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  1. Let's just have a moment of appreciation for this "Pokemon Ri" evolution into "Boyfriend Ri". Boyfriend Ri in his natural habitat is seen on his usual grey tracksuit.... Someone commented here a long time ago that if Hyun Bin was a wine, CLOY is his best harvest, and I can agree more. Those arms, OMG! pictures: by meee screnshoot TvN
  2. I can be 300% wrong but I don't remember Hyun Bin oppa doing a shower scene... I think he has some shirtless scenes over the years... But I can't recall a shower scene... If anyone has a clip of this precious moment, please post here!
  3. If we thought that TvN wasn't making product placement in NK.... Look at the EENK x SERI'S CHOICE Collection https://eenk.co.kr/595 This dress: Picture: dramabeans Picture: EENK x SERI'S CHOICE Collection And this blanket Happy shopping!!!!
  4. @luffie We can only dream! @YuSanSeul Reading about your thoughts maid my heart full of hope... I know it’s just a drama, and they are just characters in a story, and all of this is clinically designed to entertain we, the viewers, but... What a masterpiece! Our writer-nim is really doing an incredible job! @L A Thank you, for sharing this beautiful song!! I'm an OST junkie and I was looking everywhere for this piece! @Ashleigh Adams our post was incredible! I think most of us feel the same way but couldn't write any better than you did! Thanks for sharing! @blue_fleurs and @mouse007 really enjoyed your thoughts about the kite. I've been rewatching everything and at first I didn't pay attention to the meaning of what the kite could be/symbolized. It's going to be a long week, comrades! Let's hope for a lot of juicy info until Saturday comes!
  5. @campanulah I learn to play the piano when I was young, (oppa learned too) and I can say that I'm "almost ambidextrous".... Like now, I use my mouse on the left and I write with my right.. I usually don't think: "with hand I'm gonna use?" on a daily basis. But I know some people do that. Probably it's something like that.
  6. @INeedAFan Can I move to this location as well? Image: mine Gif: TheSwoon
  7. I'm really enjoying how this forum is dynamic... After the last episode we talk about: - Dan’s Uncle being a bad guy; - SeRi being a badass back in SK; - F4+1 in Seoul; - PDnim and cameraman not given us good kisses; - Episode 11 preview; - New OST; - HyunBin makeover/hair; And now we are into bed scenes!!! What a roller coaster comrades! If the bed scene didn't happen, I think we should write at least a collaborative fanfiction! We probably have a lot of people here with amazing writing skills! D-10!
  8. The best song ever is going to be released on the 25th!!!! yeeeeyyyyy!!!!
  9. @butterflysaga @Phoenix88 I'm sooo hopping for a jealous Mister Ri. I was thinking - In NK RJH said that YSR was his fiancee, to protect her. And when they were in Pyongyang YSR introduce RHJ as her bodyguard - to protect her image in SK and maybe RHJ . I was wonder... How is YSR gonna to introduce RJH to others: as boyfriend or bodyguard or fiancee... Probably is going to be a funny scene!!!
  10. @trixie1029 I totally support your theory! Maybe RHJ dad's locked him up ato home or prison or something - like that creep room where YSR was kept. And RHJ's Mama help him scape... I think Mama will play a bigger role at the love story. She was soo relived to see her son happy again. I was so touched about what she said in Ep 9 about RHJ being happy again. And after RJH scape, Papa is making some damage control, sending F4 + 1!
  11. He absoFREAKINGlutelly knows that SeRi loves him... She expressed in so many ways (phone, books, jokes) And he knows it’s gonna be hard for them to be together... Maybe he doesn’t want to fuel the fire for her to have her heart more broken! RHJ is a man of honor, he always says everything is OK even when is not...He is all about protecting her. He is protecting her heart ❤️ Or I’m too much delusional :/
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