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  1. I will delay watching until full subs are out for tha last 2 episodes. Have been restraining myself from reading posts here so I will delay my punishment if I don't win if that's possible. Ayt?
  2. Don't worry, one can never be too late to discuss a kiss..or lack thereof. I mean after that public display, what is wrong with YD not taking 'advantage' of having SH in his turf? SH must be very disappointed. Lol. Do you think we'll get another kiss? Or at least a time jump where we we get to see little YDs and SHs?
  3. And the reason why I said before that SH's mom and Old Wang's affair is such a strong twist is because the show painted her to be too 'elegant' to commit such 'gross' sin. It is unexpected and uncomfortable--a number of comments in this thread can attest to that. But your resistance here is not because of a poor plot but because of your moral compass. That, for me, is a sign of a strong plot.
  4. I don't think 'not getting divorce' is enough motive for Mr. Mo to kill SH's mom. From the flashbacks, he is quite gentle with her actually. I even have this vibe that he feels she is too good for him. P.S. I think we are putting SH's mom in a pedestal--that she is too much of an elegant woman to be involved with Old Wang. But I think, with how brave the show has tackled gender identity, her affair with Old Wang is a big possibility. She is afterall, an artist. Not that I'm stereotyping...just a norm I have observed among great artists. One cannot be a good artist (well, mostly if not all) without a degree of darkness in their lives.
  5. This is just a hunch but I think Ms Han's motivation goes beyond familial love. She may have self-appointed herself as a judge and executor for this reason. I'm not ruling out revenge though coz, heck, she does not put any breaks in taking down people who betrayed her so it is highly possible that all her actions so far lead to one big revenge. Anybody remembers which episode she first appeared prior to being a TOP member? P.S. I am okay with Mr. Wang and SH's mom's affair in the story. For me, it's a strong twist. I guess, I'm just too used to watching indie films with lots of 'uncomfortable' elements so I may have developed some sort of immunity.
  6. No kissy-kissy on Episode 14. You disappointed me, Mr. Huh YD.
  7. I agree. One of the strengths of the show is cohesiveness of the story and they were pretty consistent with that so I also don't think they will add another complex twist, especially that the story is nearing the end.
  8. Even with this statement though, I'm still sticking with my prediction that Ms Han is the murderer. She may have made it appear that Mr. Mo or one of the Mo family murdered SH's mom.
  9. I wonder why he hates girls? I mean, he can make them into besties but he chooses to be indifferent instead.
  10. He hates getting dirty so maybe make him work with toilets and sceptic tanks?
  11. Huge flag that Mr. Mo is the killer. Haven't seen Episode 14 yet though so I'm not so sure.
  12. Do you see the parallelism between Ms Han's TOP elite staff and SH's team? I bet SH's team will replace them when the dust settles.
  13. Maybe the perfume is her style. Can't have her nagging him about the smell during their 'planning session', y'know. It's a very important 'planning session' so he can't afford to have it interrupted.
  14. Exactly. Plus, they won't get tired from standing up for a long time so they can kiss longer and we can judge better. P.S. We are not pervs. This is just for educational purposes. We have to rate oppa's ability, you know. Lol
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