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  1. I use chrome and after I clear the browsing history, I try to vote again and it works!!!!
  2. Jiu Chen's first disciple... Zhu Zi Zai, is it? (I'm not using Google )
  3. Oh gosh! Thank you very much! I've been looking for this show and now I can watch it!!! (tbh, I just want to watch Chang Chen and Ni Ni together again )
  4. @stella77 You're welcome If you like the song, just type the title in Google search engine. Or you can look for it in Youtube.
  5. Top 5? I can't even say which top 5 I like the most... too many of the episodes that made me fangirling while watched it Maybe here's the episode that I like to rewatch back again and again: Eps 12 (The 'poisonus' accident) Eps 23 (The first death of Ling Xi) Eps 44 (The steamy kiss under the sunny day is surely VERY hot) Eps 50 (Ling Xi's second death... the scene is to heartwrenching but beautiful also, and their reunion in the last part is TOO sweet!!) Eps 58 (Do I have to say why I LOVE it so much??)
  6. Someone wrote in the comment section (in the same IG account) that Ni Ni is #3
  7. At first I'm just curious to know what the story would unfold. I've watched TMOPB and want to know if this story as good as that one - that turns out to be nothing less than terrific! And because of Chang Chen actually. He is AvenueX favorite actor and because I trust her judgement for this kind of thing, I decided to watch it. I didn't start to watch it until September, because of many reasons. No English sub was one of the reason. But yeah, after I got absorbed into the story, no subs was fine with me. I understand a little of bit of Chinese language and I've watched start from eps 38 till the end without the subs first. And definitely not regretting it. What episode got me gook to the drama? Tbh, I can't remember. But when I started to watch, I couldn't stop. Maybe... around the dog (Xiao Bai) episode. I laughed so hard when Xiao Bai peed on Jiu Chen's boot .
  8. I just watch again the episode where Lin Mo die in viki. Ughhh... no matter how many times I watch that particular scene, my eyes will immediately brim with unshed tears Which you guys think is sadder, Ling Xi's death by slicing her throat with Jiu Chen's sword or Lin Mo's death by Jiu Chen asking her to literally give up her life?
  9. No, the director and production team of TMOPB were obviously shot Love and Destiny last year. Pillow Book was shot last year also. They couldn't work in two big projects at the same time.
  10. @Winterfairy I think the production team for Pillow Book is different. TMOPB and LnD have the same production team, but not for Pillow Book as far as I know.
  11. They have their own charm, but Si Ming in LnD is more comical and have much more imporant role rather than the other one. My vote goes for Si Ming LnD And yeah the 'lady' Si Ming is down right hilarious
  12. Maybe this will help you for your question: https://www.quora.com/In-Chinese-culture-how-common-is-it-to-regularly-say-I-love-you-to-family-and-significant-others
  13. This FMV is very sweet!! It includes the three couples in Love and Destiny and it is very nicely made
  14. I have watched Savage. And imo their character in Savage are quite similiar with Jiu Chen and Ling Xi 's character. You will know what I mean if you have watched the movie too I do want to see Ni Ni and Chang Chen in another project, if it possible. They don't have to be a couple, for example they can be sibling. Ni Ni calls Chang Chen as Chen Ge - Ge Ge is a way to call an older man or brother. I think they will have a great chemistry also if they act as a sibling. Well... my point is, I just want to see them again in the same screen
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