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  1. Can't restrain myself anymore from my silent mode. The pages turn quickly! Panda-Squirrel Army, let's offer training on how to conduct investigation!! But let's charge exorbitant fee for that!
  2. Same here! And it sure coincides with the other tips from the chinese bloggers. I feel the same way. Even as a reader I feel so embarrassed with what I saw on ig. Just goes to show that others aren't as mindful as they should be. Shipping is allowed as long as we know how to give respect to others. Idolising is allowed. Just remember the name you carry with you and, if possible, carry it with honor. *As I've said before I don't ship and make delusions. I came here as a Kyo fan and wanted to enlighten myself with what I observed as changes in Kyo at the start of the year. I came here to observe and based on what I learned, I ended up supporting. Everyone in the army knows I like KDW, JIS and TK as Kyo's on screen partners. But it doesn't mean my liking of those pairings should translate to pushing Kyo to have relationship with any of them. Whoever Kyo likes at the moment I will do it if I feel the other person is worthy of it. It just so happens, based on observations, it is hb at the moment.
  3. With all of the things we're uncovering I don't think I have anymore doubt of them reconciling. I think the proper question now is this: "When will that moment come when they'll be able to tell to themselves I finally removed all the doubts I have of this person and now ready for another level of commitment?" But like any other form of foundation TIME is of essence. And I hope that the tides and waves will be more gentler on them now although for sure they've already emerged as better swimmers from the tidal waves in their lives. I pray too that the universe will be kinder on them now and onwards. Hopefully before that we'll see Kyo and her squad in another project!
  4. THIS!! I can't understand how others who want to prove their point but not minding where they are talking about it. So sad for her and how her anniv post turned into a circus.
  5. Wow, if you can identify that!!! What kind of eyes do you have?! Binnie is so tanned these days.
  6. Thanks @leek. I'll just post it at the club! Crumbs with mathematics in nature. Lol! Read it there.
  7. @marvellousgal29 where did you get that? I noticed something!! (not the blue heart)
  8. Kyo's different aura since the start of 2020 made me curious so I came here to observe but ended up belonging to the club who investigates and weaves coincidences. Squirrel Army made me stay here though. As I've said earlier their lovelife is their own and whether there is BinKyo or none, I will still be here to show support and hangout from time to time with the Squirrel and Panda Army! To others she may look like her usual pretty self but to me who have seen her in so many seasons of her life this is not the continuation of the 2019 Kyo. She is in her upgraded version of herself. (And I like that!) Please don't quote.
  9. Breaking my break for this thread. At first I wanted to join the bandwagon of defense for Kyo for I believe she is more to what these bashers portrays her to be. But seeing how she lives happily now and unmindful of the things being thrown at her I heed her example. And with that I just leave one of my faves from her. Please don't quote.
  10. Just what I've heard from fans... I thought she dropped Anna already. This is before Elle Taiwan.. Though haven't read news about who will replace her.. I still hope she still haven't dropped that totally. Yes don't forget O2 Matchmakers (reel).
  11. Since we are talking about Kyo working with PD's here I would like to add ANG LEE! I hope one day she can work with him. Also I still hope she will collaborate again with PD Kim Kyu-tae and Writer Noh Hee-Kyung 'cause TWTWB is so short!! And although she just collaborated with PD Park Shin-Woo and Yoo Young-ah for Encounter I hope years from now they'll still be able to have a project together. I know she's reviewing 2 scripts I hope she'll do one soon!!
  12. Don't worry about bashers. She's like this whenever she reads inappropriate and illogical comments on rare times she's out from her hideout or checking the net.
  13. Squirrel being told to go out from her hideout. Please don't quote.
  14. Maybe we should all take a vacation, too. Like 3 months or more. It took us months to decode her movements and link it to BinKyo! Maybe after vacation we'll have more to decode or hear from them. Dear Baby R, please tell your mom we're willing to dogsit.
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