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  1. Team hallo, just refrain from putting so much trust in horoscope, i have seen so many people happily married for years with the prediction of the horoscope that they are incompatible. I will give you a close example i won't mention names but I will coat hyun bin,,, he dated a lady recently with a compatible horoscope but they broke up. So lets share those nice moments of them and put less time on predictions. Love has no theories or boundaries. I cherish each input about them noted during their interactions or past encounter. You guys are good in that i respect you.
  2. Happy with your input, it makes sense when you read the message of Ye ji. It's sound like an anniversary gift. Let's stay together longer. You remember when she said you need to stay longer if you want to see grey hair.
  3. Let's not forget the last kiss scene on the green poster yi jin kissing him on his cheek was because hyun bin was sick that's why many people were commenting that he looked cold on her which i totally disagree, he was protective of her. Be positive they are doing well.
  4. Hi team I don't want to offend anyone but in a relationship there's a honeymoon phase and after that it's the couple leaving their real life. You can't judge hyun bin by behind scenes. Their relationship has taken another level, they are comfortable with each that's why we see a lot of teasing. I'm a binjin shipper i love them both.
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