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Alice Wonderland

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  1. It was pushed back to September i think. I saw the teasers and it looks good. But I worried for the writer of the drama. Hope it'll be good. I tried Boyfriend but it was boring. Lol. So I need to wash away those memory from my head. 88
  2. 100 And those who loves coffee should watch YJG being a devoted barista in HOW. I also want to drink that coffee!
  3. I'm watching house on wheel and they cook ramyun with clams. It looks tasty! I'm craving for it now. @MY15 I see. I'll see it later. If its good then I'll watch it ongoing. Haha -2
  4. 116 Ah... I was tagged into the thread. And saw it quite intense. Lol
  5. Anyone has watched FOE? How was it? I'm going to watch it later. 122
  6. Their names are so creative! Hahaha. That milo tower, it looks like a rocket. 156
  7. 178 Yes palli some adds are coming back.
  8. 202 Aahh.. oooh.. ee yeahhh... oooh ....
  9. -2 I feel guilty for playing without any adds counterpart. But it's fun that we can win easily this time. Lol
  10. Mi..mi..mi.. nusss..nusss... twoooo....!!!
  11. Don't alert anyone. Just us here subtracting like water flows. 238
  12. Come on make it down faster! 244
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