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  1. I agree 100% with your posts. I really believe that they are still together. I felt like they were almost going to announce it this year but they both had their dramas expand into other Asian countries and I think there agencies cautioned them against coming out. I wanted to add that during ToTNT, especially the beginning episodes LDW made several references to Goblin where he reenacted some of Sunny's gestures and scenes. When he pouts his lips in the drama, that is an action that YIN personally does. In my opinion, he has been crushing on her since Goblin which is why he referenc
  2. I think that it will be similar to New Years Blues. Also, it looks like he and YIN are both doing movies. I wonder if we will see more films from them this year instead of dramas. I think that films are easier for relationships
  3. Photos from Lee Dong Wook's photo shoot with Elle Korea. He is truly a handsome man Does this photo have something that we have seen before? Is the safety pin a clue, LDW? Ring on the left hand looks like Lee Yeon's ring.
  4. He said that he is enjoying sleeping in and relaxing. I feel that he is taking care of personal issues because he hasn't taken a break in over 3 years. He may also be working on new things to do. He said that he didn't want to do fantasy dramas anymore and may look into more serious roles.
  5. Lunita, can you give is some examples of the rumors that are out there? Are there links to the rumors?
  6. I love this picture of them. I knew that LDW fell for YIN at this point. His eyes couldn't lie. His posture was so relaxed and he looked like his face softened and melted in her presence. I hope that during the hard times or distance they remember this love and moment. I pray that they are able organize their lives and find time for each other. Let love be showered on them and I pray that they find happiness. I am excited to see what this year holds for them.
  7. So handsome. I would love to see a photo shoot with him and Yoo In Na. One of the things that I regret they didn't have during Touch your Heart.
  8. Here is something that I found. https://www.soompi.com/article/1455392wpp/lee-dong-wook-clears-up-the-debate-about-tale-of-the-nine-tailed-ending-talks-about-why-we-need-more-love-stories He did not talk about marriage. He talked about the ending of ToTNT, and Single in Seoul.
  9. I am in the US and I can't find it on Netflix but I am glad to know that it is receiving more views
  10. Thank you for clearing that up. I am glad to hear that she did it on purpose. She is well loved and I hope that she gains more recognition and devoted fans.
  11. Poor YIN. Sorry the video is in Korean. The bottom video is during the meet and greet for New Years Blue, YIN mistook Yoo Yeon Suk's fans as hers. She was corrected by her castmates. She asked where her fans were and they can be heard later on. She had to be a little embarrassed. Here is the link from amazingyooinna's Instagram post in the spoiler. She explains it better. I couldn't copy her comments.
  12. Really? You cant see it. Here is a Twitter link. It is a video of LDW saying I love you in multiple languages. It was an Allure ad on Korean Bazaar magazine.
  13. I would appreciate if his comment was directed at me but I would be in love if his comment was directed at our "Yoo". Our girl has been working really hard, make sure to send her a nice Valentine's Day gift, LDW. Always, praying for you, Pichi and Happy Valentine's Day. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLQQ-paJxCx/?igshid=m4578lrwma0y
  14. I still felt hope as well. He was wearing a Peach sweatshirt, it was similar to what he wore during the script reading for Take of the Nine Tails. In my mind, he was still dating or wanted to be with YIN, of you watched the beginning of that drama, he had several references to YIN mannerism in Goblin. I felt like that was a hint. He is bolder about showing signs while YIN is more quiet. He seemed to be happy now that his filming session is over. He doesn't have any projects other than modeling and gaining the weight that he lost during Single in Seoul. In my mind, ther
  15. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Touch Your Heart. I am sending warm wishes and thoughts your way.
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