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  1. Okay I just finished the ep and yes to this supernatural/horror element I love ghosts lol. ST done signed a whole contract sksksjsj I can't with MY. I can't stress enough their chemistry is amazing. After MY and JR fight and before KT gives MY the money and she's like "How much did you hear" y'all when he says "ILY" it looks like he deada*s is saying that TO HER idk if that's just KSH or the character but I was flabbergasted. I'm debating waiting to watch tomorrow's ep until later in the week. But I doubt I'll be able to resist
  2. I believe she does have ASPD. I don't think they would market the show/MY's character that way for nothing and they have tried to show it through her actions. Which is great because it's breaking the stigma especially in a country like SK. A lot of people write off those suffering from ASPD as narcissists/bad people and don't consider it a legit disorder like autism, etc. Seeing MY struggle with this and try to work through it will open people's eyes to this. Even if the average Korean isn't open to this type of subject matter I hope this drama wins awards because it deserves esp if the level of quality continues to the end.
  3. Honestly, this is such a non issue. And I'm not just saying that as a fan of the drama. Simply portraying something problematic isn't problematic in and of itself. For example when dramas depict murder and other bad/illegal things. No one complains about that. Nowhere does the writing condone or promote this behavior, that's clear if you actually watch it. Moving on. Lol
  4. So Juri is going to be upset that MY spent the night with KT? Figured there was a good reason MY snatched her up lol
  5. This waiting 5 days between new episodes sh!t got me heated. Tf am I supposed to do until Saturday. I'm usually late AF to every drama I'm so mad I started this one so freaking early
  6. Due to Sang-tae's disability he needed a lot of attention growing up so KT was neglected by his mom emotionally. Zombie Kid made him sad to read how sacrificial the mom was to her neglected son to literally die for him in the story and how the son was greedy for his mothers "warmth" ie love. He feels the same way but it's too late now because his mom is dead
  7. OMG the ending had be bawling! My poor babies. I need answers re: MY and her family her dad seems traumatized by her mere presence. At first I kinda felt bad for him but then he choked the Queen! Oh helllll no! Juri's lack of facial expressions irks my nerves. I'm so ready for the angst between her and MY/KT....
  8. I love how she calls him out on being miserable. He loves his brother more than anything but he's resentful whether he admits it or not. He's way too young to be letting his life pass him by. That's why in every scene with MY he looks equally afraid and aroused af. I want him to crack. MY is so shameless lmao. I've never seen a female lead character remotely like her in kdrama. They really aren't shying away from how unpleasant she can be. Even though she's glamorous on the outside it doesn't feel like glamorizing her behavior. They really didn't give anything away in the trailers, so I'm very curious about where the story is going. Are we getting some supernatural elements?
  9. I'm not too concerned with the ratings drop. I've seen a lot of positive comments from knetz as well and I feel like the popularity has increased from last week so we'll see this weekend. Word of mouth alone should make the ratings go up again
  10. Jekyll and Hyde huh...this should be fun because MY is not like normal female leads she will DRAG her literally lol. Although I'd prefer if they didn't fight over a man but this is dramaland when does that not happen
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