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  1. Lol he’s very funny. At the end of the interview the last question the interviewer asked was - what’s your criteria for choosing projects? CC - oh I choose projects based on how much I like the scripts, but sometimes people will laugh at me and ask, “why do you choose this type of script?” he said then that his wife told him to pick scripts he doesn’t like, maybe viewers will end up liking them instead. He ended it with j/k
  2. Zhang bichen’s voice is sooo Crystal clear. The first time I heard <水从天上來>, my mind was blown away. Love L&D’s OST!!!
  3. https://quippequest.blog/2019/10/05/love-and-destiny-the-earrings/ love this blog and their hilarious comments
  4. It’s actually a Legal document that said that he has a concubine at home - wedding certificate kind of document. :p
  5. Agree! One of LX’s biggest strength is - when bad things happen, she doesn’t blame anyone or get angry and hold grudges. For example when her dad Le Bo (in ep 21)... she doesn’t want revenge against YT. She laments why and she feels sad, but she doesn’t let anger control her. As Amo, she also has the same characteristic/core strength, that’s why she can overcome the 1st trial. If she had held on to anger and hatred, she would have been turned into a demon - easily controlled by the demon lord. I think that’s one of the traits that JC love most about her - her kindness and her mental clarity. Speaking of which, she’s one of the first few Female leads in an Asian drama that doesn’t blame herself when things go south. “Oh it’s me, if I didn’t do this, then that will happen” is very common and annoying. For example, when old madam Yuan killed herself, she felt sad about it, but she told JC - yes I know it’s not my fault, it’s just really sad things ended this way I have to admit, I am still learning to Not Think like that anymore. So I really appreciate having a strong confident lead. Although she may not be powerful and can kick richard simmons, she is mentally tough and emotionally warm and loving. The more times I rewatch this show, the more I see why JC falls for her. I heart this OTP. This is the first time I’m actually commenting and following forums for a show. The last show I watched that impacted me so badly was TROP, but even so I never leave comments. TROP’s sad ending messed me up for weeks. I’m glad LOve and destiny has a happy ending. It’s totally what I needed. I don’t know how Pillow Book will top this. I don’t think the characters have that much depth as compared to lX and JC and QY. This is even though I love the book and have read it several times. (^_^)
  6. I think we are all distracted by JC. He’s a great character - lots of depth. But I have to give props to LX. She’s a difficult character to act out because all 3 versions are so different and showcases her character growth. Nini did a great job acting out all 3 different sides of LX. The sweet lively LX who moved JC heart is special to me. She’s not dumb down. In fact she put 2 and 2 together and realized that something was wrong with her. The only problem was she’s complacent and believed that JC and her family will protect her. I think that’s true for most young people. As Amo, she learnt things the hard way and was quite tough from the beginning. Not receiving much affection from her family (except her dad) made her grow up fast. That’s why she’s more firm with JC and JX. I do agree with another poster (a few pages back) that the main reason JX didn’t win her over was because he tried to coddle her too much. She wanted to be independent, which JC understood and gave her the needed space. But again, she was smart, she figured out how to live by herself and what she needed to do to - sell peach wine, buy chicken to farm eggs etc. Her 3rd version is so much mature. I wonder if 1st Lx will ever get to this point if she didn’t suffer as Amo? She doesn’t need JC help. She can solve problems on her. I love how JC treats her as an equal. Its almost like like watching college sweethearts grow up together and becoming a normal functioning old married couple. LX character arc is very satisfying to watch. I also like to think during the 300 years as she waited for JC to come home, she’s been going around vanquishing monsters just like she did as Queen of Shanling. I totally can see her being a badass.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion! Implied made better sense - the stars implied that love is heaven’s plan which no mortal can comprehend. That flows so much better! Thank you
  8. I was listening to the OST for the xth time and decided to translate the opening song since it totally describes JC's heart and character. be warn, my understanding of mandarin is not that great. a lot of parts, i did my best ROFL. if i have time, i will also try to translate the other songs, but it's hard because it's classical Chinese T_T --> it's like translating Shakespearean English to Modern English lol It's Fate by Yang Zong Wei 是缘 - 杨宗纬 如果世界没有你 If you do not exist in this world 如果答案没有题 If there’s no question to an answer 如果有眼睛 没有风景 If we have eyes but no scenery to gaze upon 如果命运的排序没安排我们的相遇 If fate hasn’t arranged our meeting 那掌心的纹也许无路可去 The lines on my palm may have nowhere to go (Note 1) 真心总寥寥无几 Only a few has ever loved 繁星也含蓄 (2) Even the stars are blind 爱是凡人不懂的天机 Love is Heaven’s plan that no mortal can comprehend 长在皮肤的命理(3) 心动轨迹 The destiny carved on my skin predicts my heart’s trajectory 斗转星移 因为你 The stars turns and spin because of you 这机缘 已算尽 This Heaven’s plan (for me) is almost complete 这爱情 是注定 This love is predestined 一长一短一撇一捺都是你 (4) Each long and short moment, each opening and closing (of life) is because of you 一颦 (5)一笑一言一行都是梦境 Each worry, each smile, each word, and each action is like a dream 这一悲一喜一醉 (6)一醒 生生不息 美得无与伦比 Each sorrow, each joy, each dream, each awakeness is endless and filled with incomparable beauty 一晨一夕一生一世 坠落像星陨 Each dawn, each dusk, each life, each world falls like a comet 一草一叶一木一花 看每个生命 Each blade of grass, each leaf, each tree, each flower watches over our lives 一针一线一刀一枪 似入骨的烙印 Each needle, each thread, each sword, each spear pierces through my bones and leaves a mark 参不透的玄机 Like a mysterious plan I cannot fathom Notes: In chinese culture, we believe the lines on palm foretell our life’s destiny. The longer the line, the longer you will live. 含蓄 is hard for me to translate. The 1st character means “contain” or “to have”, the 2nd character is “to store”??? Put together, they mean “implicit” or “blinded”? I did my best on this one 命数 means numerology - another method of predicting your destiny (which includes fortune, good health, life etc) 一长一短一撇一捺 = literally means, each long, each short, each open, each repress. As you can tell, i also DMY here 颦 = google translation means “knitted brow”. I take that as worry ;) 醉 = drunkness, but the next character means awakeness, so i took the liberty to change this to dreaminess
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster here! The article basically says the same thing that @fivebowls have mentioned before. Anytime JC feels deeply about something - whether he misses LX or conflict, the red tree will show up in the scene. It’s an indication of his emotions. The more obvious the red tree, the stronger his emotions the first half of the article also says (from my limited understanding) that the tree is hidden all the way in the back but still somewhat visible - very much like JC. He seems icy but that’s just the exterior - if you delve deeper, he’s actually passionate and emotional. (So much for a stone heart lol) a lot of other characters also also uses the red tree when they are feeling strongly about things - when LX sat outside the pavilion for 16 days, when YF stone statue broke. this is truly a marvelous drama - the more you watch the more you notice. It certainly rewards the viewer who rewatches it
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