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  1. This part is 100% about ChanMin LL nothing about JSM ex- The 1st salary negotiation) Jaesuk : I hear the other team owner is an ex. Somin : No way. No, there must be a misunderstanding. (After Bo Pil told Somin will receive a penalty) Haha : The ex-lovers got together. Jongkook : They suit each other so well Just the interesting part here is KJK was involved in teasing JSM about ChanMin LL, and also he took part on teasing JSM about her ex baseball player, especially when KJK also mention this part- (After Somin throw her first
  2. To be exact only KJK and YSC teased JSM about her ex, while Haha and YJS only focused on ChanMin LL, while rest of members didnt said anything, i supposed. But I'm just thinking what make KJK and YSC casually said that infront of camera? plus JSM doesnt seem to really care about it, probably she already move on. I think that KJK JSM and YSC are very close already assuming that JSM didnt take their word seriously, but i just hope that their can bit matured next time, doesnt fully talked about personal life on camera considering that JSM is very soft yet strong woman, like what you quote be
  3. I believe their both in term of romantically with each other (SOME). JSM in the recent episode look like she fall in love with KJK, She find KJK hot temper very adorable which is weird unless she fall in love with KJK already lol i mean what ever KJK do, in JSM eyes KJK is perfect for her. I hope we get fortune telling episode and hoping for the PD to not cut an important part, because next year kind of crucial for every KJK shipper with the possibility new shipper came KJK and Jessy, but i hope with their bluntness and straightforward character, the LL wont last long e
  4. and still the RM PD edit their part especially when KJK JSM CTH and LeeMiJoo having a lunch together lol (really hoping that Lunch part got aired)
  5. Interesting Small KookMin Detail here. is KJK borrowing JSM Baseball Glove? The red circle here you can see that JSM Glove went missing and KJK the one who wear it, also that white and black thing inside the red circle is happen to be Haha shoes(White) and KJK Varsity(Black). Interesting part here JSM also taking care KJK Varsity. There is a possibility that KJK borrow the Glove from the PD/Staff but then, where does the JSM glove go, when KJK was obviously wear one right? KJK Varsity was with JSM, Seem to me here Th
  6. Either Haha unconsiously spitting the fact here, or hes try to tone down the LL which is doesnt make sense especially Haha known as the member who like too push the LL in RM Also it odd that Haha ask this question to KJK since he already know that KJK is really passionate person, it either Haha try to playing mind game with KJK or Haha try to digg down some secret here, also everyone were having grimm face after Haha ask that question, like they know KJK love was not the team but rather someone inside the team lol Overall this is very promising episode for KookMin
  7. Thinkwise, detailed person usually gonna suprised us whenever they make mistake, but i think this is their flaws, their charms making them easy to approach. This is option 1. Option 2 I'm thinking the situation would be like .. JSM love Escape Room, so it could be that she searched all the rooms by herself to find any hints, found a books, grab it and hide under her mattress only decide to revealed when she meet a less supspicious members/guests. We can saw that JSM really having fun in the last game although she speak less now. There could be other
  8. You really sound like KJK who try to teach Jessy Hangul lol Did you learn hangul or you understand korean? Nice catch btw but i dont think KJK were thinking about 'US' must be a mistake from him.
  9. LMAO both even follow each other on instagram, also KDJ said he really admired KJK. But, KJK even yelled 2 times not knowing that guy (Very suspicious) lol i Hope KDJ didnt do anything wrong to KJK, because i remember when Haha betray KJK, the next filming RM, KJK ignored Haha and act like he was not there with them lol (eventhough it only for Variety Show and for fun)
  10. Hoping to hear a good news soon eventhough it not gonna be easy for them ;)))))) When Expertise try to read they future.. FEBRUARY For KJK and JSM Word Pregnant Literally shocked everyone.. JSM Pregnant Skit and KJK got Pregnancy Card (Tarot) lol Almost 2 Year been shipping Kookmin, Nobody have clear idea what JSM had in her mind lol SEVEN..JSM Birth Date April '07' 1986.. Yes. She is very Religious ;))))) I suppose there are only a few older man havent Married that JSM kn
  11. Just a Reminder. We Got an 'intruder' try to paint themselves into same color as us here. A Chameleon. Just Becareful. Don't get bait by them. Shipper with desperation like them will do anthing to bait us. Lets them be dont tag them so they can leave silently so we can continued our shipping.
  12. @Rare When you think too much, negative thought gonna surround you, be positive and We KookMin one of the luckiest Shipper simply because KJK-JSM always together and care for one another. Please rest assured, empty your mind with positive thought, give a good vibes to everyone and enjoy every their interactions which other shipper hardly getting one. *On the side note, This Thread was form because of their Close Chemistry and Deep Interactions, so please give Love and Support Them. Believing is not false as long you got determination, passion, courage inside of you.
  13. Havent yet to watch the Episode, but if only i can conclude how supportive KJK to JSM is like and i cant see he did that to any Woman before and this other side of KJK only happen when JSM around, how close they can be actually? YJS JSJ Haha LKS YSC none of them are so supportive like KJK, why it must be KJK (The Coldheaded guy melt with Froggy Little Woman)? Have anyone ever thought How JSM Charm effect KJK Lifestyle? Have anyone ever thought How KJK Chessy Love-kun turn JSM into Fan Girl? KJK manner on JSM, make JSM feel comfortable with him, being
  14. Both When Angry at each other... JSM to KJK- CLAW/SCRATCH KJK to JSM- BITE Usually people say 'I Wanted to Killed him/her or i will Punched him/her till death but KookMin have their own way on expressing their anger toward each other which is kind of sweet for me
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