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  1. @serenilmauve I was so happy about that new drama news, but I don’t even know how to feel myself right now, because original source deleted it Why they did it?
  2. @Sweet Nguyen Thank you))) And, oops, you right! I don’t know why I continued to write him as Donghee even without releasing I think I was too tired lol I will change it later
  3. So I’m a bit late with my full review because before writing it I wanted to watch it again from the start to end with my mom (and it’s hard to write on language your not fluent lol). She is a scriptwriter for a theatre and when it comes to character analysis I believe her the most as my muse and teacher lol We’re not pretending to be most right because we’re also writers, but we just simply sharing our opinion as viewers (like all of you) and we tried to stay as far away from pushing our own taste on drama scriptwriter and mostly enjoy his work the way he wanted to portray it. Also, my mom sometimes enjoys with me k-dramas, but she is a picky watcher lol Also sorry-sorry-sorry for any grammatical mistakes! I’m not a native English speaker, as you might notice previously! So please forgive me for any hard time I might give you with my terrible English and if some sentences come across as confusing due to grammatical errors))) So her score for Itaewon Class? 9.5/10 Almost perfect score because she truly enjoyed the characters and the story itself. I didn’t expect that kind of enjoyment from to be honest))) Here small (lol) thoughts about big 4. Because writing about all characters hard due to how many and much we have talked about. Park Saeroy Oh Sooah Jang Donghee Jo Yiseo Yiseo&Royi The last fight In the end, my mom and I agreed, that Itaewon Class is a great drama if you want to think about characters and want to spend some time understanding them. And want to agree and disagree with them on a personal level. She said, that characters have “literature feeling” to them and I kinda agree with her. Watching the second time Itaewon Class made me release how nice with their thoughts, actions and rich personality they would sound on the pages of the book. To be honest, there is still a lot to talk about and reveal about IC and its characters. I'm happy I was able to encounter this kind of peace of work in k-drama world. Good job for everyone involved with creating this in my humble opinion very strong work))) I might add something later)) And as always I’m open to more discussion. Drama ending means only more “full-picture” talks))) For me Itaewon Class one of those dramas, that when it hits, it hits differently)
  4. Totally normal I still can’t over the fact, that he likes listening Post Malone. For some reasons I can’t even imagine that, even though Post Malone is a mainstream artist
  5. @Sweet Nguyen that’s such a great edits with PSJ/KDM bts videos. I always liked how real and comfortable they looked in their bts videos; discussing scenes, joking and laughing. Loved their acting chemistry so much. That’s why it’s so important to have actors that knows how to act and interact on screen together. And I felt really good watching PSR/JYS scenes. My heart fluttered because of them. I personally felt such a unique type of chemistry from them, totally refreshing. Now RoYi&YiSeo one of my most favorite pairings in whole k-drama world. Their love story was one of the kind too I’m writing my full review with my mom right now lol
  6. Indeed He will play a football star, I love him in sportsmen roles))) I’m also going shamelessly promote Park Seojoon’s thread)) Join us, if you interested)) We spend a lot of time there sharing about him all the possible information and talking about his dramas and roles
  7. I come to like Itaewon Class for one big writing style, that I myself enjoy a lot. In that regard webtoon roots come along. It’s when your plot can be based on real, but reel enough to not be taken too serious, yet characters itself taken very seriously and present a lot of allegories on society. In that regard they remind me old-school American superhero comic books. So Saeroy is a strong-principled and minded hero, while the villain of the story someone who just as strongly opposes his beliefs. And they hate each other only because of their ill-fate but because their view clash. That’s why while Jung Gun Won killed Park Saeroy’s dad and he is doing all that kidnapping action, he is secondary villain, while his dad is ultimate “bad guy” of the story. Overcoming him means overcoming his philosophy. Proving him wrong means proving his ideas wrong. I’m so excited to see the end of their conflict. Ideally Jung-dad should do what he always asked to do Park Saeroy, which means as his resolution he should kneel down in front of our hero.
  8. Can I wake up tomorrow and receive the news, that they decided to make it not 16, but 20 episodes My man is so good at acting, that I’’m going to miss him a lot. IC just turned me into a super big fan, like if I was just fan before, now I’m obsessed with him and his talent
  9. @Anjalifairy @serenilmauve I did come here to share my excitement about PSJ with someone too I’m so glad I met you girls)) Also it’s not the end though, we have our Park Seojoon thread to continue party @Anjalifairy Thank you for translation a lot, dear some possible spoilers and speculation about next episodes:
  10. @Anjalifairy I don’t PSJ would’ve been able to go anyway, no? He has new movie filming, right? I hope they will share some photos with us though
  11. I hope you will not blame me for saying this, but personally, yes, your initial words come across as very hard and kinda insulting to the show and the writing itself. Especially because you ended your conclusion with not something neutral to your own subjective feelings and perception, but with very straightforward verdict that “Itaewon Class is not a good drama”. Of course, everyone is entitled for their opinion and since this a peace of entertainment show we all bond to have different taste and perception, but that kind of criticism would come across as too strong for most people’s taste))) Especially if we consider the fact, that here mostly probably sit people that enjoy and love the show and they do expect criticism to more be understandable and reasonable rather than dismissive, ‘cause in all cases dismissing the work of the writer without making it sound (/clear) like your own subjective perception, but a hard fact wouldn’t resonate good with people who fundamentally have certain disagreements about characters. And using “l’m writer card” sometimes does make us sound patronizing Now about Oh Sooah. Here the perfect example how different perception by different people on different characters comes to it’s full power. First of all let’s just point out here very strong, that Oh Sooah is a secondary character. The writer actually made a great favor her (as I understood) by giving her bigger role in drama, than she ever had in his first work. Which should give you answer to your question. Why? Because it was never an intention. He elevated her “importance” more than she actually “deserves”, considering what kind of actual part in story she plays (and created for) and message she conveys. Whatever complex, strong and active parts you saw in her, I didn’t see it at all (and I still don’t). She was always weak, passive and helpless in my eyes. She passively sits around while someone was bullied, she passively says she would never rebel and never live the life like Parks, she passively accepts Jangga money for her education, she passively accepts their offer to work, she passively works for them despite hating them, she passively follows JDH’s orders, she passively spies on DanBam according to JDH’s orders, she passively agrees with Mr.Kim’s conclusion that they’re workers and should not rebel against their boss, she passively delivers that stupid pot of flowers, she passively keeps working for people that she hate according to her own believes. When Oh Sooah ever rebelled against her own situation or fought against something that was given or expected from her? She took opportunity to make her material life better. But that’s not rebelling. That’s opposite to it, because she felt herself pressed to accept that offer due to her own fear. She was always, just like Saeroy said, on her very own side. She achieved everything she dreamed about by exactly doing noting, just by being a good employee to her employers. And she always expressed that desire and goal, by always choosing Jangga despite her personal feelings. She never showed strength, willingness to sacrifice her position or help someone. So why do you even expect her current situation to be any different if her writing was pretty cohesive and in line this whole time?))) Oh Sooah is a definition of getting too comfortable in your position and her passive, quite life without getting into any trouble or making a move to build something personal with people around her if it means compromising her position the thing that lead her to having everything she dreamed about, but still not being satisfied or happy with her life after all. As much as you may not like Jo Yiseo and disagree with her methods her life progressed because she wasn’t a passive taker, but an active rebeller against expectations that was put on her. Same with Park Saeroy. All odds were against him the whole time, but he worked hard and he met the right people and at the end he still had the right attitude. He could’ve give up anytime, but never did. That’s why he also at the end received any necessary support on his journey.
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