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  1. remember Bai Ying would jave 10 more years maturity on her face compred ro Si Teng if you look at their year death With Iqiyi translation, you will get confused because of mistranslated lines that could have been plot keys
  2. How can they attract Rattan when they do not sub the dramas? I think Youku didnt like it that subbed episodes were released as fast as VIPS in China? Does that make sense? Would they have earned for if they kept exclusive platform for a drama? 1 billion views of Rattan solely on Tencent. I guess the other 1 billion shared between Youku and Iqiyi china
  3. i think episode 13 when SiTeng sucked his lower lip; he saw SiTeng’s past including her childhood; I could be wrong.
  4. https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/212452840.html?weibo_id=4620119836461733 Hi, this looks interesting... can anybody give the jist of what this news feature is about? sounds funny to me... the comments are mostly about how they try to respect modern laws in the drama like Qin Fang getting a substitute driver when he’s drunk, ID cards, seatbelts etc. what????? If you read the book the extent of Bai Ying’s scheming was genius lol... I actually learned to like her over Si Teng .... she cold have a chinese Maleficent drama of her own...
  5. Vin Zhang is handsome in Pretty Li Hui Zhen, King’s Woman, Flame’s Daughter, I Will Never Let You Go, even in that horrible drama of his Love is Fate, however, here he has what they call role filter... the role they portray makes them improve your perception of the actor compred to his previous RickRoll'D roles. I have a feeling they really had a hard time twisting the plot to rationalize Qin Fang’s existence... the original plot really was the best for me as Bai Ying’s descendant.... but in the book, there wasn’t much romance, Qin Fang can’t even hold Si Teng’s hands.
  6. that’s what it looks like... kinda explains the symbiotic relationship between Qin Fang and Si Teng and addresses the morality claise in marrying your ********
  7. Zhang Binbin used live radio to record his lines. That’s his real voice (Flame’s daughter and King’s Woman were overdubbed). He often use his real voice, I mean, that’s some deep sexy voice to be overdubbed eh? His neutral mandarin is learned/acquired as Wuxi is his native dialect, so next to the popular female dubber who overdubbed Si Teng, there’s a slight mismatch as hers was perfect-soundjng studio dubbed and she is professional dubber. Jing Tian initially dubbed with her own voice but the sirector found her voice to sweet for Si Teng. The other support actors use their own voice.
  8. No officially translated version.... just google tranlslate I am loving the docile Vin Zhang here... he needs to act outside Jaywalk... he’s wasted on their production or just always a measly second lead to Reba... he needs a better hairstylist here imo... he looks much more handsome in airports and live events.
  9. in the book, Qin Fang’s life has been manipulated by Bai Ying in order to carry out her plans which is to take over Si Teng’s body because hers was burnt. So him dying and reviving Si Teng is part of her plan. Qin Fang here is an antithesis of your typical “cold ceo” type of male lead, where his strength and appeal to audience lies on his patience and selflessness,,, where Si To eventually let him go, he decided to follow her, and wanted to to take care of her.... seeing Vin Zhang act like a loyal docile partner is different from his previous character...
  10. guys, it’s available with subs up to episode 16 in Iqiyi.... it’s so good.... i saw his livestream with Jing Tian and the guy is so sweet and manly outside cam... much more handsome than in his dramas...
  11. i’m at this point... the girlfriend escaped.... why Mashang and his IT guy not monitoring the cctv in the condo? they would have seen her entering and leaving yah? I know the others in An Jing’s team are busy with Fei Fei... but how about Ma Shang and the hippie boy? Also, I am glad they ironed that little detail that kept bugging me about Ma Shang being always out of his office whwn he is supposed to have been hired as an employee....
  12. oh my god... I’m screaming right now.... is it confirmed for English subbed streaming anywhere? why is this not under Vin Zhang’s thread drama list?
  13. wow... this is giving me Twilight vibe... it may not be as good as the book because of censorship. From trailer subs,,, looks like they turned her into an alien instead of a halfdemon due to censorship. We wil see how Zhang Binbin and Jing Tian can pull this off. I am not sure about Zhang Binbin's range yet... although I know he can be hot as hell when he chooses... Youku timeline showing a March to April release. What do you think of teh trailer so far?
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