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  1. Hi, Yes, the spammers does go overboard most of the times, even now as we speak. And when things don't proceed as they like, they start slinging mud and curses. The recent TROS comment is a perfect example. Tiny oppa had his fair share of the spammers spamming his IG & Twitter asking about spartace, though the more disrespectful thing would be annoying shippers who go overboard in photoshopping KJK over him every time he takes a photo with SJH. @kukumarq1 Are you referring to Tiny oppa replying to those shippers? Would you know specifically when was that? Perhaps I missed that. To be fair to spartace, when MC ship is the largest ship out there oppressing spartace, their original community was very rational and polite and understanding. Unfortunately, as the ship grew, a lot of 'black sheep' joined their community and started lashing out in all directions. This was also the case for SJH fan communities. Both communities did not 'stop/clam down' on the 'black sheeps' who end up tarnishing their reputation. So communities does have to play a part in putting their foot down on people spreading negativity/cyberbullying. To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi: "You have become the very evil you've sworn to destroy". I just hope KJK finds a good partner (JSM is a great candidate) Thanks.
  2. Hi, Sorry, I wouldn't call him a fool for that because different people have different styles of love. For example, in the famous 5 love languages, if your love language is gifts, others may not speak the same language with you. I just predict based on what I think KJK's character is like though the equation is incomplete because it only considers YSC and KJK but not JSM or even other members. Perhaps KJK is not as confident in himself as people see him on-screen, that's why he kept thinking he needs to prepare himself better/more and end up losing his gf. So I think that it is just going to be a huge "Aww...pity you missed out on her" should KJK miss out on JSM. Of course, this is on assumption that they both have feelings for each other. For me, I tend to give lesser credit to what we see on-screen (foreground/focus) and prefer to give more credit to behind-the-scenes or if on-screen, when it is in the background or the focal point is not on it. Best example I can think of immediately: Remember the pre-fanmeeting episode where Kookmin is sitting on the bench without any space in between in the background? Or the various accounts of 'eye-witness' that commented that while filming, Kookmin tends to gravitate to each other and take good care of each other off-screen. My preference is to give higher weightage to such moments rather than on-screen because entertainers have to enact their persona on-screen so it may not be a true representation of them. Look at Suk Jin, whose persona is a grumpy, stingy old man. The real JSJ? Very friendly with the members, even those junior than him. And definitely NOT stingy - the recent fortune-telling episode: when he hears his good prediction, the first thing he tells the members is that he will treat them to a meal (perhaps the money he hid from wife?) Thanks.
  3. Hi, IMHO, it may also hinges on Sechan and Somin. If Sechan has feelings for Somin, KJK will hide his true feelings and 'sacrifice' himself. No right or wrong, but just his character. If Sechan has no feelings for Somin, KJK gets the greatest wingman he can ever have. This will improves the chances of kookmin becoming true. For Somin, i think she has to be direct and active for kookmin to have a higher chance of coming true. Of course, opposites can happen but just stating my sense of probabilities. I am still grateful she brought much joy and laughter to him. The problem is KJK hides too much emotional stuff under a gruff exterior. So it is very hard to get a good read. In shows, it has always been stated KJK does not like those emotional or touching stuff or atmosphere. This is actually some form of escapism whereby some people hides their raw emotions under a shell. I belong to the group that feels that contrary to belief, KJK doesn't have high self-esteem; in fact he has tons of doubt in his own self. This may be due to his own bad experiences when young. Thanks.
  4. Hi, @kukumarq1 is right - you can tell the Kim family sense of humor inclines toward the savage humor that KJK often displays. The niece, Riwon is seriously very funny and savage towards KJK. Yes, I think KJK is now displaying a rather less interested in marriage image, so it is hard to tell if he is single but want to marry/single but not going to marry/attached and want to marry soon/attached but unable to marry right now...... Though his brother covered up very well in saying that KJK will get married when the timing comes/eventually. Not sure if it is just purely to cover the topic for KJK or if it hints that KJK may have a partner and is in the process of getting to marriage. The find of the episode: the niece Riwon has a savage sense of humor like KJK, while the nephew inherits the family's thriftiness/pragmatism (so that is 3 generations of thriftiness in a car). Thanks.
