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  1. I felt like maybe my post was a little confusing. I absolutely love to promote both, and I also love to see/read articles about them. It’s just that when I see an article’s title which said “The unanticipated fortune of the rumoured girlfriend of HB” or smth like that, I just dislike it very much. I still read it though because I know it’s about SYJ, so maybe I was also to blame for increasing the views for such articles.
  2. I am not a fan of either HB or SYJ, I am a fan of the couple. But it eekks me real hard when seeing some articles on my local magazines which address SYJ as “the rumored girlfriend of HB”. Yes, she is in a romantic rumour with HB, but she should be known as SYJ and not as someone else’s gf (even if that is HB). That is really undermining her as an individual. Such articles are so cringeworthy! Done with my little ranting. Back to lurking mode. I’d also like to thank everyone for all your lovely and creative and insightful contributions!!!
  3. with the recent turn of events I wouldn’t be surprised if the big bang news comes tomorrow. I would not be surprised doesn’t mean I won’t be dead from hyperventilating though! I am soooo looking forward to that SHASHABAMMM moment!
  4. I wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reasons, and I immediately went to Soompi to check more reactions from SYJ’s liking spree yesterday, and another “SHABAMMMMM, what’s going on!?” moment!!! Ahh, all the excitement and talks and cheers and squeals and gasps created by a video of HB and SYJ simply walking together must have created an invisible telepathic force that woke me up from my sleep! How can I go back to sleep now?
  5. Mannnnn I was off to cook meals for kids for like 2 hours and when I am back its’s like BAMMMM!!! What have I missed!? This ship is so funnn! Gotta back read now!
  6. I think I’m just repeating a lot of people’s points here, but for the “coldness” from HB towards SYJ as some people claimed, I personally think that the “coldness” displayed on camera was very forced, and stiff, and unnatural...What I was thinking when I saw the video clip was “oh they missed their smiles at each other”. HB did not see SYJ’s smiles at him, and when he turned around to smile at her, she had already turned away. Maybe at that moment HB thought SYJ was trying to act as if there was nothing going in between them as previously planned and discussed, so he held back his smiles and put on his stiff poker face!? Then the slip of that attitude when he was nervous and couldn’t keep himself in check (e.g. the well known smirk) is what we are all dying for here! I am just wondering why SYJ’s company do not take advantage of the big waves that CLOY has created worldwide at all. Maybe SYJ’s preference plays a big part here? She has kept a very low profile, with zero activities, since CLOY ended.
  7. Who’s calling him names??? That’s so terrible and crazy! Why would people ever do that is really beyond me! ———————— I really missed seeing them together. I had this kind of anticipation building up before Baeksang, the same feeling I had before each new CLOY episode. Now Baeksang is over, I am left with a hole in my heart again - when can I see them together again??? I am glad that they all looked happy and healthy - Hyun Bin seems to have lost a bit of weight since CLOY but he is still as handsome as ever. SYJ was stunning in that dress. I am not gonna lie I was a bit disappointed when I saw the first teaser of her dress - it was plain! But when she was walking on the red carpet in that dress, I immediately thought about that word from “CLOY” - “descended”. Yes, she descended from heaven above in my eyes.
  8. SYJ actually rocks the dress! She wears it better than the model! So pretty!
  9. I have succumbed to the essential after resisting the idea so much...I’ve finally downloaded the tiktok app and voted... Definitely necessary and essential!
  10. I am rewatching CLOY series again for the 4th time. Just finished watching episode 1, 2 and oh my goodness, I miss them so much They are just SO compatible, so beautiful together, looking at them next to each other is such a pleasure to the eyes. I remember seeing a photo from Hyun Bin’s most recent photoshoot BTS, and I swear I saw a ring on his finger. I know it can’t be true but my eyes tricked me so I kept seeing that ring no matter how many times I looked at that photo! I’ve even dreamt about their wedding. I am a delusional fan (of the couple) to the max!
