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  1. Hi, I recently watched Busted on Netflix followed with the cast interviews. It was mentioned that Seung-gi and Min Young are of the same age but the interview was November 2019 and I can't seem to do the math if in Google, Min Young was born March 04, 1986 and Seung-gi was born January 13, 1987. The only time that they will be of the same age is between January 13 to March 03 (if I'm not mistaken). I am talking about the Instagram video post of Busted Netflix last November 25, 2019. Can anyone confirm Park Min Young's year of birth? I visited Namoo's page but there was none. Thank you in advance. You guys are awesome.
  2. Hey QSD and everyone, it's been quite a while. Hope Yowon will have a new project soon. It's good that she can be online on instagram from time to time. Hope everyone is safe and take care always.
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