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  1. If it's true one of those WGM staff women in Taemin's speech was Naeun's PD for Gamgsung camping then yes, one of them was at Naeun's dinner in 2018. (if she's the one who was the PD or not I'm unsure haha) Those were the women at Naeun's dinner (the wgm staffs) And the women Taemin thanked
  2. It's still liked (if you follow someone on the IG app it shows your following first at the top if they liked the picture) And yes very interesting she doesn't follow Naeun but liked her post
  3. You know another reason Taemin hasn't been caught in a dating scandal could be because when he was dating, SM just gave Dispatch a lot of money to shut up, I don't think that's too farfetched. (Plus I heard rumors someone at dispatch used to be a naeun fan but idk ) There's a few hints for taeun not being discussed here I've noticed and I understand why (like family members)
  4. Personally I don't think other ships with Naeun or Taemin should be discussed here, but if they must be perhaps place it in a spoiler? I'm sure the people who visit this thread like Taeun and wanna see them, it'll be a little frustrating if they saw other ships being discussed. About predictions, they are just that and we really shouldn't be taking them seriously guys (I do also believe in the on off thing but not because of prediction accounts)
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