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  1. Hi Yes, thanks for highlighting. You are right that it will keep cropping up if they win Best CP. I meant that for SBS to stop pushing, usually they will stop if the CP wins the award, though it will also meant that audience will keep bringing them up since the chemistry will be there when a CP wins Best CP award. But it seems from E534 that RM seems to be stepping back on pushing Chanmin so hopefully they can have the space to explore better dynamics between themselves + with other members. Kookmin will not be highly recommended for Best CP if it is based on
  2. Hi, Yes, Sechan mentioned the 2017 CP award for Somin & Kwangsoo. But I think a celeb can still get 2 CP awards with different people, although not easy since the chemistry needed is very high. Actually, i think Sechan's words help to serve a reminder that on-screen CP is for the show/reel life and should not be taken as the gospel truth for real life (maybe he and Somin really wants to maintain as friends, not as romantic partners which others keep pushing?) However, for many fans who watch both MUD and RM, it is rather clear cut that Won Hee will win the CP award
  3. Hi, Do you mean 'no point if not filming in his apartment' or do you mean 'why don't they film in his apartment'? If the former, there isn't any fixed rules for MUD so they are all exploring new 'stuff' for the audience. I recall seeing YJS mentioning in an interview that variety shows are reaching a difficult plateau whereby if they do not re-invent themselves, the variety show landscape will just go downhill. So the variety celebs have to constantly come up with new stuff. If the latter, audience will not know though fans noticed that some of the oldies du
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