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  1. Tbh I know kdramas are 16 episodes but they could've wrapped this up in episode 14 if they didn't do that contrived Suho going abroad trope. I wonder how they'll drag out the remaining two episodes. I don't have faith that they won't drag out the love triangle until the very end of ep 16. Like damn let Seojun move on. Also justice for PYN I feel like some of her scenes might have been cut. Her whole arc was so choppy.
  2. This season barely has a plot. If people want to see more of hot Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop being cute with the FL then just say that but this drama does not need another season. Listen, Eun Woo is attractive, his moments with Moon Ga Young are cute, and Seo Jun is another hot guy. That's the real draw of this drama in my humble opinion.
  3. I'm liking the series. But Jugyeong and Suho having a childhood connection has my rolling my eyes to the sky. Was that in the webtoon?
  4. Maybe bc I watch a lot of Japanese dramas idk but the cringyness/over the top-ness doesn't bother me lol. I'm pretty sure Suho knew by the end which if so I'm glad they aren't dragging it out bc he's a smart kid he should be able to put two and two together. It shouldn't take all season long.
  5. I'm surprised by how much I like CEW in this drama esp not being a fan of his previous works. He has improved a little but I think the stoic "tsundere" role actually WORKS in this whereas he just seemed wooden in My ID is Gangnam Beauty. In this he has a more of a reason to be the way he is? Like more of a backstory and he's kinda quirky too. And MGY was the perfect choice for the FL. I'm enjoying TB so far it's cheesy and over the top but in a entertaining fun way
  6. I feel like I'm gonna ship Sujin x Seojun and I'm prepared to be disappointed
  7. Yeah they are promoting it a lot already. I honestly think it'll be good *knock on wood* Can't get any worse that terrible webtoon..lol
  8. Park Yoo-na as Sujin. She has such a loveable face to me lol I can't picture her as a villain. I was reading in an article that she will become close friends with Suho. Granted it was translated from Korean so idk but that's what I got from it. If so that would be an interesting change from the webtoon where she was more of a nuisance to him and not really a friend. I'm looking forward to her and MGY's chemistry.
  9. ^^^ Same. I'm really only watching for MGY. I think she can elevate this cliche storyline and give it some flavor. I already see her character's funny personality from the pictures and teaser.
  10. If Hwan doesn't end up with Amber I can't fathom the point of her character. He can be miserable by himself. He doesn't need to string a sweet girl along. Literally what's the reason. Ye Ji isn't even jealous.
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