  5. Hi, I think is because the spartace fandom has a huge portion of SJH fans, so they can easily turn on KJK. Moreover, even within RM fandom, there are people who dislike him because of his 'villian' role. This was also expressed in his heart-to-heart-talk with YJS in 1 episode: KJK also have worries about the wrath of fans because of his villian & bully role. YJS actually expressed understanding on this sacrifice - it is not easy to take on this role but someone had to do it. I like to give credit to my favorite 3 'oldies' because I really like them for their devotion and wisdom as variety veterans. For example, they have taken on the 'less friendly' roles of being the grumpy/savage/sarcastic ones (yes, even YJS sometimes fire blunt shots at guests/own members). They are not afraid to portray the roles which earns them less popularity. Another example is the increase of meta jokes in the show - where you find variety shows which openly 'speaks' about screentime/change of emcees etc. Prefer to see it as they are trying to change the theme of the show (they spoke openly about changing + it has been expressed that current trends with Korean viewers is they prefer to see shows which shows a more realistic/honest side of things). So perhaps they are trying to change RM to showcase more realistic views/comments (sort of like Deadpool breaking the 4th wall) + they are trying to direct more screentime/limelight or impart knowledge to the younger ones. Let's face it - they know that they are not able to keep doing variety shows forever, sooner or later, they have to pass the batons to the young ones. The anti-fans probably got to me since I expected more from them - KJK had been there for you-know-who while it was a difficult period for her (both start of RM + firing controversy) so the least is not to speak ill of him. Anyway, it is not healthy to focus on negativity, so do try to focus on the positive things. For one, I really really suspect major revamps/changes are on the way for RM (if they are continuing with the show). So to finish with another wise quote from YJS to Gary: "You know we all used to play in the playground when we were young. but as we get older we can’t play in the same place forever. we won’t have much fun playing with the same rides over and over again.to find different sides of us we shouldn’t do the same things. that’s what we must do for running man. the staff members are looking for new environments for us to play in. " Thanks.
  6. Hi, Sorry, but I would see it differently and give Suk Jin more credit on this. For the 3 'oldies' (JSJ/YJS/KJK), perhaps due to their age, but sometimes during the show, they may say some quotes which seems like for entertainment purposes, but have a lot of meanings/advice when you read it from a different angle. I think perhaps they are trying to impart knowledge to the younger ones. In this episode, I would say that other than playing up to his grumpy persona/forbidden couple, his words can also serve as advice to JSM (not to accept & follow-up on every single joke thrown at her) + others (not to over-push the loveline). Maybe JSM fans have a better idea of her, but I noticed that perhaps JSM is very grateful to RM so every joke the cast brings up, she will accept & play on that regardless of whether she is really happy about it or not (cue Haha's pomenarian joke). In short, I feel that JSJ is also trying to advise JSM to learn to say No if she is not comfortable about the joke. Yes, RM saved her as she admits, but there is no need to 'sacrifice' herself if she is not willing to do something. This shows that JSJ is really worried for JSM that the fans who believed the loveline if the loveline falls through (Monday Couple is the living example). Coming from the guy who endured the 'Where's Jihyo' fiasco from rabid fans, I think he is just trying to advise RM to stop pushing the JSM-YSC loveline too much as he is worried about the fan's backlash. The problem actually lies with the fans community - they will interpret every word their way. While we cannot say they are wrong since everyone is open to interpreting however they like, audience should still keep in mind that this is a show and they are 'enacting' it to entertain people. In the wise words of YJS to SJH: "Whatever you do in front of the camera is forgiven. But if you do the same when the camera is off, that is not like a professional." Thanks & sorry for the long post. Just rather irritated by anti-fans 'firing their ammo' at KJK in the recent couple of episodes.
