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  1. https://www.todayonline.com/8days/sceneandheard/entertainment/song-hye-kyo-joined-modelling-contest-helped-launched-her-career
  2. I found 2 today but won't be filing it here. At this rate, we may not be able to sleep. I'm pretty happy that Binkyonatics are so smart. Everyone can answer with rebuttals.
  3. Remember who loves to use blue heart? Disclaimer: Pure Delusion and coincidence. Not to be taken as part of the exhibit/evidence for the ICS.
  4. Dear all, I am sorry if we gave you that impression that we believe 100‰ there is a rekindling of relationship between the 2. But let me clarify, as I've been very coy with the "filing of exhibits/evidences" in the past few pages. What we want to believe here is that there is a reconciliation at the very least between the 2. If they want that to bring that to another level, who are we to go between that. It will always be up to them. And both stars also understood the existence of this support group a.k.a. fan base. Just in case they are thinking of the possibility of being together, what we hope is that when they look for support they will see us.
  5. Am I the only one here who likes this silence from both of their side? And I wanted them to keep silent for the rest of the year. But just throw crumbs from here and there.
  6. Someone from the BinKyo club refuted also that evidence last night so I removed that on the list, however, the drawing of flower in HB's birthday card is of a daisy so the daisy remains as an exhibit. Let's ask the seniors and defense team of BinKyonatics on this matter. must be protected somehow.
  7. I think we found the best legal defense lawyer of the fans club- a.k.a. BinKyonatics. Well, of course, seniority works here, too. Just like in real life. So we'll give the floor to MayaE, Leek, Gyobin, Phoenix and the rest of the BinKyo-H2 Club exclusive members when time comes. But you'll be in the defense panel for sure. Your points will be properly noted and documented when we face the International Court of Shippers (ICS). I agree on your points and I am waiting for more exhibits/evidences to file. In the mean time, let's wait for Bin and Kyo projects and crumbs in between. And let's sharpen more our detective eyes. For sure there are still things which go unnoticed.
  8. The International Court of Shippers (ICS) does not accept evidences in roman numerals. The jury or judge may disregard them, thus the need to name it according to ICS format. It's okay. The secretary won't get tired for BinKyo. Fighting! (How do pandas or squirrels say this in their language?!) Filed with the name Evidence R. Let's see if this will be acceptable to the jury/judge. Hi! Welcome to the group. I am a twtwb fan but I know O2 (and wonkyo) will never happen in real life thus I went back to WW pairing!
  9. Hahaha! I'll file that when we know what year was that. Tag me for update just in case I'm Mia like my idol . Held my breath for a few seconds there. I guess @leek was right there is a need for Exhibit AA, BB,..., AAA, and so on.
  10. Your honor, I'll file this as Exhibit Q. * I now only have letters R-Z for Exhibit names. Must think now how to augment it!
  11. Squirrels IG post filed as Exhibit N. Baby R breed as Exhibit O. Daisies filed as Exhibit P. *I know we have a handful more. But those will be filed after the announcement. *delulu
  12. Director Kim Kyu Tae also directed WW with Director Pyo Min-soo. I really wish NHK would write for a film for H2. Would be nice to watch it. I really love her writing in both productions.
  13. @HazSharai is Directors Pyo Min-soo and Kim Kyu-tae in training! Wonder who will be writer Noh Hee-Kyung in the making? WW2, please. Or Notting Hill or something more romantic.
  14. Are we going to consider that as Exhibit L or M? Of course I am only counting the evidences here.
  15. @ImAryaStark and @marvellousgal29 I can add 2 more which I am sure not in @marvellousgal29's list.
  16. Hahaha true. Watched WW twice already for the past 2 months and can't help but laugh and be amazed with those details. Yeah, maybe writer Noh Hee Kyung should consider writing WW 2. Really want to watch a continuing story. Notting Hill is good! Though I wished to see something as romantic as The Lake House, too.
  17. Please just invite me in the two (if there is a binkyo club already!) Can't moderate as I am not online most of the time. Thanks everyone for a warm thread here.
  18. Good job binkyonatics! This page moves fast. I can't keep up with the pace! Hb looks more than happy now with that last pic. Kyo have a different aura since early this year... Wonder what the day will bring us!
  19. Aunt likes canceled han river trip. Let's wait for later or tomorrow?
  20. Keep on being happy binkyonatics! They get angry every day and us being so entertained by their antics. Imagine if they also know what we don't post here.
  21. Gals, let's come to a conclusion that what happened to exh and kyo is not anymore related to this thread. Exh and his bro are IRRELEVANT as of the moment. And pbg shouldn't be talked also here. Detectives, let's keep the angry man angry. And work behind the scenes. The are at play.
  22. Love that you're back with a lot of stories from the past. (Please take note I did not use crumbs here). I would love to see another drama with him and Hye Kyo! Not including hb here for if H2 is back together, I am sure we'll not see them both. And I am more than okay for them to be irl than in reel. *I actually love the fact that every director Kyo worked with was charmed by her. That is why more than her on screen partners I wanted her to work again with her past directors and writers! (So, sorry I couldn't add anything about hb here. Maybe leek can add here.)
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