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  1. The dvd and photobook published through his official site, so his company produced it. His DVDs are not internet in full version I have them but I don’t have a link for downloading it. His military service has the most attention among all artist and that’s not just for marine it had the most attention due to his popularity. even when he was in military every week news reported about him with a new video He is the KING (and now found his real QUEEN)
  2. No the post didn’t say they came to shop or they designed the ring. That’s not true. They just offer some rings to cloy team and binjin choose this one and the rest of cast(couples) put other ones (as that shop said). The shop didn’t say that fan fictions And I don’t see any special thing in this. Many stars do this, choose their accessories themselves. plus I don’t have a link cause I checked it in my regular naver trip I DMed you how can find that post.
  3. The shops official page in naver post, said HB and YJ together choose this couple ring. They showed them some rings and they choose this one. Drama’s other couples rings also are from this shop and they said in a post that other actors didn’t do this and they just put the rings which the staff give them. that post is in korean so i don’t know any of you can read that or not but it’s on shops naver post.
  4. When he was in marine published a dvd and photo book about himself during marine “I’m marine” and also kbs and ktn made a documentary about him.
  5. It’s Binnie’s annual photo for the space (his fanclub) and this shooting could have been done much earlier. ** Friends please don’t compare HB’s acting and YJ’s. Both of them are very talented actors and both have made many effort to portrait their characters. Here is a place for couple shipping not an actor fan forum so please be respectful, we’re tired of many comparison so please let’s end this topic cause we(binnie fans) get upset when we see others don’t respect our actor, of course I also like YJ but come on, let’s love both of them and don’t compare them. sorry if i bother any of you. ** In piano case I would say that HB played piano since he was a little child, He said her mother sent him to swim, piano and calligraphy classes so he can do all of them. He was child master in piano but as growing old he forgot most of them
  6. Hi lovely shippers I was watching some fmvs today and some things came to my mind, in TN first press SYJ described bin as enemy in movie and her beloved co-actor outside the movie (why beloved why not sth else, she could choose many words but she said my beloved) and then in sbs IV, at first she said she don’t know his birth month but after some mins she said he went to marines, if you don’t know anything about him to the extent that you even didn’t watch the nation drama MNIKSS that almost all the koreans watched it so why you know and remember he was a marine 7 years ago and another thing that i noticed is in naver movie talk of TN, about 6:30-6:37 they laughed after directors koala joke, if you look at YJ at first she was about doing her habit (hitting poor binnie) but she controlled herself and just laugh it loud. i have to admire her for her behavior she’s so secret but her binnie is just LOL one other thing was also during TN first press, during their eye contact if you watch it with all the available angles you can see clearly that as the time binnie turned his head YJ rolled her eyes upward, she couldn’t do it too another one, in cloy press and during photo time, i just have a question for YJ, why you hold his arm so tight and every time he goes away from you you drag him closer to yourself??!! ahh and for the bdg issue, i just wanted to share you guys his not a regular bdg his binnie’s bdg for almost 3 years and as i know he works only for our CEO not anyone else binnie has 2 up to 4 bdg but in the last 3 years the only one that didn’t change is this bdg.
  7. And for binnie also, he said that he can’t be friend with girls and almost all his friends are men. We can see this from his behavior with his female leads but they’re just close friends...
  8. friends we don’t want another fight. many of shippers in this forum are YJ fans but that’s not the matter. we ship a very BEAUTIFUL COUPLE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE so please don’t argue about these things. we don’t know them in person so let’s talk about how beautiful they are as a couple. Please respect both of them. Hyun Bin is a wonderful man and YJ is a very beautiful woman (both inside and outside), so cheer up friends. LOVE and PEACE
  9. I hope the next news from both of them is the lovely news that all of us waiting for really i can’t wait anymore i just want that news
  10. none of binnie and jinnie?? binnie won so much popularity awards but in baeksang he won just one time in movie night. I don’t know about jin
  11. I think PSJ will win the popularity but not Daesang. In Baeksang awards daesang is for huge actors and psj is not an a-lister so maybe he win best actor but i think the daesang is for HB. and best actress is YJ. in awards no one can compete her so she will win If HB win the best actor, the daesang will not be a actor or actress maybe an old sunbae like last year or drama writer like goblin time. But my prediction is PSJ for popularity, HB daesang, Doktor2 lead best actor, YJ best actoress, Cloy best drama. (Hope comes true) IC was a good drama but the popularity of cloy in korea is sooooo much and also in world. I think PSJ is a good actor and IC is good to but is baeksang everything is deferent. I hope my prediction will be right don’t forget the koreans love for IC isn’t that much. at first i thought they can break cloy record cause IC ratings was so good every week they were improving but after a few week they didn’t and no one talk about them in naver. remember on cloy days naver top news was cloy even on no cloy days they was on top but even final ep of IC couldn’t top the list so just don’t worry. CLoy and BinJin are the best
  12. it’s not arabic it’s persian and it’s about 14 march w.v.day in korea admin think it’s a gift from binnie just like many of us
  13. Hi shippers I found a good FMV it’s so good and funny https://youtu.be/YY0QVeFmQ28
  14. there is no harsh comment. they all praise him for his kindness and call him angel and that Shincheonji rumor is nothing special, Knetz also think it’s a baseless rumor.
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