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  1. So this is the last shooting and SYJ was sad and mr CEO tried to console her.. hugs.. pat pat...
  2. Why do i feel like they got married in Switzerland HB-SYJ though.. not JH-YSR hahahaha
  3. You're very welcome Yup it started from the negotiation promo era.. and if you look at all the videos this person uploaded in the YouTube channel, i think she (or he?) is one hardcore binjin shipper
  4. I think we need the professor of psychologist to see this video and tell us his conclusion Though it will be as clear as the day
  5. Have you seen this? Looks like they make a fake scenery of somewhere far...
  6. Agree with you.. after the negotiation promo is done, i was so sad because there's not gonna be any interview of both of them anymore. Then the news about they're gonna make a rom-com together was so exciting.. and then come this one which i really love. HB looked fresh, confident, funny, silly, and easygoing.. even SYJ ask what's wrong with him
  7. Hi. I think it's the trend in that era .. SG is 10 years ago.. back in that day if I'm not mistaken there's also boys over flower.. bad boys from the outside but sweet heart inside are considered interesting.. I love SG since it's one of the most complete k-drama. It's make you laugh and cry. And the secret revealing at the end is so sweet
  8. Just my opinion, I think that our though of the movie we'll be bias if we watch by skipping some part. it's like a puzzle, you have to use all the parts to make the big picture I think all characters in CLOY have their part to make you get the big picture on why the lead actors act the way they do. Their stories, their conversation, their struggles, their happy momens, and even their jokes have meaning for the story. Another thing, in the BTS, why is HB look nervous in the ring scene. He keep making mistakes.. It's not like he's going to propose.. right.. And why is SYJ look nervous in the kissing scene.. she keep laughing.. It's not even like the scene in april snow.. right..
  9. @L AThank you Yes and I can not forget how SYJ said Sam Sik in their Negotiation interview
  10. In love with this song. It really describe RJH feeling.. he'll go wherever she'll go.. This is just my rough English translation Pardon if there's some mistake My feeling moved even if i just walk down the street But here again in front of you I'm afraid with my heart because of the falling white snow So I'm still, I'm here and I'll be there Leaning on the warm shoulder I fell you like this again I'm still and I'm here I will hold you like this Even if we pushed each other away It's just make it carved deeper There and here Even in another sky, remember your heart And I'm still here My heart is shaken, you're coming back So I'm still, I'm here and I'll be there Passing through this frozen road Meeting you again like this I'm still and I'm here I won't miss you anymore Even if you keep pushing me away Even if it's gone from my sight Here I'm here I will always stand beside you My feeling moved And I'm still I'm here I may loose the memory of you Even if i wrote it down in my mind I may not see you, I'm afraid of time To find you again like this I'm still and I'm here I will not miss you anymore Wherever you are in this world I'll go everywhere Here I'm here I'll always stand beside you My feeling moved and I'm still I'm here
  11. In the episode 8 preview, there's a man who ask CK to bring SR.. i think it's JH father. SD call him and tell him that his son have been hiding SK woman..
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