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  1. Just for Fun Kim Jong-Kook to Jeon So-Min Kim Dong-Jun to Jeon So-Min Both Kim Jong-Kook and Dong-Jun Compliment each other. But in the End.... For a moment, i thought KJK and Soyou gonna beat up Dong-Jun and JSM, but it turn up KookMin beat up Dong-Jun and Soyou lol *Been Trying To Post Something, This One Make it Through lol
  2. Trust me, i also don't remember seeing KJK do that to any woman that much younger than him and i just can't helped to think that KJK really respect JSM so much
  3. Still cant get over this scene Little thing that i notice after teased JSM, KJK the only one who bow down and apologized to JSM repeatedly say 'i couldnt go, three time'. he must feel so sorry to teased her, but can't helped not to tease her as he really love seeing her reaction.
  4. That happen when Two Friends in a group/member began to like each other. *awkward atmosphere~~
  5. Her Simple Reaction enough to make That Man laugh out loud, even i'm gonna fall for that too
  6. when OKAY Team together, JSM always never OKAY lol Especially When KJK started 1st
  7. I noticed that too, KJK body leans closely to JSM, While JSM body, turned almost 90 degree toward KJK That probably explained why their always post the same thing on instagram lol
  8. i think that ZE:A Dongjun, her partner.
  9. One of the Shootdori episode. He must be remember of someone when he found that Heart shape of spring onion on that delicious soup..
  10. Just a Fun Fact here Another Fun Fact.
  11. I saw the post it was mean to reply the other admin shipper who feel trigger by KJK-JSM interaction lately lol We never say that KJK-JSM went dated together instead of only point the similarity that both of them keep on post eg- Nature , Sky, Cloud, Tree recently Sunflowers and both also like each other post. We are not desperate to think KJK-JSM gonna post their dating life, also KJK-JSM are not stupid to post about their dating life unless they already dated publicly which is that we gonna hope for their future
  12. @MandelBrot i think they change Pink to Blue Clear Sky...... i mean the shirt since wear pink gonna be too supspicious already
  13. Cant Wait! MUD! Ofcourse RM LIVE!!!
  14. Lets try not DELULU too much about this instead of Keep Calm and Pray The Best For Both Of Them #Mid2020 #SkySKy #FortuneTellerEpisode #LOL
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