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  1. A not so related to kookmin but Yoon Eun Hye will appear in radio star? And I heard JK's name. When it comes to variety eun hye will be automatically JK.
  2. Lol i was a khuntorian too. We might know each other during our khuntoria days. But yeah I agree. We should not invest too much to our ship. And as for me the hug is not a big deal tho The reaction of kookie is much more funny for me he was like ''what are you doing huh?'' It feels like he is legit annoyed with his face. And as always, when somin talks to him. His smile will totally appear! their eyesmiles are the best!
  3. I found it amusing that kookmin's IG username are somehow related. (Name followed by the Year of Birthdate plus ends with 6) JSOMIN86 KJK76 Is destiny really working here from the start?
  4. More likely we are satisfied with small natural moments because basically kookmin started with that. Small gestures that leads to an oozing chemistry. Their punishment video in naver has the same comments from knetz saying the chemistry between them is really good! Some are hoping for them to have 'some' haha and i am happy with that as well
  5. Should we also include the tear of yondu episode wherein he choose somin to his team and said 'ok i'll choose somin who will publish a book soon' He is not promoting it on his IG but he works hard promoting it in the show
  6. Same wavelength of wittiness they compliment each other indeed.
  7. He's promoting it better than her agency
  8. He already looked down so he knows that her hand is there. So why touchy touchy
  9. Yes please dont take the article seriously, because basically they just included the issue about the forbidden couple and add about women rights/problematic cases in their industry and so on.. Nowadays RM articles never had this kind of comments with so many upvotes/downvotes. This article is just a pit for haters. Everyone just jump there to hate. I just put that info here to point out that the koreans are counting KookMin as a LL which is funny for me at first because they were never a LL in the show but now, It actually shows that they are not even an avid viewer of the show but quick to things like this.
  10. Does anyone here can read hangul? I just want to make sure. Does this article listed JongKook and SoMin as a Loveline in RM? This is the link of the article. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/047/0002258053 Though this article is full of hates because of the previous joke about the affair. I am just wondering why they listed JK and Somin as a Loveline in RM? or same with us? the journalist can just simply see the chemistry between kookmin and thought them as a LL in RunningMan
  11. Off topic: YJS also donated at the same association. Btw does anyone has any idea with Why kookie gave a signal to somin in the first part of the game?
  12. Hmm All i know is soompi is just translating the article in Naver about Running Man.
  13. Test https://i.imgur.com/a/FR5HOcB.jpg Argh i give up. It wont let me post it in the ''insert image from URL'' it only gives me red error. Haha but thanks!!
  14. Yes the tshirt is her throw away item. but KJK is fine with it and just laughing at her. If we are in the old days, he will be sulking and mad at Somin. But I guess, he wont be like that anymore
  15. Thanks!! Should i remove the >>> and add .jpg???
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