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  1. Hey Guys! Got not much to say this time :)), hope you like it!
  2. Hey everyone! Turned out a bit dark this time, but I'm back with a new video. If you like my covers, you would be a great supporter by leaving a comment or a thumbs up on Youtube. It would help us push the video up the algorithm. Thank you and best, CJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdAWbeWnRH
  3. Hey everyone! Coming back with a new cover today :)).
  4. Was about to refilm the video cuz you can see that I feel unsure about filming with my Sony camera and the small monitor. Gotta get used to it. But I hope you like it anyway. Heard positive responses when I preshared the audio. Thank you very much for you support on my last video, we achieved higher numbers than usual. If you like the covers, I hope you can support my channel by pressing thumbs up or leaving a comment on YouTube, it will be much appreciated! Wishing everyone a great weekend!
  5. If you like the cover, I hope you can support my channel by pressing thumbs up or leaving a comment on Youtube, it will be much appreciated! ❤❤❤ Teaser photo for my next cover K/DA Villian. https://www.instagram.com/p/CII9M6cL-n8/
  6. Hey everyone! I'm back with a new cover. Was recording the video until very late yesterday. Hope you like it! P.S I'm working on MAGO right now. I can not promise but I'm working towards uploading at least two videos a week. If you like my projects, you would be a great support liking or commenting under the videos (on Youtube). Always appreciate it!
  7. The thumbnail might be a bit confusing but it's actually a video. I'm working very hard, if you like the cover, you can support my channel by pressing thumbs up or leaving a comment on Youtube, it will be much appreciated!
  8. HowdyI`m doing podcasts to help people find strength and get out of suffering in their life.In my most recent podcast, I'm speaking about turning painful moments and memories into things that will benefit you and make you feel good rather than bring you down. There is a technique to that."You can make a hardship destroy you, become a curse to you or you can let it make you grow and act as a miracle in your life."The storm comes to pass, not to stay, Les Brown would say.https://anchor.fm/ceylanjmorgan/episodes/Turning-hardships-into-miracles-ejmiq3If you have any topics you wanna talk about, yo
  9. Listen on Anchor : https://anchor.fm/ceylanjmorgan/episodes/Dealing-with-extreme-opposition-following-your-passions--your-inner-truth-eiijkr or Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/show/7MV6caKhCYu30nMXO8f8Iv ※ A B O U T M E : I'm a singer/songwriter currently living in Berlin. Since 2012 I have been working in several areas of the music industry. Having seen and experienced many things since then, I decided to mainly focus on myself as a content creator, spreading knowledge to help others find courage and the path to building a life they are
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