  11. Yeah I do recognise you from the old post @Ambivert so I was kinda surprised when you upset a few people in here. I am curious what are the things that you have observed that made you feel concerned too. Can you DM me please if you are not posting them here? Thanks!!!
  12. It is kinda lucky that they managed to finish filming and wrapping up successfully just before the COVID 19 outbreak in Korea. It is a tragedy and my heart goes out to those who are affected. I hope SYJ’s family who are still in Daegu are ok. She must be worrying sick. I am still rewatching clips and snippets of CLOY these days, and reminiscing on how crazy I was when I was waiting for new episodes every weekend.
  13. I just watched and could not see the difference. Because my eyes were fixated on the first clip I tried to divert my eyes to the second clip several times but could not hold there for more than 5 seconds. I got a glimpse of the third clip for about 10 seconds in total. That’s how much I’m attracted to BinJin.
  14. I have to confess that I really like how SYJ kind of pulled her hand away from JHI’s grasp. I am so sorry JHI, I did like you in SITR.
  15. Son Ye Jin is super beautiful. Hyun Bin is so handsome. They are great actors and they had great success with other dramas or movies before CLOY. BUT I find them more attractive as a couple. And I am not attracted to them individually. How weird!? I love CLOY more than anything that they starred in before, even when their acting might not be the best they have had. Their appearances NOW just suit each other so much that I cannot imagine anyone else be their partner in reel or real life. When one or two people tell you a story, it might not be true. But when thousands of people are telling the same story that BinJin is real, it’s gotta be true. Right?
  16. So last day of filming did involve some shoots at YSR’s house in Seoul. ThT must be their domestic life with the twins! Shame we never get to watch them
  17. I love episode 16 very much I’ve memorised all the dialogues in that episode now. Last time I rewatched it I even turned off the subtitles so that not to be distracted by the subs and I could focus on their acting and emotions and all. I just love it so much. This has inspired me to learn Korean now, maybe I should start looking for Korean classes.
  18. My literature teacher once said: Life needs controversies. Controversies create stories. Because without stories, life will not be memorable. So yes, our ship needs a rocky ride every now and then. It creates memories. Imagine when all the storms pass, we can look back and say to each other “Do you remember that time when they denied? I did not believe it for one second!” The storms will make our shipping journey more memorable and meaningful. And the result is not the only important thing, what’s also important and will be remembered the most by us is the journey we take to get there. So hold tight, comrades! It will be a long and rocky ride! As for SYJ and HB going AWOL, I hope they are spending some relaxing time with family and friends (and hopefully each other too!) to unwind and recover as I am sure it must have been very exhausted for them physically and emotionally through out the last several months of filming. As they were EXTREMELY invested in portraying the characters, I think that will take them a very long time to detach themselves from living as YSR and RJH, and come back to be SYJ and HB. Since they are both professional actors, I am sure they want to be in the best state mentally and physically for their next projects (which is very soon for HB). So maybe not investing too much more time and emotion into CLOY now is required for them at the moment (Having said that, I think there will still be some - though not a lot - interviews coming out soon, but maybe not this week when everything is still so hyped up)
  19. Day 3 and post drama trauma is still too overwhelming. I’ve decided to binge watch CLOY again to cope
  20. Funny enough, I actually started going to pilates classes 2 months ago. I can work something to reduce the size of my tummy, but my face is double the size of SYJ’s. And because I will not resort to cosmetic surgery to make my jaw smaller, I’m resting my hopes in my next life...So please wait for me my close male friend ah~~~
  21. God, please tell me what good deeds do I need to do in this lifetime so that in my next life, I can be as successful and beautiful as Son Ye Jin and have a close male friend like Hyun Bin - the one that is super handsome, super attentive, super caring, who would look at me with wistful eyes and seductive smiles!!! I will not hesitate for a second to give it my all to make him mine *delululululu*
  22. Does anyone happen to have the link to Vast’s statement please? I am just curious about what they said exactly. Denying holding hands under the table MIGHT not be the same as denying dating... Gosh, how to move on with my life from here? I am too invested in them, I don’t think 6mths condolence period would be enough.
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