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  1. I remembered that RJH’s mum said that RJH used to be a sweet boy... but along the way, the bro’s death impacted him a lot and he stopped loving and having fun. YSR came along and helped our Captain to revert back to his old sweetness Interestingly, RJH shows off a very kiddy side when it has to do with YSR... pouting over the capitalistic finger heart, pouting in front of his dad like a kid... jealous over the Social Media post by YSR’s ex... when it comes to YSR, RJH is like a kid... maybe that also explains why his hospital kiss with YSR is so childlike or innocent... But I am quite certain that if F5 didn’t come in at that moment, he would have kissed her again, like in the first NK hospital kiss.
  2. I would expect the boss of a conglomerate and an ex-scammer to do way better than that... How could he trust his sons?? A bit unrealistic... if he could be so scheming in his youth, he should be very sharp and astute... seems gullible now...
  3. His acting was really good. According to Kang Nara (who defected to South Korea and now runs a YouTube channel), Pyo Chi Su’s NK accent is spot on. I guess that means he worked hard to learn it. Hope he gets more drama offers after this!
  4. I didn’t watch Stairway to Heaven and would like to see the scene which parallels Kim Joo Muk wearing the red beanie to get a better understanding. Wonder if anybody can direct me to the YouTube clip...?
  5. RJH is indeed an old school style... hahaha... even the cake he got was deemed “old fashioned” by YSR... lol!
  6. I like the fact that YSR initiated the removal of the armrest in the cinema... haha... and our RHJ offered his hand... He better be dead! Enough of him... time for the happy ending!!
  7. Enjoyed the first half of Episode 13. Lots of tying up of loose ends and parallels to what happened in NK... but I wish to see that wouldn’t be an exact parallel... else it takes away the excitement. I think it is time to have some breakthrough in the NK characters after what they have experienced!
  8. I hope that the shaman’s predictions are all a sham. Meaning Manbok gets injured and was on the verge of not going back, but at the end, he did. And the bloodshed in the village at the end also gets resolved. That’s more entertaining...
  9. In the CLOY Episode 13 preview, YSR says to RJH “I am going to remember you, no matter what happens.” I hope I am just over thinking. But this doesn’t give me a good vibe... Maybe she will be in a car crash soon and this statement will be put to test... like concussion but still remember RJH coz his face is just totally her type?! Anyway, the show’s original genre was supposed to be a romance comedy... Things should be funny even in the hospital *wishfully thinking of another kiss to jolt her memory back*
  10. One more day... can’t wait for episode 13 and 14! Weekends are for CLOY!! But what will happen to us when the series ends?... ottoke?! 4 episodes are not enough to wrap up everything!
  11. In Ep 12, YSR told the doc to not tell anybody... and then the doc goes straight into YSR’s second brother’s car... Betrayer.
  12. 3 more days to the weekend. It’s killing me... I stalk this page daily... this obsession... I wonder if Chairwoman Yoon Seri would admire it too (reference car scene of YSR with Insurance Guy)
  13. @MiahTran JH said that SR saved his life because the watch was bought by SR (and then lost and picked up by Manbok’s son) and it ultimately helped to close the chapter for JH’s brother’s death
  14. Lurking around for some time... reading all the comments during the 2 weeks wait was the only relief I had, not to mention the countless rewatching of Ep 1 to 10.... now finally, ep 11 is here and these are some of my thoughts. 1. The ending to Ep 11 is so similar to that of Ep 1 where RJH “saved” YSR by grabbing her and hiding her behind his gate. Similar posture! Facing each other, with tension and fear of being “caught” by CCG. Nice touch. And on both occasions, it was due to villian CCG... CCG in car for Ep 1, CCG with gun in Ep 11. 2. The beach that RJH reached after he crawled out of the tunnel.... Could it be the same beach that our young YSR was left at when she was a kid???? Highly possible! Ties in with any theory that YSR’s mum could be a NK actually. Looking forward to Ep 12 tonight. Some kisses between our OTP and how they spend their night will be a bonus... you know, like YSR returning the favour and covering RJH with a blanket on her way to the bathroom perhaps...
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