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  1. Nope, those are HIS ideas, not SM's and SM does not deserve any credit for them. They're related to his religious identity so they're not to be taken lightly. Taemin makes and even helps edit his own MVs, he handpicks the directors, and SM has very little involvement in it. Some of those theories are offensive to shawols and Taemin because I've seen people suggest that his personal tattoos - which he already confirmed to be very personal to him - are linked to the SMCU because of butterflies flying around the flower :s Anyways, Taemin not being part of the SMCU is more or less offi
  2. It's finally here! I'm actually feeling okay after seeing him with his haircut ?? He still looks handsome lol... I really like how it turned out As for the SMCU thing, Taemin is basically the same as Nick Fury of SM, if we're going by Marvel references... He is the one who gathered SuperM and summoned Aespa, hence why people consider him the 'main character', but his solo works and SHINee's works are not included in the SM cinematic universe, only his SuperM work, so he's a big part of it but also not part of it at all...
  3. You know Key once fainted while shooting Weekly Idol because they made him do a speed dance challege while he was dealing with illness and we didn't find out for a couple of years when he casually brought it up while guesting on his own :)) SM is known for their murderous schedules and unfortunately they really pushed Taemin's limit this time... that kid used to practice dance until he'd get nose bleeds, so someone else needs to control him or else Taemin won't slow down either... Anyway, there's a reason why most shawols agree that army will be a vacation for him... A
  4. Not at all! Korean and Japanese shawols have asked people not to spread this rumor, because it has nothing to do with it. The fan meeting was cancelled because Taemin's health crashed and it took them four days to be able to report that he's okay. He hasn't been eating or sleeping properly for weeks on top of hectic schedule so this isn't much of a surprise, but the clarification email highlights the management's fault and their "immaturity" for not taking better consideration for his mental and physical health. Tbh I've read multiple translations of the email and my guess is that he collapsed
  5. @forevernampyeon_ Thank you for this... I said I was going to stay away from this forum thread until Taemin returns from the army because I wanted to focus on sending him off properly this month without having to burden - or be burdened by - anyone here, since it's already hard for me to see him go as it is... but I also couldn't help but notice that there are a few misconceptions in the thread now that probably need to be addressed in case they confuse fans. I will address some of those things at the bottom. Anyway, Taemin is going through a visibly hard time right now, and many b
  6. Hello. This is a very difficult post for me and I suspect it might get deleted by the admin soon if not relevant enough but I wanted to come say goodbye for now... I am taking a break from this forum thread until Taemin comes back from the military, unless something significant happens that either proves or disproves Taeun (like their dating or marriage news). I feel like if Taemin was truly testing the waters before, then shawols discouraged him from coming out with any kind of relationship news for another few years, so I don't expect to read about any believable hints about them
  7. Wait, Changwon City as in Gyeongsangnam-do? There is no way Taemin would pass by it then, it's closer to Busan than Seoul and Taemin rarely travels that far down Korea
  8. I gotta say... Taemin's hair right now is nothing like his View era (sadly) and I think Naeun was hinting towards Apink's cb since Namjoo also posted some throwback pics... @Geminigurl This isn't the first time Naeun was featured on SM coex billboard this year, right?
  9. @Flowerna SHINee are releasing a Japanese album in June so Taemin can't enlist then.... maybe July or August.
  10. I don't know how to explain that this is relevant to the Taeun OTP but this is really relevant to Naeun in particular
  11. ...AND therefore if you see NAEUN ever stepping out of a car that may or may not belong to TAEMIN that might be evidence of them DATING so file that knowledge for future reference #TAEUN
  12. That's the company car ^^ Wait I'll go find out what car he has and edit this comment because he did reveal it recently... Edit: Ok so he said he likes Cadillac but that's the car he "takes to schedules" (so I'm guessing his company car that SuperM described on their Knowing Bros appearance). He used to have a white BMW but that was back in like 2016. Oh but according to this Korean post [https://theqoo.net/square/1414825084], Taemin's car could actually be the 2020 Mercedes S-Class AMG so I might have been wrong. I just can't tell if he was sitting in the passeng
  13. It was never officially revealed but since Key is now a cast member on I Live Alone, the general public recognized the neighborhood from his balcony view, etc, and Taemin's little slip up on V Live only further confirms it ^^ I can't speak for others, but personally, it's not like I'm actively waiting around for them or anything - it's just that it's very obvious to me that they are dating from all the hints we've gotten and the fact that neither one of them have dating rumors with other people - and I'm content with that belief alone. I just happen to be a shawol who also really c
  14. what made it even funnier is that Key patted Taemin's head and called him his baby just a few minutes before that in the joint SHINee instalive lol but as soon as Taemin actually made a fist against Key's face, I legit checked whether his thumb was inside or outside his fist - I didn't trust him to even get that part right
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