #InGroceryWeTrust
  3. One of the best MV that I've watched! I wish it is a little longer. Haist, my heart flutters I really hope and pray that they are destined for each other where everything before them was meant to happen. The choices and actions they're going to make are in there full control in response to what fate offers them. ..(please don't miss it Binjin)..so again let's wait and pray for them desperately. Happy weekend fellow shoppers!Fighting.
  4. @azl91 My delulu mind immediately remembered SYJ's IG post in LA last year right after I read the (fun) meaning behind the said emoji - two pink hearts Thanks for sharing this fellow shopper. It may not be accurate and she may not know this, but it's quite interesting LOL #InTwoStaticPinkHeartsWeAlsoBelieve! https://ibb.co/DWpBHCz
  5. What do you call this kind of Vibe? They are not too busy to know what each other did in preparation for the series! hmmm..LOL
  6. @pnaysurfer84 I hope so...As we can hear the wedding bells far from here.Ooppss.forgive my delulu heart....let's just give them time to enjoy for now hihihi.
  7. Is this a sign? The universe is a beautiful mysterious place that only gets more wonderful when you share it with someone else. Yasss, they're just perfect! More reason to keep pushing the grocery cart, BinJin shoppers!
  8. Same here. I tried to watch SITR but skipped eps 1-15 hehehe .I cannot watched SYJ kissing some other guy <peace>
  9. @SoundOfSilence Indeed, hihihi. It's fate! that brought them together. Oh yeah, there's power shortage at that time of their interview ..poor HB
  10. Way to go BinJin in God's perfect time we trust . Rest assured that we shoppers will fervently pray for your Happiness and safety always. https://twitter.com/GwapzYow/status/1232251426174193664?s=19
  11. Hi! Here I found a front view video of the two during the wrapped up party.
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