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  1. I'm not taking this drama as a romance drama. From my interpretation it seems to just be telling a story about a girl in college who gets in over her head and bamboozled by an attractive guy. I'll be interested to see if she stands up for herself and tells him to get lost by the end. (I didn't read the webtoon) Overall, the first episode was a bit slow but it kept me watching. In a sea of kdramas where male leads are perfect and too good to be true I'll welcome a more realistic portrayal of young lust/infatuation/sexual entanglement. As long as the toxic elements aren't romanticiz
  2. Tbh I know kdramas are 16 episodes but they could've wrapped this up in episode 14 if they didn't do that contrived Suho going abroad trope. I wonder how they'll drag out the remaining two episodes. I don't have faith that they won't drag out the love triangle until the very end of ep 16. Like damn let Seojun move on. Also justice for PYN I feel like some of her scenes might have been cut. Her whole arc was so choppy.
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