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  1. About Me: I am a singer, songwriter and producer from Berlin, Germany. When I was yet developing my creative skills I had joined the Asian/Korean music industry on the business side and have worked with publishers like Joombas (Deans Label) and others. I didn't work with labels directly but I worked and supported projects for FNC, SM, JYP and many more. Later I ditched the business work, because it was so much that I couldn't focus on anything else, yet it was a very good experience for me and I've made very great friends. Now I'm focusing on myself and my own musicianship and I'm building up gradually. My weekly videos are part of it but !talk less do more!. I want to show and surprise people. I would like to say there is much coming but just watch if you want. I hope you like it. Social Media: http://youtube.jnemusic.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ceylanjmorgan/ https://www.facebook.com/ceylanjmorgan https://twitter.com/jynemorgan https://jynemorgan.tumblr.com/ https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandID=1326717 https://soundcloud.com/jynemorgan4 Photos:
  2. Hi everyone! Just uploaded the cover for this week.
  3. I am working on BTS, Black Swan right now. If you like what you see and want more content please comment, like or subscribe. Its helping my channel grow. Thank you!
  4. I'm a bit late with this weeks cover. Here it is.
  5. Hellou, I'm a trained singer, songwriter and producer from Berlin. I got into Kpop in 2008/2009 and even learned Korean. I've been uploading frequently covers on Youtube nowadays. Maybe or hopefully you like it.
  6. Well said. Japan is very isolated. They gave very great music still but they dont bother about spreading their music overseas. I dont if tgat maybe has to do with Japan still selling well when it comes to music. The reason Kpop groups debuting in Japan is probably more the decision of the artists (korean) label. Japan has the 2nd biggest music industry and its leading when it comes to physical sales. Their system is very well established. About China I can tell you that the same people that worked in the Kpop business are doing Business in China as well/now. China is also reaching out to business people from the kr mudic industry to create chinese groups in the style of Kpop. I heard some that barely got paid in Korea made great income by getting involved in artist development (but thats something that I just heard, dont take it too serious) China is huge and has great potential but their system is very weak yet. Meaning musicians esp. writers and producers are not really making any income through Cpop. A Kpop Artist, (dont know remember if it was Sorn, or a Crayon Pop member) said that China is paying well when it comes to performance income. That could explain why they are ranked so high in the top music market chart.
  7. I'm mostly eating raw vegan as Im experimenting with diet and health. This might sound weird but I'm craving kale everyday these days. I used to be excited about the sweet stuff in my salad but I really barely put anything else inside anymore. Finished half of a huge kale bag which used to last me a week usually.
  8. I stay at home, taking minerals and vitamins always improves my mood. I used to be sad many days but nowadays i'm barely getting sad. More anxious than sad
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