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  1. KJK ended JSM-CSH Web Drama with sad-curious tone. LOL
  2. is he started to tease us with those word?? lol But seem like hes in a good mood. Btw, no shooting for RM today? do the PD gives the member a break for the LIVE episode??
  3. 'I Can't Kissed Your Forehead in Public, so i slighty slap it to showed my affection to you so min-ah' Kim Jong-Kook 2020
  4. They cut it probably its was supposed to be secret not all secret cant be revealed but it kinda give us hint that JSM ex probably visit her at shooting location or her ex is actually a man from the same industry..who know right? we can only delulu about it nothing really confirm
  5. I just remembered in Preview, YJS read a story about JSM with someone in waiting room and their were very affectionate with each other but i guess that part got cut and didnt go air..fortunately..
  6. When JSM called Haha by his real name, make me think that sometimes she talked and think like KJK. Recent episodes when she try to expose LKS Wink story she actually say 'DongHoon Oppa restaurant' means she acknowledge that restaurant belong to Haha and only KJK think like that, also only KJK often called Haha by his real name no wonder they really close now including Haha Wife LOL
  7. YJS was asking 'Who was the Man in the Mask', JSM meet last winter at cafe? and looked at YJS eyes and his left hand point at who
  8. Dont Forget about last week episode, KJK who decide to choose JCW Team decide not too, ended choosing SangWoo Team for an unknown reason. Other shipper gives an excuse that KJK and SJH having a couple fight that why KJK decide to choose other team, But the recent episode saw that their both were completely fine which bring back the biggest question what the reason then? and also why pick Sangwoo team? because JSM? The Recent episode enterestingly bring back the Chanmin LL and SA LL, the PD even edit the part look beautifully like they are lovely couple, other shipper already forgot what happen last week episodes, funny thing here the PD try to cut KookMin Moment, but suprisingly there are actually plenty of KookMin moment that got caught by us which i prefer it to be like this because it 100% 'NATURAL' lol The Second Game really Feel like Dejavu to me, touch her hand, touch her shoulder, JSM doesnt seem to mind at all and hard not to Delulu about it, like why arent she felt shy at all, when KJK did that to her? Actually, no one cant answer that except themselves and now that their both back healthy i believe they wont stop to feed us with a lot of NATURAL SWEET MOMENTS
  9. KJK treated JSM, the same way he treated his own lovely Mom A Protective Son to A Protective Oppa to his lovely Favorite Dongsaeng Just imagine if KJK really dated someone, wouldnt his GF gonna be really Jealous? or imagine how protective is he gonna be to his own GF? But if his GF is JSM, then nothing worries right? JSM also feel comfortable with Oppa skinship
  10. KJK- Romantic Punch JSM- Dr. Romantic Mr & Mrs Romantic and they both are expert at LOVE.. KJK with his innocent chessy word JSM with her wild and charming personality i believe if those two meet each other mostly topic in their conversation is LOVE, Relationship, Family and sometimes work.. Currently right now thing went very smooth and naturally for them, just need to find a exactly date to announce it (sorry for being Delulu.. coughx3) still cant get over with it
  11. After rewatching the recent episodes about 5 to 6 times especially the opening scene, i realized that the member actually try to put KJK in the same team with JSM and Sang Woo but why was that? around 8:10-8:13 JSM actually signaling or pointed to the member, like she try to stop the member to talk about her team. And nobody seem to care that KJK-JSM taking quite a lot of time choosing their team especially YJS, also KJK really does not make any sense when he say that SJH gonna push him, i means what make him think that JSM gonna accept him then? because JSM is his GF? (coughx3...) but if i'm KJK i gonna choose YooJung because she is young plus no pressure also YooJung havent yet have teammate, it seem that KJK giving a very lame excuse so that he gonna be with JSM. When JSM push KJK it seem that JSM knew that KJK wont fall even if she push him very hard, my delulu mind think that she knew exactly how strong KJK is, how does she knew, well if you dated someone you gonna find the answer lol
  12. Everytime Haha open his mouth asking JSM a crucial question about KJK, JSM always flustered or speechless. JSM always seem like she have an answer in his mind but she cant really answer to Haha question, just wonder why... and as always at bus, i always find KJK-JSM gives me a weird and supspicious vibe
  13. KJK avoiding to team up with female guest could be a hint that he currently into someone on the early stage but choosing JSM, hold her hand possibly gives us the answer who is KJK currently in-relationship with.. Their action, movement , body gesture and interaction pretty much say that their both into kind of stage of relationship, another new level. i just hope this kind of relationship gonna keep grow positively so we can hear a Good New sooner or later from them
  14. Errggh This two really playing with my heart and it is too SWEEEEEEETTTT!!!!!!!! p.s i need medical check up tomorrow morning to reduce the sweetness
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