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  1. I'm still holding out for the Head Nurse to be MY's aunt. I really want some more cute scenes (and another make out) so can they please resolve this soon lol.
  2. Does anyone know how long this week's episodes are? Can't believe there's only 4 more left. It would be nice if they're all almost 2 hours long lol
  3. I loved all the episodes, but this weekends eps were 10/10! Can we talk about Sang Tae's character development?! I'm so proud of him like he's my brother or something lmao. Such a natural progression and Oh Jung Se is playing it so beautifully. I just want to squeeze him. I also want to hug KT, another great delivery by KSH! KT has so much sadness built up inside him and I really want the happiest ending possible for all three of them. The "empty can" comment keeps being mentioned but its clear KT actually envies MY for being the way she is, but the truth is she's carrying a lot of pain and trauma as well. Next week is going to be her breaking point and I'm already crying. Also, KT can be *really* mean to MY when he's upset. I don't like it. I'm like "Boy who are you yelling at?" I'm also here for Jae Su dragging KT over the phone. I feel bad for him. I hope he and MY can become cool. I want to see it. Okay- upon further review it is MY's mom she looks like the woman in MY's nightmares. But I want to know her motivation. The "I will take care of my child" is throwing me for a loop. What's that about...Also where does the head nurse fit in? I guess she could be MY's mom's sister? I need answers. Side note: KSH looked sooo handsome at the end I literally gasped idk i knew he was going to show up but wow....*chef's kiss* That was all over the place I just woke up and my thoughts are all scrambled lol
  4. Chiiiiile....when they laid on the bed during the kiss for a split second I thought we were getting a "pan away and show them waking up together" bed scene but I remembered this is a kdrama Still...that was so sexy. That's what we've been waiting for! KT was playing no games.
  5. I really liked what Sang-in told MY about not having to put one person over another. Of course that ties back to KT and MY (everything does lbr) I think that is important re: their relationship and ST. I saw comments where ppl worried about KT choosing ST over MY but that's clearly not the case. And let's say their relationship gets more serious if they get married or something well who's more important your brother or your wife but it's not so black and white. They are both important in different ways. I thought that was nice.
  6. "Who's more in love? The one who's more patient. Why? Because love is all about patience" (right before KT exercises extreme self-control and patience once again) That stood out to me. So far we've seen KT be the patient one not just with MY but his brother and in general. I definitely believe MY has genuine feelings for him and might even love him but KT is really in love with her and he has been since they were kids. I hope they aren't separated for too long... I feel like there's gonna be a big time jump.
  7. Ughhh, I know tomorrow's ep is about to hurt. They foreshadowed the separation heavy. The peck was cute, a little TOO cute so I'm just gonna say MY was shocked and that's why she didn't go for a more real kiss. They better bring it on the next one. Their chemistry is too mature for that. Can I just say, that moment when he pinned her down and they end up with her on top of him was *chef's kiss* way better than the kiss. They should've just had sex. Or that's just my "western" mind taking over. KSH's acting at the end and learning more about JR and MY's backstory were my favorite parts. The actress that plays young MY is really good at being creepy. I'm gonna keep my comments to myself about ST for now....
  8. I never heard of SYJ before IOTNBO but now I will watch anything she does in the future. She's become probably my favorite kdrama actress. This was a smart choice for KSH post-military because its unique with interesting characters and it's not flashy or inappropriate (ahem) and the whole cast shines. It's so crazy that I didn't even know who SYJ was and now I can't picture anybody else as KMY. She's killing it.
  9. I lowkey feel bad for skipping JR's scenes. Usually, I'm that weird person who loves second leads (esp female second leads) because I sometimes find FL's boring and lacking personality. But MY is so damn perfect and interesting and fun and everything I ever wanted from a FL, so JR just seems....bleh.
  10. So many moments in this ep had me literally squealing and I never do that lol I never get tired of MY and KT wow SYJ and KSH need to be cast in everything together! edit: this is definitely the calm before the storm. I can see KT not liking MY's comments about ST/ or feeling guilty about leaving him and we'll probably get our "separation" UGH
  11. Loved seeing KT start to let out his emotions more, he's such a cute drunk with MY. This was a good character driven ep. The way ST reacted to MY's haircut gave me a pause but I know autistic people struggle with change. I'll wait until tomorrow's ep to speak on the ST/MY/KT dynamic. Idk why I kind of expected a heartfelt moment with MY and that patient.. I guess when KT told her she "did great" I thought she was being nice. LMAO. Sometimes I feel bad laughing at her antics because I know she's not well but she's hilarious. I felt bad for the patient until she said she finally felt free. MY did do great even if she wasn't trying to. I can't wait to see our leads let go of the past. MY already started with the hair. Such a cute moment! Next ep looks intense. More jealous KT? I'm still holding out for a kiss. *puts on clown costume*
  12. I've never shipped kdrama actors irl...it's just not me (or so I thought) but I want them to get married Edit: The Swoon better be posting all these clips bc they're dropping cast stuff soon.
  13. Speaking of sleep paralysis, I used to get it frequently and some years back my therapist at the time gave me a great tip for breaking out of it fast. When it happens, close your eyes really tight (to avoid seeing a disturbing image) and focus on wiggling your toes until your muscles wake up. It works like a charm!
  14. I actually saw a Youtube comment today that said they kiss in episode 8! I'll take it with a grain of salt but hey it's possible
  15. Ok that was an amazing episode! I have to rewatch like 5 more times I'm crying poor MY Next ep looks lit! I need KT to stake his claim. eta: It's only logical that they sleep in the same bed now.....
  16. Okay I just finished the ep and yes to this supernatural/horror element I love ghosts lol. ST done signed a whole contract sksksjsj I can't with MY. I can't stress enough their chemistry is amazing. After MY and JR fight and before KT gives MY the money and she's like "How much did you hear" y'all when he says "ILY" it looks like he deada*s is saying that TO HER idk if that's just KSH or the character but I was flabbergasted. I'm debating waiting to watch tomorrow's ep until later in the week. But I doubt I'll be able to resist
  17. I believe she does have ASPD. I don't think they would market the show/MY's character that way for nothing and they have tried to show it through her actions. Which is great because it's breaking the stigma especially in a country like SK. A lot of people write off those suffering from ASPD as narcissists/bad people and don't consider it a legit disorder like autism, etc. Seeing MY struggle with this and try to work through it will open people's eyes to this. Even if the average Korean isn't open to this type of subject matter I hope this drama wins awards because it deserves esp if the level of quality continues to the end.
  18. Honestly, this is such a non issue. And I'm not just saying that as a fan of the drama. Simply portraying something problematic isn't problematic in and of itself. For example when dramas depict murder and other bad/illegal things. No one complains about that. Nowhere does the writing condone or promote this behavior, that's clear if you actually watch it. Moving on. Lol
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