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  1. @serenilmauve he just well aware that he has bunch of fanboys too So he desided to go with something gender neutral and male fans friendly I think my friend created one of my favorite names for his fandom SeoSouls))) But I kinda like JEOMJU too;) They just needed to make it JEOMJUN @ivanovie25 don’t worry, considering the plot of the movie his character will be most of the time less than perfect in terms of his hairstyle)))
  2. Congratulations to my favorite Itaewon Class team. So much deserved award. Anyone who thinks otherwise, can fry themselves in frying pan (yes, I’m that annoyed ). Now Itaewon Class team had such great acting, that it’s baffling to see all of them not getting enough award for the level of acting, that they showed. Also, all soundtracks in Itaewon Class simply masterpieces.
  3. Ow yeah, just two hours until we meet manager/sous-chef Park Show me, how he learned to cook, please. I’m curious, if he his happier, that he moved to kitchen or actually prefer to be a waiter
  4. @Anjalifairy I think the funniest part, that Yumi was actually putting her weight on Seojoon And when he moved to laugh, she stumbled) Also, she unintentionally poked him, he touched his side after
  5. @aulialanniputri No, it was a scene where they were sitting in kitchen (of their dorm) and talked between each other about Seojoon. I wanted to refresh my memory what they said, but now I simply can’t find it
  6. @Anjalifairy I do think, that Yumi/Seojoon duo works better as a kitchen team, but I’m so sure, that Youn-boss just moved herself from kitchen job this time lol Not sure about Wooshik, but I believe in him, but all 5 give a perfect team vibe together. Their age gap huge, but they communicate well. Do you remember in what episode in YK2 Youn-boss and Seojin talked about Seojoon? When Seojin praised Seojoon a lot?
  7. @Anjalifairy @ivanovie25 @serenilmauve Considering that Youn-boss is now mostly talking and serving guests, how big is percentage that she simply blackmailed Na PD to make her move from kitchen? I bet she said she will not do it anymore unless he makes it easier for her, since in YK2 she was always in pain. So Na PD decided to make Yumi/Seojoon duo suffer instead
  8. @serenilmauve He looks nice with all actresses. He worked with two of them before, but I guess it’s time to repeat)) And can’t wait finally to see him with Park Boyoung) @ivanovie25 I’m so pleased with him being manager. It reminds me of IC, for some strange reasons. Too bad, he is not the boss this time around But I can settle down with manager)))
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