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  1. I agree. I don't want to go overboard. There are more than enough public things to fangirl over, no need to put pressure on them. Plus, we already know they were together during that time so no need to dig further. the face in the building can only be hb if that photo was taken of downtown LA. If she was in bangkok maybe it's the face of her manager or photographer. He kind of has the same haircut as binnie, so much so that in YJ's insta I thought it was hb but it was the photographer.
  2. that red circle is not where the silhouette is. I'm talking about an actual smiling face. but I don't want to be v@sted so I'll just say look at the building on the left, his face is in there.
  3. i took a photo with my phone from the laptop then zoomed in. that's the only way to see it hehe
  4. kkkyyaaaakkk so i took a photo of that pic and I see a face in that black bar next to YJ's head and it really does look like HB face, he's smiling and has MOTA hair. I think we're all going crazy hahahahahah we're all crazy in love with BinJin Love LMK if I should delete this: don't want another issue
  5. in the grocery pic, can you see black hair above the wine bottles? maybe the marine friend is with them? I've always liked how HB is leaning in towards YJ in that pic
  6. This ship is already sailing. Opinions are like ah everyone has one, right? our opinions don't really matter to binjin and knetz too. It's their (love) life after all. They also have thriving careers. What matters most to binjin is faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love, which they have for sure. I pray for smooth sailing and even smoother sailing through storms.
  7. you know this interaction between them is further "proof" that they're together. It's a couple-ey fight/disagreement. HB: I couldn't forget when YJ disappeared and we were all worried. YJ: now that he mentioned this, I thought he was going to keep holding my hand but he let go of my hand. (I think that's when his above expression is captured lol) YJ: I was running with heavy paragliding equipment and I fell out of sight. you didn't even see me fall right? HB: no, I was just looking ahead and running. If I held onto your hand, you would've been hurt more. YJ: no, I would've fallen less. HB: I don't think so... YJ: smiles at him but you can tell she didn't want him to let go of her hand. hehehe For me I don't really need proof that they're a couple, there is just too much "evidence", not only outer things like grocery etc but their interactions and intimacy. What's important is how they nurture and grow their relationship. From the exchange above we can tell: HB is stubborn and so is YJ. Hands are a running theme in their love story. Holding hands, letting go, grabbing them again. I wonder if they had an exchange after their interview: HB: I'm sorry I let go of your hand when we were running. I was so scared when you fell and disappeared YJ: I forgive you. I love you. Never let go of my hand. (I hope so)
  8. ummm the blind rumor with yuri is ridiculous which is why she never had to address this. her gay rumours are from wishful thinking from people who want her to be gay. the 2015 interview, she is an actress and she would like to portray all characters even if she doesn't have an official public romantic partner doesn't mean she never dated, she has dated and broken up with men. Not fishy at all.
  9. honestly I'm shocked that press con questions were filtered, I never heard of journalists being censored like that. Thanks for the Taiwanese journalist video, I love the "many pink bubbles from BinJin" hehehe. In every news videos I see from BinJin couple rumours you can see the reporters are not so secretly rooting for our OTP. They all have these knowing sly smiles kekeke. wise words from HB: the present is happy and the future will be happier.
  10. I just wanna know if that is Yejin taking a pic of their kiss? so cute!!
  11. Son Ye Jin despite being a top star in films, is not exactly a bankable drama star. Except for Pretty Noona which saw moderate success in ratings (though critically acclaimed), her past dramas just did not rate well. In Korea she is known as a competent and acclaimed film actress rather than a power commercial star. Her CFs and brand endorsements are a clear indication of this. I seriously doubt she would have been the first choice for Park Ji Eun if not for Hyun Bins recommendation I don't think there is a difference in film stars/drama stars in korea, if you're a star you're a star especially the highest tier stars like SYJ. Her dramas do well after their initial run. Yoona's drama with Jang geun seuk didn't do great in korea but sold internationally really well. Yejin was paid the highest rate per episode for SITR for an actress and even actors like Park Seo Joon so I do disagree she's not a bankable drama star. HB after army had some not huge successes but he had two massive hits in 2017 with Confidential Assignment and Swindlers, over 11 million admissions. Even if their individual projects are not blockbuster hits, HB and SYJ are at the level where even if their projects are not considered huge commercial hits/critical darlings they're highly sought after. CLOY is lucky to have two top tier stars plus everyone else cast did a great job and the writing was "chef's kiss".
  12. so sad with coronavirus. re: syj holding back in the kissing scene, it's more her character. she gave us a great kiss in the finale so I'm good.I also loved RJH's eyes in that hospital kiss scene, that was so hot. I do wish we had a proper love scene though.
  13. regarding the main CLOY press conference, those questions were not asked in advance, only the netflix/ individual foreign press questions were filtered by their agencies.
  14. aaahhhh, everyone who's curious, I am deeply sorry. I thought I saw something but it was innocent. That is what happens when you zoom and slow things down, things get distorted and things are misleading. will edit my post.
  15. I fee like the translated articles are misleading. When I read the korean article before it was more of KJH complimenting HB and SYJ's chemistry while acting saying how HB had a cold but then once the cameras rolled he was a total pro but the article made it seem like clickbait about the rumours. I'm happy for KJH and think he's a great leading man too. I'm glad he was able to overcome his health issues.
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