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  1. Everyone, I’m dying from laughing so hard right now She is definitely one of us! Her going to grocery is basically buy everything with Park Seojoon’s face on it I wouldn’t hesitate to buy all that stuff either
  2. @Anjalifairy Being honest about himself and being able to have a good laugh is a greatest strength of Park Seojoon))) I like how he always stresses out, that he has super ordinary life and does nothing special, I feel like the most exciting thing in his life is being on set making dramas/movies and playing various characters Now question guys... Why J-hope in BTS’s new MV looks like PSJ’s 2018 fashion version Even hair matches
  3. His lips are most perfect! The God spend extra two decades to just sculpture them They also have secret mole, that’s hidden from anyone, but his dedicated fans)))) @PSJLOVER Welcome! Hope you will a great time with us))) My favorite his work is recent Itaewon Class. All his work is amazing and I become fan thanks to them, but Itaewon Class was most inspiring and something that moved me on a deeper level. My heart truly belongs to this masterpiece in k-drama world! @Anjalifairy are they crazy? Her husband is just her husband, even if he is an actor
  4. It’s even more hilarious with subs I just watched whole episode for this Panels comments, his jealousy, her excitement I feel like she is our soulmate But I wouldn’t miss the chance to talk with Seo Jun awwww, when Simba didn’t want to go walk without his hooman, soooo cuuuute
  5. Guys! I have a very sneaky feeling, that this clip is trending somewhere! It gained almost 20 million views in just less than 10 days 100 million views and bunch of comments in English. Freakin’ Hallyu drama personified. To bad Netflix wasn’t there, when it was airing. Until Netflix started pulling all that “top 10 most watched” it’s like Korea had no idea how some of their dramas super popular outside their country, because majority just pirated all content xD It’s also better than Sprite Here I said it
  6. This place changed a lot Wth happened... I just left for couple of months Anyway, based on recent news, I couldn’t help myself but comeback with punch line... Park Seojoon in 2021 will be trading one Lee Byung Hun for another Lee Byung Hun How you all be doing? Missed you all like crazy))) To what Gods I need to give sacrifice to have all five of them in one show? p.s. did my post just shamelessly merge? lol p.s.s. yeah, it did, wth, another new thing lol
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