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  1. I think people forget that she is much younger than him with less than half of his career experience so I'm pretty sure he'd just view her as his junior. She was born in 1999 so it hasn't been that long since she became a legal adult in SK they're actually a whole cultural generation apart too since Taemin is still a millennial while she is Generation Z! If you watched SuperM and thought that Taemin acts really differently with Ten, Taeyong, etc, compared to his hyungs then now realize that those juniors of his are only like 2-3 years younger than him yet he already treats them li
  2. Personally, I think they are! It hasn't been that long since we got big hints but ofc the public focus has now shifted on to Taemin's solo career + SHINee reunion so he is much more careful in hiding his private life.
  3. You mean the potted flowers on either side of them? Nope they're not pansies lol Pansies are much bigger than that and they grow close to the ground with short stems and characteristic black markings in the middle of the flower petal. They used to be my favorite flower when I was a child since they grow everywhere in my home country but now I prefer red roses. Anyway, the flowers in the WGM video look more like violas to me but I'm also not an expert. I thiiiink pansies are closely related to violas so they look kinda similar but they do differ by size, markings and blo
  4. Lol this isn't why I pointed it out... Maison Margiela is equally loved by Naeun. Some Taeun hints also came from this brand.
  5. Park Sodam, who is Naeun's close friend, has also cOiNcIDeNtaLLy named SHINee's Minho as her close friend... they all appeared in dramas together and hang out yet people still don't think Taemin and Naeun are boinking in the music shows' cloakrooms
  6. Not me trying to memorize what the lisianthus flowers look like to see if I can find any Naeun pics with them... problem is that they come in many different colours and look very similar to roses esp when fully bloomed... they could be the pink or white ones in the glass vases on the side but idk enough about flowers to say that for certain
  7. His comeback V Live for Act 2, entitled "TAEMIN's Act 2 Lecture: 'IDEA' Theory". You'll find it on SHINee's V Live channel, either the app or the web version. I don't remember because he did two V Lives, an Instagram Live and a Bubble upload all in the same day, but it's one of the first three the V Lives are already subbed in English on the SHINee's channel, while the instalive has been subbed on YouTube by iheartshinee (mind you, she is anti-WGM, but shawols have a depressing shortage of active translators and subbers so I'm forced to give them a pass). I'm still prett
  8. Ok I edited my comment above with Taemin's exact thoughts on the song (spoiler: it's a fan song) buuut let me rewind back to "Be Your Enemy feat. Wendy" because I briefly heard Taemin say something interesting on love. Edit: For context, he talks about the love he feels for fans especially when they comfort him with their letters during hard times, but he mentions that whenever he says he feels love: "I'm not saying it half-heartedly. People use the word 'love' too commonly and you may not be able to feel it. I want to say a word better than love, but I thin
  9. As far as I know, it's another one of his fan songs written by himself. He talked about it a couple of times including V Live... actually SM has now added proper subtitles so I'm rewatching it now. I'll edit this comment when I get to the part where he talks about it x Edit: "This song is about what I had in my mind when thinking about my fans. That's why it feels all the more special. When I heard this song first, I usually jot down things that I want to say on a notepad, I'm writing such words. one of the themes is that I want to lean on someone. I wanted [to] use thi
  10. The MV for Think of You was most definitely filmed at the same time as 2 Kids in the midst of SuperM's concert tour back in February. To be exact, Taemin flew to Paris just one day ahead of the other members on February 24 and they performed in Paris on February 26. Alas, he was visibly exhausted by the time they performed in London on February 28. Naeun seemed to have visited Paris sometime in the summertime, but the coincidences make me laugh especially when you think about how Kai and Jennie were also linked together through Paris it's almost like a parallel universe
  11. We've got a few talking points today! First, Taemin is now the fastest solo SM artist to gain over 30 million views! He was so happy that we went on VLive and Instalive multiple times today! I've seen a few translations of the things he said by now and I want to point out that in one VLive, he told Jinki that he was "done" with schedules for today, yet when Jinki asked to hang out at Taemin's place, Taemin told him that he's already got plans... Are you perhaps meeting your girlfriend to celebrate, Taemin? Another thing is that at one point, a fan asked him to marry her
  12. Sorry I didn't mean saesang rumors about Taemin per se but SM idols in general... that they often have no time to meet up in private so sometimes, if they're veteran artists and their managers are understanding of it, then they'd have their gf/bf secretly tag along on schedules if fans are not around. Jessica used to do it with her ex and that's also how Kai got caught dating Jennie.
  13. Yeah, logically, I think it's just one of his back dancers, which is why I don't think of it seriously but I remember some past saesang rumors so I'm just but no it's probably Rian or whatever his lead female dancer is called (she's actually a choreographer too)
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