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  1. It will left a mark of JSM lipstick KJK wont washed that long-sleeve forever.. lol
  2. The Moment when JSM rest her chin near KJK shoulder, KJK was like... The Guy KJK mentioned probably himself, that why JSM reacted that way..
  3. I was thinking the same, her hand position bit off, seem that she want to show the 'Mini Tiger With Birthday Cap' without try to fully cover it, but why so early to greet? is it because if she post it during his birthday fans will notice, so she try to post it early, hummm, who know? right?
  4. This part.. When YSC said 'is it me AGAIN?' after HaHa said No 3 being used, my delulu mind thinking that, there is two members of RM used to asked YSC to hangout with them using him, i think twice when the members were talking about YSC birthday, one of RM member asking 3 of them should meet, also FortuneTeller episode The Woman asking YSC to hangout together with other member (specifically Man) lol My delulu mind were speaking that YSC might have been used before by any RM members with Diversion tactic to hide any secrety relationship consider that he
  5. Same Reaction, Same Feeling? or not? When he try his new gym equipment, he cant hides his excitement on trying it every day. When JSM demonstrate one of Brave Girls dance moves, he cant hides his inner feeling and cant stop look at her lol
  6. KJK is getting closer with JSJ, oddly enough JSM also getting closer with JSJ, does the timelime the same? last year, i think?? I mean JSM revealed that JSJ often called her during her hiatus, then they get more closer, suprisingly JSJ who is older than KJK, never appeared on any KJK MUD segment, then often appeared, he also joins alot with KJK butler Haha and YSC, the combination is funny but rare to see consider that JSJ always with LKS and YJS, even in JSJ YT channel before, he try to called only JSM and KJK asking them a opinion, personally i think JSJ should called YSC or LKS
  7. Dont forget this one @Rahayu Muktiayu KJK suddenly touch JSM ear and then smile at her and he end up smack her forehead, again he seem to enjoy doing it to JSM (tease her) I know YJS also use to smack JSM and Haha forehead, but for me YJS reaction on doing that to them basically trying to stop them from talked to much or stop being ridiculous, but here KJK unexplained reaction toward JSM, probably he just try to having a skinship with JSM lol on other side note, I'm glad the PD didnt edit this part like a couple who love each other, ju
  8. @Rahayu Muktiayu@MandelBrot Lol. They timing on using a phone cant be more coincidence. Just imagine they really texting each other secretly, but if they really did, KJK probably asking JSM, 'where was you during the break, i was looking for you everywhere?' Someone Miss The Moment To Spend A Free Time Together With Someone..lol
  9. I always find this scene very interesting probably because to me, its quite hard to do that even with your own partner, basically when Man and Woman having a conversation eyes to eyes mean they listen to each other very well, also they focus only on themselves (basically create a zone for them to comunicate thing personally) also very interesting to mention that when both Man and Woman doing this, basically they also having a conversation heart to heart and i can understand why they didnt do this to any people because its not easy to do it unless you really close and trust that person.
  10. To the desperate shipper who cant help themselves to come here and saying there are just like brother and sister and who believing in Haha word, but not KJK word and this is what KJK gonna said coming right through his own mouth ENJOY And to the particular shipper who claim YJS also taking care JSM, why doesnt they date also? lol as you can See with your two eyes what KJK did to JSM is nothing compare to YJS, basically more than just a brother-sister vibes and also YJS is married happy man. lol and i respect other shipper including Spartace but since there is one
  11. To be honest, KJK and JSM always gives us Variety of Vibes, start with 1. Awkward vibes (Stranger to each other) 2. Decent vibes (meet just twice a week because of work), 3. Sunbae-hoobae vibes (started to respect toward each other), then 4. Sibling Vibes (like KwangMin) to a 5. Close Friends Vibes (like LKS Haha KJK or JSM LKS YSC) then 6. Couple Vibes ( There lots of examples like KJK statement "I Will Take Care Of Her since She Lonely", KJK promoting JSM work, KJK early jealousy toward ChanMin, JSM Fangirling KJK as a Chessy KJK, Romantic KJK, Caring KJK and ye
  12. i dont know we still got a mole in this KooKMin Shipping Thread. But i already read a few comments reacts dissapointing about this recent episodes but being honest whatever they say right know is pretty much avoiding real situation, plus @MandelBrotgifs show they body react competely opposite with whatever they said, not to mention that this episode was flming a week before Valentine Day and my godd, looking at their closeness they really cant hide whatever feeling they had toward each other. Being honest, as long as both still single there is always a chance KJK and J
  13. @kyoko22 While you Goosebump, some losing their mind, meanwhile me losing my perfect word how to describe how good their look together that night. Beside their sang jeonsoran together last 2019, this definitely one of the moments we gonna kept forever lol. Yes, Jeon SoMin look absolutely gorgeous like real beautiful bride, meanwhile Kim JongKook with Black Tuxedo freaking hot like handsome groom. Whatever happen, I wished the best for both of them. Meanwhile, I Hope They Won't Kill Us Twice This Sunday Night, eventhough i'm most likely waiting for that moments.
  14. This part is 100% about ChanMin LL nothing about JSM ex- The 1st salary negotiation) Jaesuk : I hear the other team owner is an ex. Somin : No way. No, there must be a misunderstanding. (After Bo Pil told Somin will receive a penalty) Haha : The ex-lovers got together. Jongkook : They suit each other so well Just the interesting part here is KJK was involved in teasing JSM about ChanMin LL, and also he took part on teasing JSM about her ex baseball player, especially when KJK also mention this part- (After Somin throw her first
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