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  1. SSH's role is a ghostwriter in the manhwa. I think changing it to psychiatrist is more interesting. P.S. I can imagine SJH playing the bitter (because of a break up) Do Hee perfectly. I remember one scene in the manhwa, Do Hee grumbles something like "what are you two so happy about when you will eventually break up anyway" when she sees a couple smiling at each other. My bitter self can relate. Lol
  2. To each his own. I like dramas where a lot of things are happening so I don't find the premise exciting. The story revolves around their talking about their past relationships over food. I only like these kinds of plot if there is a remarkable change in one's character or perception. There is indeed growth in the characters here but I don't find it that remarkable. But then, this is just me. In terms of food, the manhwa presented it well--and not just the Korean dishes. I hope they do the same in the drama. Not like a documentary but like how a certain dish/food relates to or reminds them of their experiences.
  3. I've read the manhwa and I think it will make a boring live action film, much more if it'd be a drama. I hope I'm wrong. The food surely made me hungry though. Like in all the episodes.