  7. Hihi, Thanks - yes, he is not as frugal/thrifty. More accurate will be to say that personally, KJK is very low materialistic maintenance (sort of minimalist lifestyle). He still spends quite a lot on close friends/family. Some shows you can watch. Tried to give some personal recommendations (note: preferences may vary). Sports: Shootdori - recommended, very touching Fly Shoot Dori - recommended Music: I can see your voice 4 - 7 The call 1 & 2 - recommended, the music collaborations are great + mini loveline with Ailee is very endearing Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang (Chinese Variety) Talkshows/Misc: Rewind Escape Crisis No. 1- recommended (a lot of life hacks to pick up) 5 Cranky Brothers - recommended Talents for Sale Family Outing - recommended/more like must-watch
  8. Hi All, Just an update. Thank you.
  9. Hi @kookmin forever, while we understand your frustration at KJK (a lot of fans do get frustrated with him), please refrain from labelling him as selfish & stingy when every fan knows that the true KJK is opposite. If you are angry because of watching MUD, please note that MUD is scripted (way more heavily than RM) and the celebs are acting out a fixed persona and over-exaggerates it for comedy. MUD is not a variety show on weird bachelor celebs, it is a show where bachelor celebs try to bring laughter to the moms. A selfish man would not 'sacrifice' himself for the better of his loved ones/close friends - he will not play the villian role to be hated by so many audience for a variety show. He will not bear the bodily pain for a variety show. He will not go & persuade his close friends to stay on for a show which stabbed him in the back. A stingy man will not treat his friends to meals or buy presents for them. Neither will he pick up tabs for others when he meet them in the restaurant (refer to 5 cranky brothers episode with Sistar). He will not invest in a friend's restaurant without asking for returns. I will not label such a person as "love himself only". So please do not vent your frustration on him like this. Thank you.
  10. Hi, The upcoming week will also not have KJK segment, so that will be 4 weeks in a row missing from MUD. Thanks.
  11. Hi kukumarq, Nice to see your posts, from a KJK fan to another. I think fans are roughly 3 groups - majority believed that he dated YEH, some believed he confessed to her but she rejected, while some believed the one he dated was Chae Yeon. But you are right to say fans shd not read too hard into what they seen on screen since Korean culture may have differences + celebrities may also have different boundaries from typical viewers. This affects how we interpret what we see. What we see on screen is edited (what SBS wants to show us), so it is more important to know that JSM and KJK are really close and care for each other behind the scenes. I just want him to get married to a good lady and enjoy a fruitful life with his companion since he had been through a rather tough 44 years already. I prefer ladies who complements him instead of being similar to him so JSM would be one of the top choices. HJY is another good choice but the ship has sunk, no thanks to haters. KHN would give JSM a run for the money in my preference after the newest episode though .
  12. Hi, It was in the 28 Dec concert. You can refer to my previous post the instagram link. There are actually a few slides translating all the words. - it was the video he dress up as Joker. Sorry, not posting the instagram post again. Thanks.
  13. Hi, you need not be lonely. There are still many KJK fans, but most are trying their best to follow in his footsteps & not to openly argue with antis. Even if the whole world misunderstands you, just do good as you want to and you shouldn't have to explain yourself to others. Remember the Steven Yoo case long ago? Most of his fans love him not because he is capable or talented, but because they find his character deserving of our utmost respect. His Joker video shown in 28 Dec 'Real Kook' concert is a very apt of him - the words meant a lot & also shows why he does whatever he does. He is just a good person trying to do good in the world. You can read the translations here; credits to kjkchina. KJK fans can have different opinions when shipping: some support Spartace/some support Kookmin/some support non-celebrity. But all true KJK fans just want him to be happy. So ignore the fake fans or the antis.
  14. Hi Maybe you can go weibo look for 圆梦KJK. Sorry i had to edit out the link coz i noticed they had a disclaimer on not forwarding the clip out of weibo. Thanks.
  15. Hi all, Just an update. Jeon Somin is the guest for KJK concert tonight. There are a couple short clips already up in the Chinese forums. Thank you.
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