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  1. Yes I can't believe it was ok for the nun to lie. I really loved this drama at the start, but it turned into a comedy show at the end. I had very high hopes for this drama. So disappointed how it's turning out.
  2. If they just took over the business and did't buy it from anyone. The business should still be owned by I-Nam or the property it's on.
  3. I am a little confused here I thought the will said the land will go to YW and her late husband. If so why did her mother in law not tell the siblings they have no say in what is done with the land. And than they will have to start to treat YW better to get on her good side. I know she will share the money with them. But that may slow them down a little also. I think I Nam running away will wake them up and stop them in there tracks to think about what they have become.
  4. But what is really killing me is SJ's dad has fell in love with the dog he did't want the mother to keep. He has the dog in his lap now more than anybody in the house. He is spoiling the dog more than they are now. I love Jenny myself because she it so cute.
  5. This is how I think will be part of JH undoing is when his father in laws family finds out the maid is his real mother. They will think JH and his mother had this planed all along to take them for all they got. Than they will kick his BUTT out.
  6. What I don't get is JH mother could not cook when she was going with YW dad. But now she is cooking her but off for her sons new family as the maid.
  7. Now does this make sense, you steal all there money but leave them with a POT of rice. Is this suppose to make up for you stealing all and I mean ALL of there money. REALLY. I feel really bad for them, but most of all the father. He is in shock and so hurt I don't think he will recover from this.
  8. I think she is going to steal YW sister money she saved for school.
  9. Yes I also love the style of the 3 older ladies, but I notice in Korean dramas that don't make sense to me is, I understand product placement but they wear coats all day long in the office, home and while cooking. And go to bed with there clothes on. Love the fashions but at times they seem so out of place, because who wears outer wear inside for eight hours a day. JH mom looked like a cute little duck in her yellow coat. I think she is so pretty with her little tiny self. Now as mean as the Doctor is, I can't wait to see what she will have on. I think she wears clothes really well, you can tell all three are sophisticated ladies. They just reek from head to toe how rich they are.
  10. You are so right, she cant get a break even if she goes back home.
  11. She should go back to her family and call it a day. That would solve most of her problems. YW owes them nothing at this point. They treat YW like a used dog and expect her to tow the line. Why, because they are a lazy bunch of people.Her sister law is the worst. What would happen if she did go back to her family, the Wang's family would fall apart fast. Not at first, but now I think YW mother in-law is being selfish for her own reasons also. Her bother in law is a lazy BUM and hiding he is married from the family. I think Tang will tell him they have a child and that is why she has to work so hard and come to fine him. Tang now knows he lied to her about the restaurant so she is keeping secrets from the family too.
  12. I watch a lot of Korean dramas and I notice they all wear coats all day long in the office,at home while they are cooking in the kitchen and go to bed with there clothes on also. I understand product placement, but some of this don't make sense to me. It just looks strange to see them wearing garments that should be discarded at some point indoors.
  13. I think that Dr Seo hold card to save the company will be after all is said and done, she knows that JH is Carry's real son. And that will stop Carry in her tracks. Because of that I think the power will go back and forth after that for a while. Because we still have a long way to go for this drama. So many secrets will still need to be reviled, which will rock Carry's and JH family both.