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  1. @Brokenwings Try this: https://www.wattpad.com/story/214594913-crash-landing-on-you-edelweiss-diaries @Katelyn Lana Thank you so much for giving me the locations!!!
  2. Comrades, Does anyone know where the paragliding meet in Swiss was shot? I need it for the Fanfic, please DM me... or write here.
  3. I'm sad that the thread is slowing down... Anyway, I have been writing a fanfiction for JH and SR to nurse my addiction... Two of my long standing gripes is that the period that they weren't in contact weren't colored much for us and the fact that there wasn't enough OTP screen-time in the closing episode. I was wondering if I can get suggestions/thoughts on scenes or even plot lines that I can explore before they decide on a future. DM me... or if its ok to discuss here, then go for it
  4. Omg! I have always wondered that too. Did that really happen? Does anyone know where I can find this GIFs or pictures? @Kristen Son If someone sends you the link, please DM me!
  5. I lost track of few of you who asked for the fanfiction link on the thread directly. Hope its ok to post here: Edelweiss Diaries BTW, as I can quickly run out of creative juices given how tiring work is, I don't mind scene and plot suggestions. DM me... or comment directly on wattpad.
  6. @Phoenix88 @Dramanoona I have written a few fanfics for dramas from my own country, but have never encountered one for K-drama, so not sure if that's a common thing... That said I have been itching to change a few things, given that i feel our OTP didn't get enough screen time and the fact that some holes in the narrative are too big for my small heart that loves JH and SR to bits... (No offense to writer-nim - CLOY will always be that drama that came close to perfection and I certainly wanted her to dot the Is and cross the Ts, which I'm unable to let go of. Fanfic is my way of resolving it for my troubled heart.) I can DM you the link, if you can live with a less perfect one - I won't be able to spare time for extensive edits.
  7. CLOY has set new standards for the k-drama world... Every K-drama I'll watch, I'm going to be reminded of CLOY... and missing it... and also end up hating the drama that I'm watching for not being CLOY.... There were none of that K-drama tropes of unnecessary love triangles, yanking of the female lead by her wrist, or forcefully kissing her... aegeyo, mothers pulling each other's hairs, no throwing a glass of water at each other's faces... AMNESIA (thank god for that...) CLOY was beautifully packaged for us.... it was indeed a gift to all of us K-drama fans for persisting long enough... Now, I'll desperately pray and wait... and see if I can come across all of this beauty one more time!
  8. I'm not into the second leads, but I question the need to kill SJ... Writer-nim, instead of having the broker send all the files to Manger Oh, they could have had Mr Cheon help him get back to SK.. Se Ri could have cut a deal for him to testify against the second brother and wife, in flesh and blood and acquitted him or reduce the sentencing... We could have still had the scene were SD is pining for him on the bridge, but have him show up instead.... go back for SD... Alberto, being a british citizen could have played messenger for SR and JH.... Sigh!
  9. So the celestial BGM and the angelic lighting around JH and SR in the last two minutes, makes their love surreal... like a dream, which is precisely what they were trying to avoid by making them meet in Swiss... because all the other possibilities involve some element of fantasy (re-unification) (or) conflicts with the character arc of JH and SR (neither would want to give up the worlds they live in; JH in fear of putting his parents in danger and SR wouldn't want to give up her career that's every bit her identity) So not hashing out the details of how they find each other* and what they go through to keep on holding onto each other were important details. *In the denouement I'm writing - my JH and SR start leaving notes or messages of some sort at places where they believe the other might come in search of them. That would have shown another level of dedication, but still employs logic to make it realistic
  10. I felt HB and Park Shin Hye looked more brother and sister in MoA. It didn't work for me... but agreed that CLOY story worked because of how good they looked together and did an amazing job living as JH and SR for us.
  11. After more than a day of processing the story line, its my opinion that writer-nim was 'indulged' both by PD-nim and the editor... essentially, she got free reign over what she wrote (I have read that writer-nims trump PD-nims in K-drama world, which is directly opposite to how things work in Hollywood)... Don't get me wrong, that's the creative writing process... you write without judgement first and the threads can get many endings, different shades of character growth depending on how many times the plots have been revisited. But you need to sit down and play editor to all of that writing to decide what's the story you want to tell and find a balance with what the viewers want to see. We could have had 8 episodes of NK, 7 episodes of SK and may be 1 episode of how JH and SR find each other in Swiss... and how their life plays out after that. Given that they still don't have a reliable way of communicating with each other while in their respective countries, there is a great deal of uncertainty around their trips and the likelihood that they would meet. Writer-nim could have explored this angst and how the couple came about giving acceptance to the choice of wanting to be with each other, despite the distance and unpredictability. I wanted to see JH looking up her articles... Something about his day as a pianist at the National orchestra. I wanted scenes of JH trying to find SR as well and failing, just as SR mistook the piano player. I wanted to see JH and SR not holding back as a couple. Sigh! I think JH crossing the border multiple times already tells us why they choose each other over all of that uncertainty, when its so easy to forget each other and move on.... But if the inherent conflict that the hero's journey needs to conquer is about how to keep them together... then I wish the journey of meeting and growing their relationship in Swiss was fleshed out a bit more - something that I feel is quite essential to make JH and SR's story a realistic one.
  12. @Annie12 @TotoroSY I concur on the investment from fans who want to confirm that JH and SR did live happily ever after... Although after looking at some of the other pictures by the door, I'm assuming it could be pictures of the home owner who rented it for the shoot.
  13. @blue_fleurs Reading your response, I finally understood my own thoughts on what I'm missing from the finale - its the scenes where they are being themselves without holding back. Given that there was always the nagging fact that she or he had to leave, they never got comfortable around each other. I would have appreciated even two more minutes of them being around each other in their swiss home... Sigh! @milie501 You are not alone... This is first for me with a drama.... BTW, I cannot help but wonder how much HB and YJ must be missing playing their characters. Given that they wrapped up shooting more recently, i'm sure they might miss JH and SR as well.. I'm not a shipper at heart, so don't get me wrong, but these characters have such depth in them and the leads have to immerse themselves to play the role... their head is filled with the inner thoughts of JH and SR... But being that they are thorough professionals and they would have learned to move on more easily with experience. I certainly am not able to.
  14. @sussieh I have come to the same conclusion as well. I believe SR's response to the organizer 'its the best 2 weeks of the year' is being misinterpreted. I see it as ''(Every-time i come here for two weeks,) its the best two weeks of the year" The mundane details of how the Ri Ri couple plan this out is left to our imagination. But there are enough hints that they meet multiple times. If the paragliding landing meeting is 2-3 years from the time they bid farewell at the DMZ. But heidi reference, mention of frequenting Swiss, and the assistant claiming that it has lasted a while leads me to believe it's the 'Nth time' when they meet at the performance. Again the final scene could be seen as continuation of the same trip. Or from another time, as to how they spend their time in their stay Home.
  15. Ok, the new still with SeRi in the purple sweater is proof that there has been grave injustice... Why couldn't they have given us those scenes? I do like the current ending, but the BGM in epilogue for JH and SR is a haunting melody.... there is a sense of longing that cannot be avoided from how the context has been set - couple of weeks a year is all they have... And given that they cannot freely communicate with each other, there is a sense of uncertainty to whether they'll meet every year. Frankly, this longing is the general mood the ending has left me, but the new pictures would have definitely helped with that feeling sigh!
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