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  1. well kookmin meaning about kim jong kook and jeon so min, their interaction between the 2 of them. so what you thought is right. the trainer that you mentioned does not relate to kookmin interactions.
  2. its like you are assuming they are already in a relationship, for me i think they are in a flirting stage like both of them have an interest in each other so is fun to see kjk jealous and that he is not losing interest in jsm. again assuming he is in a relationship with jsm and if i remember correctly lks still keep the love line with jsm while he was already dating her girlfriend but because of the rumors that he was dating jsm he decided to go public with his relationship. and if lks was in a loveline with jsm while privately going on dates with lee sun bin dont know why kjk cant do the same when they are not even dating
  3. right? but it looks like some people like the loveline, when i said in korean variety reddit that it looks fake i was downvote a lot, maybe our delu mind make us look at the loveline too fake?
  4. man im a luker and i like to read about koomin interactions and theories and i think of myself as a realistic shipper not really delu but that pinky grab you dont do that with a friend.
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