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  1. Weird, why RM themselves posted this video LOL
  2. @Adora Dark, Man your analysis definitely... I actually also have a feelings that the reduce moment of SA in RM is deliberate, of coz it can go both side, which are either KJK and SJH just pure friendship and those moments made fans misunderstood so they tone it down, OR both of them are perhaps ready for next stage in life...
  3. Kinda weird for LKS considering that LKS already coupled, maybe is a hint on LKS is suitable to tie the knot this year? This year FT a bit diff as in the couple talk focus more on JSM and YSC instead of KJK and SJH... Well maybe we can interpret it as RM try to cool down the SA moment, hence the silence of this thread recently...
  4. Probably thinking about this too much on day time till it enter your dream? Well, all of us here does hope the dream come true though. The re-appearance of KHN is a bit too high here, will it be a possibility that she will become perm member of RM and replacing one? (SJH)
  5. Well, if this goes on, one have to wonder, when on earth will KJK or SJH getting settle down and get married? Korea must be a tough place to live financially, or KJK just no confidence on his financial level, for what ever reason...I mean since his turbo days till his current RM and MC shows, he must have a fortune already right? He can always like YJS, JSJ, Haha etc continue to work while married, no need to wait...?
  6. Well, KJK technically speaking is not married yet, and as long as he is not, he can be still consider single. (Of coz we all know and hope that actually he already dating SJH in secret and all RM members actually knew this all along) When I saw Kang Ha Na again, the thoughts of "maybe KHN will become permanent RM member" does cross my mind. In fact, there had been no update at all for her till YJS just skipped her and proceed to next guest. I mean, why the frequent appearance? Initially SJH also appear as a guest in RM, only later become permanent members after all. Even JSM not appear that often before she become permanent members of RM. Or...KHN have nothing to do right now so she just jump right in...
  7. So Dec approaching... Last year KJK and HJY win the best couple award, in which after a while HJY had denied the news on couple with KJK... RM recently almost have atleast one nominated space in that award category, like last 2 years is LKS and JSM, but since now LKS already public announce his relationship, so he himself can't be nominate in that award anymore. Other male hosts of RM already married except KJK and YSC. I know most probably RM will nominate YSC and JSM into couple award, but how high is the chances of RM nominate KJK and SJH as well?
  8. Well, as long as none of them announce any relationship, this ship will keep sail on. I actually kinda enjoy when people who have sharp eyes detail out every inches on the interaction between KJK and SJH. But on another notes, don't you think that KJK and SJH are both kinda really late into relationship? I mean age wise, KJK already 40+ and SJH already close 40 even. Don't their parent nags beside them on this? Or it is perfectly normal to marry even at age 50?
  9. I'm actually surprised by how naturally SJH uses KJK's leg as an armrest. As far as I remember, SJH never do that with any of the male person yet outside of her acting role etc... And when KJK call someone punk, I thought that he is actually scolding Seok Jin for being one as he attacked SJH LOL. But this episode is a bit bored, like a filler episode to me, hopefully this won't be long...
  10. I think RM and career's the one that block the official declaration of the SA couple, if they serious / already in a relationship etc etc... Mind you, if they already in a relationship, then SA beats Dispatch in term of keeping it secret... From past episode, there was even a statements said that Dispatch bored with KJK since KJK life is so boring a.k.a work, home, gym and rinse and repeat... If during that time SA already in a relationship, means they are actually having their date during RM session and off cam... You know, as a RM fans, I seriously would hate if RM ends soon, but then if the end of the shows means SA can start declare official, then I will see it as a necessary sacrifice...
  11. I read though past post and when I read though some SA fans managed to pass the SA gifts to RM members, I seriously wonder what is their response behind the scenes especially KJK and SJH... I still remember there is even one episode in RM on MC special, wondering will there even be one special episode on SA... And last year, on SBS couple award, KJK and HJY wins the award, so I also wondering, whether this year couple award will SBS put KJK and SJH as well...?
  12. Valid points, I would really say if in the end, nothing ever happen between KJK and SJH, then their friendship is way too healthy.
  13. For me, ever since the fiasco of Monday Couple, I don't really trust any on screen love line on RM, so same goes for KJK and SJH... If they really have a feelings and decide to proceed, I would think it will happen probably right after the end of RM, or their departure from RM. But for now, I don't think it can happen even though they want it as it will create so much complication in RM itself... *Edited* Oh, for me, it will be nice if KJK and SJH can be together in the end though. I just have a feeling that, if there is any reason stopping them really become together, while they have feeling for each other, is career...
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