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  1. Last time when Gary leave RM, it also seems like RM won't sustain etc...But now it seems okay... But for LKS, I would say maybe his influence is way bigger than Gary, so the effect maybe more severe... It really depends on how much viewer remain after LKS departure because let's face it, RM itself already exceeds expectation on how long it runs. So if the viewership after LKS left drop and not improving, eventually RM will need to go down... What shocked me the most is LKS decided to leave instead of announcing hiatus, as we really don't mind if LKS take a h
  2. What makes you feel that way? Look, if one day, unfortunately KJK or even SJH announce their own partner, this ship sanked, we as fans can only be sad but support and wish them well and happiness...No negative comments etc as this is just us all ship wishing... Like I said many times before, RM won't run forever, unfortunately...Perhaps that time all will be cleared...
  3. Well to be fair, KJK and SJH only so obvious for past 2 episodes, in fact some already said that ep547 will be another epic episode about Spartace. So is only nature this forum a bit dead till now due to not-so-obvious-thingy between them. Plus previously we can see lots of spartace moments when there are fan meetings, which we know due to COVID-19 so no more fan meeting = no chances of glimpse of more spartace moment... We really can only hope and wait isn't it LOL~ Yes we can only hope this will become true. But I always think that if the rela
  4. Judging by this thread recent activity, we all are rooting quietly now...
  5. Sometimes I wondering, do we (and they) really need to wait for the final episode of RM then only they can declare official? (if they are in real) But from the way I see it, RM probably not gonna end that soon, atleast not another one or two year...
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