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  1. @jacdayans This is the video you're looking for They seems to be a little tired after a series of interviews. Therefore, I think what they do in this video is with their true heart.
  2. Official Text Preview of Episode 16: 방송일 : 2020년 2월 16일 [일] 밤 9시 tvN 최종화 방송 어느 날 갑자기 그의 세상에 불시착한 그녀... 그리고 그녀를 찾아 다시 새로운 세상으로 불시착한 그... 우연이 아닌 운명으로 긴 시간 만나고 헤어졌던 정혁과 세리는 둘만의 세상에 제대로 착륙할 수 있을까? Source: http://program.tving.com/tvn/cloy/10/Board/List Translated with the help of Google: One day she suddenly crashed into his world ...And finding her and crashing back into a new world ...Junghyuk and Seri who've met and separated for a long time with fate rather than coincidenceCan they land properly in their own world?
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