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  1. Hi team I came across an article stating that son ye jin new estate is in twined with HB’S father he is a contractor there, that's why it's stated she's signed the deal as a single buyer . I think the person who wrote it recieve a DM from vast to remove the article. Surely she's married into that family. Now it's passed the engagement phase we are in the family phase. Ask yourself why the balance was paid in full after HB return from Jordan. It's a family issue now. I was disturb by a call and i missed that article by Sohu. If anyone can find it pls post it on soompi. It was on Twitter if I'm
  2. They are bitter, if you are happy you don't hate. They can't handle the fact that he loves her and he is by her side right now. I'm quite awer of few here who critic shippers. Rest assured that HB and SYJ are an item. Let them bid themselves across the wall. He is surely hers and she is busy preparing her birthday present with his family as they celebrate the end of quarantine.
  3. I think to them this is a long term investment so they don't want to spoil what they have established . They are protecting their commitment to each other. They know that if they allow the public inside they will loose each other. I am proud of them for acting out well that part. Let's not forget on the last episode of cloy he said( you came into my life as a gift to SYJ ) . I bet you that line he added it and he meant it. If you go through most episodes of cloy and bts, even if it was just acting they were really close to each other and very respectful of each, the kind of husband wife intera
  4. I really enjoyed every moment of their interaction. Really I dnt understand those people who indulge themselves with negative vibes about them. Honestly at this point bringing up the argument of them not being in a relationship, trying to stamp negative thoughts about them not being together it's a boring argument of imature school kids who are not matured in things about love and relationships. This ship just needs you to add the dots together it's so obvious about them. I have a colleague in seoul they have made peace about them. Every one knows about them. U just dnt go grocery shopping in
  5. Ppl just want to diminish the excitement fans have for both of them now, that he is on his way home to be loved and cherished and not forgetting the winning celebration of her. Now it's no more hyun bin dating rumor now the scandal is shifting to son ye jin. There are sick ppl outside honestly. I'm glad they are keeping their romance private. This is an attempt to make them reveal publicly that yes we are together. I like hyunbin he is really a husband material, he step up for every nonsense in a professional way. Fighting CEO of Vast. She's yours we know fighting.
  6. I'm positive that Hyun bin he is going crazy now celebrating the wife achievement because it means a lot for their household now as a couple. Him not been nominated is not a big deal but for the wife and the cloy it's a big impact. He can't wait to be home to hug and kiss her.She means a lot to him. Now I understand why he went shopping for the dress.
  7. HI team I'm so hurt but I can still handle this. I still feel like there's a group of people who team up in different spheres, either netz, stars and media who are not binjin shippers who are against any progressive move in their relationship either professionally and socially . When the shipping is sailing hot they always drop SHK into the picture just to shake us and hurt our couple and discourage the newbies. Now I understand what HB ment on couch talk when Yejin asked him about the picture and he said he liked it out of negative atmosphere. Let us ship them until they announce
  8. Go to IG under hyunbin_international account, it's posted on the 9th April he is wearing a green jacket
  9. Hi team I'm a silence shipper but I couldn't hold my butterflies when I watched them exchanging the emoji's during their kakaotalk,, ommma they are really in love these two. I saw HB posted on the IG wearing a ring lately but on the right finger, I'm suspicious of a silent communion between them, he seems like he's using a motorcycle lately.
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