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  1. The drama has reached 100% of vote which mean it is near to be aired
  2. who read the novel can you tell me if the princess will disguise herslef as servant, or the servant will go searching for the lamp???
  3. What ??? Just two weeks so disappoiting . The drama is so slow they better show up how the ML &FL master their powers . But just two weeks are not enough to cover all details
  4. I've tried but it doesn't show up on the app i even searched the name they only gave me the old one
  5. It must be a mistake in dramalist info because the drama as abt the five of them so they are main actors. Am also rooting for the romance between hongyi and meng yifeng let's wait and see the next episodes I have the iqiyi app on my phone but i could not find the drama is it only china or what ??
  6. I didn't share those gif sm did. Yes indeed she notices his love but the whole time she doesn't love him in return all what i've seen she treats him like a brother (either me or they don't have chemistry) I prefer that she would have a romance with meng yifeng in the future(am still on ep 24 so who knows). Wasn't episodes 29 &30 supposed to be aired on thursday. The show is good i wished there was more sgi and the fl acts better because the story is nice
  7. I really don't see any romance between them all i felt is she treat him like friend and brother infact maybe there is romance with meng yifeng
  8. Same here . What i know is that dijun doesn't know where is the soul of fengjiu at first he thought that the soul had entred the womb of a woman not alanro ??? hope theh won't change the story
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