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  1. I hope she never gets plastic surgery and ages like Audrey Hepburn did, just naturally and beautifully by caring for others, working on matters of the heart and not only outer appearances. I was worried when she said she was considering plastic surgery because her brother in law is a surgeon but please please please Son Ye Jin don't mess up your face, that would be tragic. Son Brother in Law, you hear me? do not touch her hehe. Of course she's aging, but there's nothing wrong with that. She'll still be beautiful at 70. If she's too old for HB, doesn't that make him too old for her
  2. it's super romantic is what it is..."one day in June" "June, one day" time will tell but the anticipation is super high right now kekeke
  3. But did you see the way his back muscles popped in that one shot? It's true what they say, the clothes do not maketh the man keke. The only thing I didn't like was his shirt was ruffled on stage but that in the end was still sexy for me...it made me think of what someone (ahem keke) would do in that situation. To smooth thy shirt into the pants or pull thy shirt outta the pants? That is the question haha I"m loving humble Binnie and Jinnie who were utter perfection baeksang night....it's what dreams are made of.
  4. I didn't backread everything yet but HB being "aloof" and "cold" towards Yejin is ridiculous. People really see what they want to see eh? or rather, prejudiced people who wants to see things their way and try to be all "no, this is for your own good, destroy all that is good and make it bad " UGH!!! Can we just throw these people overboard? I'm not even mad, this is just annoying that they feel the need to invade this forum. Wish I had a gnat swatter, it is the littlest bugs that are the most irritating. OK, on to what is exhilarating in the TIkTok BTS Thank You Candieeeees:
  5. Binnie and Yejin know what the fans want and gave it to us. The moment we've been waiting months for to see. Their thanks to us. Thank you Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin!! Ok, even HB's bow tie is leaning in towards Yejin lol
  6. I think CLOY could still get a nom for Seoul Awards and Seoul International Drama Awards. I'm actually happy for Kang Haneul, he was so cute during his acceptance speech and gave a shout out to Hyun bin as someone he grew up watching. LOL and Kim Hee Ae named all the actresses as people she admired so really the nomination is a honor. I'm sad CLOY and HB and SYJ didn't win their category but they transcend awards at this point. They looked incredible tonight. except for Binnie's crooked tie and ruffled shirt....how I wish Yejin would straighten it or loosen it and tuck his shirt in....our out.
  7. why are people rooting for Smart to get anyone other than Yejin for Smart? If they're gonna hire anyone else please let it be YJ and have her go to the fanmeetings~~as much as I love the other ducklings but no no no to them hahahaha. I really like the dress but I hate the pin. Look how it bunches up when she sits and flattens out her chest area. Either go daring or go home keke. The stylist should have had her use really good double sided tape or a nice bustier underneath. My favorite dress of hers was the Valentino at 15 BIFF. I don't like the reporters who say HB i
  8. ok I want to ignore you and the other troll but please leave this forum. There is nothing wrong in those pics and if there are pictures like this with a staff member after he gets married it would be fine too. Hyun Bin is like the ultimate gentleman so please, the truth is not concealed, (in Jack Nicholson's voice) " YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"
  9. The Negotiation was only for 6 weeks in the summer then both HB and YJ went to shoot Rampant and Be With You the latter part of 2017 They said they met up a lot to discuss the film with the director (where the director said they drank together to get close) so they got to know each other during this time, preproduction of the movie. Then SYJ said in an interview Sept. 2018 that after the shoot they met during SITR, I guess that was April 2018 then they didn't meet again until Nego promo in August 2018. I don't know if they texted each other or what but we definately know that HB watched
  10. I don't think we should confuse what happens in CLOY as being the real life BinJin, CLOY has screenwriters after all. I think HB will drink in social situations as drinking culture is part of the culture in South Korea, it's pretty much mandatory to keep up business/social contacts. I think they drank a little at CLOY wrap up party, I saw a glass of beer at the table. They probably just limited the amount they drank. Plus they were together at the wrap up party, they could've drunk. I think HB is attractive anyways but drunk HB is super cute so I do see where jealousy would come in h
  11. yay to jobless Yejin going to work lol. excited to see her CF! and please please please let us not even bother with the K*****boo article, same old same old. Wow to Binnie being in the lead in the poll and over 200,000 votes!! IU is ahead but I feel like IU should get an award for her OST hahaha I don't have a huge awards thing for Yejin because she has won so much already but I'm so happy to see her neck and neck with IU. I feel bad when I see the other stars with low votes though, I kinda wish we didn't see the votes sometimes until the end.
  12. I"m not comparing them or saying anything bad about them, just translating what the person said.
  13. First thing: I think it's dangerous to put too much belief into these compatibility astrology, it's only an opinion/some basis on the day they were born etc. Last thing: this person hopes they have a lovely love and can get married. There are things in their charts where they are drawn to each other, SYJ is like a tree/wood and HB is like a pruner (her scissor motions). The women that HB was drawn to had things in their chart that SYJ has, but also others. I'm not sure what that element is though. They have a lot of some elements in their chart that are like a magnet, she says too much o
  14. @hb-syj I wish you would remove your post too as it's defamatory against SHK...we do not know any of these people's characters, whether they are "cold" or 'shy" or "warm" and we know nothing about either of these relationships only what we think we know about them. Song Joong Ki loved SHK so much but it didn't work out. I'm sure both SYJ and SHK get people who defame their character without even knowing them so please respect both women and our man in this. BinJIn shippers are already getting a bad rep for no reason as being insecure and saying bad things about SHK, so please don't
  15. yes there were break up news and marriage news at the same time lmao. Koreans don't know anything as us internationals because BinJin has not announced anything. People can gossip but that is all. Sometimes I see people ask what do people in Korea think about BinJin dating and their guess is as good as anyone because no one knows except for BinJin and whatever they shared with their closest friends. re JDG and HB's friendship, whatever HB is, he is a loyal friend and I respect him for not dropping his friendship because of a scandal. Privacy should be respected and this was a crime
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