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  1. Hi, Don't be disappointed. JSM and SJH are only playing their different roles in RM and it just happens that JSM is responsible for the role of the naughty sister so she has to take on the less flattering side. If anything, actually this episode was meant for SJH, but it turns out more as a tribute to JSM's capabilities/chemistry with the cast than SJH's. Agreed - it has become very obvious that KJK and even the cast is much closer to JSM than SJH. Guess she really grew on them, especially KJK. Talking a lot outside work, having drinks together.
  2. Hi, Yes, but unfortunately, the real world is different - KJK was badly insulted and dissed by antis. Especially by cfandom toxic shippers - calling him PUA or threatening the lady who got close to him etc. Hi, Already reported all these accounts. Yes, there are some toxic shippers in every ship so the ship (in my opinion), has a responsibility to try to report and stop such toxicity from spreading. E.g. recently i noticed an IG account that was pushing hard on HJY-KJK and dissing SJH so me and other KJK or HJY or shippers had to report because we do
  3. Hi, I think on a positive note - he is trying to speak up for his fans and 'potential gf' - that people often label or speak to them as if they like KJK for his physique when actually they like him for his character/loyalty/reliability. Like the high school girl in ICSYV7 - as he mentioned, "thanks for liking me when your age group mostly like BTS". Or if he has a gf, then his words could also serve to let audience know that his gf does not like him for looks but rather, the whole package. Personally, I also became his fan because of his character, not his singing prowe
  4. Hi, For those who have yet to watch, please try out the first episode of Sixth Sense. Personally, I quite like the episode. https://www.soompi.com/article/1423245wpp/the-sixth-sense-pd-shares-why-he-cast-yoo-jae-suk-jessi-jun-so-min-lovelyzs-mijoo-and-more https://www.soompi.com/article/1423521wpp/yoo-jae-suks-new-variety-show-the-sixth-sense-premieres-to-strong-start-when-i-was-the-most-beautiful-ratings-rise Please support YJS & JSM. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Seok Jin adores Somin.....though she never watch his Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8VHfu5m3wc Update: Running Man has resumed filming today (they were celebrating birthdays for the August babies). Thanks.
  6. Hi, Hope things will improve for SK. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/08/running-man-and-all-the-butlers-halt-filming-due-to-spike-in-covid-19-numbers Meanwhile, please stay positive & enjoy the recent episodes. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Some additional info, hope I got it correct. I think the poll was foreign fans look at professional photos of RM members to rank who will be successful in entering Hollywood entertainment scene. #1 - JSM #2 - KJK #3 - SJH I personally find this other poll gold - working people rank RM as the boss you do not want to get/meet. #1 - YJS (too naggy) #2 - KJK (too naggy) #3 - LKS (the kind who will make things difficult for subordinates/'torture' his staff) #4 - JSJ (old and obstinate/stubborn) Thanks.
  8. Hi, Sorry again. MUD this week (Ep 203) has 2 KJK segments: Individual segment is Dragon Club brothers visiting his house (Cha Tae Hyun & Hong Kyung-min) Group segment is continuation of HJY house visit. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Sorry to post again. JSM fans, please support her & LKS tomorrow. Their agency is really more professional. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/08/jeon-so-min-to-appear-as-a-guest-for-tiktok-stage-with-men-and-mission-fan-meeting-feat-kingkong-by-starship-actors Thanks.
  10. Hi, Yes, sometimes it could be anti fans posing in a bid to 'collect' bad karma for the one they hate. Hopefully JSM's personal life can stay private and proceed with more happiness. But hey, think on the bright side of things - for one, I am very glad that JSM has signed with a good agency that took action for her so rapidly. Things will be better for her with a respectable agency + a great senior in LKS looking out for her. Hi, Actually this is very common. In the video streaming sites for cfans, you always find some toxic fans
  11. Hi, The last question was about whether the young people surveyed is less accepting of which skinship: hugging vs holding of elbow, so the discussion was about the skinship level you can accept if someone does either to your other half + how you view these 2 skinship. KJK was questioned by the emcee whether he likes skinship (this question can be a loaded gun ), so after some hesitation, KJK answered yes. I think this aligns with the KJK analysis by his fans earlier that he actually can be less guarded about skinship with those close to him. So maybe of the 5 love langu
  12. Hi, Yes, a large portion is same as @HappyVirusRM for “team Kookie is dating someone”. Especially since KJK has been avoiding matching up with single female co-stars in shows + constant seeking of marriage advice to avoid any gossip. Hi, I think you are referring to me. Not all, but just to clarify that there is an emergence of such a group since they cannot tolerate the shenanigans of the toxic shippers. I will say the big 4 CP ships out there are still Spartace / Hong Jin Young / Son Naeun / Jeon Somin. Spartace - still the biggest
  13. Hi, @HydenG Perhaps this might help. From my understanding, in the K-entertainment circle, dating between celebrities is not an easy thing. No matter who or what, somehow, it is difficult to please the fandom of both side. As you know, there could be obsessive fans that is out for blood if their celeb does not move/does as they want. Besides, there are many unspoken rules/regulations in the K showbiz so it does place a lot of stress on the celebs. 1 major area of 'difference' is that non-korean audience tends to take on-screen stuff too seriously. Especially
  14. Hi, While not kookmin related, this is to help spread love for kookie. DenQ actually made a TMI about kookie. Thanks.
  15. Hi, Yes, it is Baek Chang Joo. One of the managers for Turbo that was 'reputed' to abuse Turbo back then. In her defence, I think SJH is a very nice & nurturing person. Rather than because she dated BCJ (some may use it as a reason to deny the ship), personally i think many KJK fans would be okay but is put off by her 'toxic' fans though... The SJH-KJK ship is a very 'weird' ship - usually shippers like & defend both parties. But the 'toxic' fans only praise/like SJH but diss/attack/make fun of KJK when he does something not to their liking. So you
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