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  1. Yes!! Finally!! https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/117/0003451009 김은숙 작가X송혜교 차기작 제목은 '더 글로리'…8부작 복수극 [공식입장] 원본보기 [마이데일리 = 이승길 기자] '태양의 후예' 신드롬을 이끈 김은숙 작가와 배우 송혜교가 다시 만났다. 신작의 이름은 '더 글로리(The Glory)'다. 8일 제작사 화앤담픽쳐스는 '더 글로리(The Glory)'라는 김은숙 작가 신작의 작품명을 공개했다. '더 글로리(The Glory)'는 건축가를 꿈꾸었지만 고등학교 시절 잔인한 학교폭력으로 자퇴를 한 주인공이 가해 주동자가 결혼을 하고 아이를 낳고, 그 아이가 초등학교에 입학할 때까지 기다렸다 아이의 담임교사로 부임한 후, 가해자들과 방관자들에게 철저한 혹은 처절한 복수를 시작하는 사악하고 슬픈 이야기이다. 드라마 '더 글로리(The Glory)'는 8부작 시즌물로 제작되며, 방송사와 구체적인 방송 시기는 미정이다. 하지만 연출진과 주인공이 확정된 만큼 올 하반기에는 촬영을
  2. Wow! Such an early thread! Thanks! Here's a collage of PD Ahn Gil-Ho, Song Hye-Kyo and Writer Kim Eun-Sook. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJqLwNrJyG2/?igshid=1deyf4wp14z8f Waiting for more details! =)
  3. After doing all the collages and art materials for BinKyo for the past few months I would like to say this after New Year Revelation: I, along with the Kyonatics and even BinKyo supporters, am quite RELIEVED Hyun Bin is finally in another relationship. I wish them and all of their supporters a peaceful and quiet heart. May the days ahead be full of love and luck. And to all friends here, let's follow their story: There's no BinKyo. That's all. No need to argue. Hyun Bin wasn't part of Kyo's life. She walked her dog ALONE. (Vogue HK, Dec 2020).
  4. D*mn! You have spoken so well about it! Couldn't have written it any better! Happy New Year Kyo and Ruby! And thanks for bringing some people into our lives.
  5. I find it quite amusing, if not funny, that I had to write this at the aftermath of Super Typhoon Rolly in my country and in my hometown. But with all the talks I have been hearing/reading, please allow me to say my piece. This has been a very delayed post here in Soompi. I had been prodded by some IG new friends months ago since some have missed reading my thoughts here. But writing for me demands so much time and concentration and I have no knack for words and weaving them so I ignored at first. But time asked for it. I came here to de-stress and enjoy but as time go
  6. Had to quote this! Binnie, pali! pali! On UKJ, I love his character in WW!! But even then I noticed his watching looks to kyo though. And I like how it took a few seconds for him to answer. It really means he searched from his memories. So, again, Binnie, pali! pali!
  7. See? I had to resort to art 'coz the squad is too private. please don't repost anywhere and don't quote image. P. S. This is another coincidence with the news today. Didn't intend to make one from that.
  8. Someone who drank barley tea for himself and won't share. Please don't quote image and mention names.
  9. Congratulations to Hyun Bin and Song Hye-Kyo for being included in that HK Tatler's Asia's Most Stylish 2020 list! please don't quote image. *I told myself yesterday that if there's another crumb today, i'll get ready with my artwork. Seems the universe is telling me to go offline and paint!!
  10. Me to this constant lost shipper: please don't quote image.
  11. Glad you're happy with it. The poster/ design was a collective effort from the army. I'm happy as well of everyone's contrib! Please join us in the fun.
  12. Hi! We're doing a collective greeting to distinguish us from the rest. Feel free to use as is or filter or whatever. The other blank file is for your messages. Please use these hashtags on Twitter or IG #HappyBINday #빈나는_현빈_데이 #HyunBin #HyeonBin #玄彬 #현빈 #BinKyo. please don't quote images.
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