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  1. Thank you very much @KimSooHanMoo .Your views and insights are very extraordinary for us in sending this couple in this thread.
  2. I really hope they are together in real life.Building a beautiful marriage relationship.I feel Hyunbin & Yejin can complement each other.How much Hyunbin admires Yejin.I also pray and hope that their drama gets a special place in the hearts of the audience at all over the world.i hope that next year they will be able to walk together at various awards shows.
  3. Thank you very much @Xoxo , @cybertron , @peggygordon for giving me a very satisfying answer and reassuring my heart.Thank you for all the insights you have given.Honestly,Hyunbin & Sonyejin are the most beautiful couple in my heart,this is the first time i have brought a couple from Korea,despite already many yejin dramas and movies that i have seen.
  4. @cybertron terimakasih sis untuk jawaban anda.saya sebenarnya ingin sekali mendengar dari mereka berdua untuk mengklarifikasi hubungan mereka.saya sangat mengharapkannya. Untuk saudaraku @KimSooHanMoo,saya sangat menunggu terjemahan anda dan pandangan anda tentang hubungan antara hyunbin dan sonyejin.saya sangat mengharapkannya.karena di negara saya,orang-orang menyebutkan dan bahkan media tertentu kalau mereka berdua menyangkal hubungan ini.saya ingin saudaraku @KimSooHanMoo untuk berbagi pandangan dan pengetahuannya disini.saya sangat - sangat berterimakasih dan kiranya anda berkenan,karena saya tahu anda sudah lama mengikuti hyunbin sejak awal.terimakasih banyak @cybertron dan @KimSooHanMoo.
  5. @cybertron please ask,are hyunbin and sonyejin responding about their dating rumors?do they both still deny it?because i read from one of the media in my country,if they keep denying it.thank you
  6. @cybertron can you please post a video for the first time of these 2 women who say that hyunbin & yejin like each other.thank you,i am very excited.
  7. For me personally,i can feel that there is something special between the two of them right now. Compared to last year,during the negotiation promotion,they both still looked awkward, but when i saw the video of their interview, i was very happy,they now look so very close.in the new video interview,i can feel that hyunbin's eyes are the eyes of a man who is in love with a girl.when i see the video,my heart shakes :D.for now,all i can do is give a lot support and prayers for the careers and happiness of their lives,especially giving support to the success of the drama CLOY.seeing them together again in the drama CLOY,is a beautiful christmas gif for me.

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