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  1. Hello Son Ye Jin Fans, Please vote for our Unnie Yejin and give Heart react. Comments and share will also give additional points. Thank You.
  2. I saw this on twitter. anyone who can translate the article? is this recent? thank you here's the tweet caption translation: "Son Ye-jin's next work, John Buddhan's Ye Jin-Is, what are these? I'll just wait"
  3. New video and movie review by The Movie Beat . "White Night" (2009) starring Han Suk-kyu, Son Ye-jin & Go Soo! Join the discussion by sharing your thoughts on the film in the comments~ Stay safe all! https://youtu.be/BR_R21Kp1cs
  4. Hi, thank you for your warm appreciation and admiration to Yejin. I first saw her in the movie The Classic in 2004 and that movie made me watch other several korean movies that time. I am not really into kmovies and kdramas though. Thanks to netflix, I'm back to kdramaland. The first episode of CLOY, I was drawn at Se-Ri's character right away and that was because of SYJ's perfect portrayal. Her acting in CLOY led me to watch her other films and became a fan. The more I know what she is outside the silver and small screen, the more I love her. She is the person who has a deep passion as an actress and would want to be known as an actress than someone who is with pretty face. She is now a firmed established actress with so many acting awards on her plate from all prestigious award giving bodies. I can dm you the link for The Tower. I for one also would like to see her play with powerful roles, or any role that could be submitted to Cannes Film Festival. Korean film critics, PD's and producers know SYJ's acting capabilities so I hope she gets script that would showcase her acting range.
  5. On top of my mind is the scene at the end of Episode 8, when Se-Ri was kidnapped said I love you and then there was a bang!. Hyun Bin as Capt. Ri delivered so many emotions on that single scene.
  6. There's no way out in this ship! Kstar live is also onboard. https://www.kstarlive.com/share/DyS8amvVVs2H2EXk Re kissing scenes: I am one of those who love their kissing scenes, the way they execute it with so much emotions that I ended up wanting more.
  7. I am also eyeing at buying Ma:nyo products at Amazon. Even the sunglasses she wore on her comeback scene, I'm dying to buy those.
  8. Did I see it right? Ye jin was seen twice in that clip? I don't know which movie is in 1:50, while for 4:03 is The Classic. Looking at the video looks like the song is so touching because some of them are teary-eyed. Maybe HB was so proud that her close friend is featured among all artists.
  9. I tried to google what are the criterias for Baeksang nomination but didn't found any. Basing from the Baeksang website , TV programs broadcasted from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 can be nominated. For sure, there's a stiff competition this year: Crash Landing On You, When the Camelia Blooms, Arthdral Chronicles, Itaewon Class, Hotel Del Luna, Dr. Romatic 2, Chocolate, Stove League.. these are just some dramas to name a few. I haven't seen any of those dramas except only for CLOY. With much hope and positivity, I believe CLOY will be recognized by winning awards this year. Fighting!
  10. @ChunSungIm Her acting in that movie The Negotiation was so powerful, and even Hyun Bin too.. it was a great movie. It was shown in late 2018, I wonder if any award giving bodies has recognized the movie and made any nominations.
  11. Critic Review by Darcy Paquet for SYJ in her role in Be With You from https://koreanfilm.org/kfilm18.html#bewithyou Son Ye-jin is an absolute pro, and it's no criticism of the other actors to say that Soo-ah (Yejin's role) outshines everyone else in the film. Despite being curiously passive for much of the running time (for reasons that become clear in the surprising reveals that emerge in the second half), Son carries the role with her presence, never expressing more than she needs to. The other actors tune their performances to hers, making the scenes with her feel natural and genuine.
  12. HB wanted to try acting with her in the same space, making eye contact, and breathing the same air. But even when they're not acting anymore, HB still want to make eye contact as can be seen in their CloY interviews. The way he stares at SYJ says it all. With regards to manner-hands, yep he does the "patting" but cant' help it because HB ends it with a squeeze, his strategy I guess.
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